Help Wanted…

I would like a new job.


Right now.

You probably knew this already.  But I’m serious.  Any suggestions.  I need to have benefits.  Make enough money to pay my student loans.  Only work four days a week.  Be able to not work whenever I want.  And not have to wear a suit.  It should also only be 10 to 5.


I’ll wait here while someone comes up with something.





I’m waiting.




I’m still here.




Okay.  I suppose that job doesn’t exist.  But  I still need a new job.

The one I have is getting VERY old.  And I’m having issues with my schedule again.  And I hate having to beg for money.  I’m also tired of working with 12 year olds.  Rachel who I love at work was talking to me tonight.  I mentioned that I’d been waiting tables a long time.  After about three seconds I realized that I got my first waiting tables job the year after she was born.

I’m too fucking OLD for this.


Perhaps I don’t need the new job.  Perhaps ADAM needs the new job.  If he could get a job making three or four times what he makes now, I could quit my job and sit home and eat bon bons all day.  I like that idea even better.

In the mean time.

I’m going to work early tomorrow.  I’m going to request a meeting with the two people who do my schedule, Daniel, the GM, and me.  I’m sort of done with the weekly schedule bullshit.  And perhaps if I just say what needs to be said directly to them it will get straightened out once and for all.


2 thoughts on “Help Wanted…

  1. Lemuel November 16, 2010 / 06:30

    Were your ears ringing yesterday? I was talkin’ ’bout you. All nice, of course. We had to venture into the hinterlands for the funeral of an “outlaw” aunt – very sweet woman! I made a point of chatting with one of her grandsons. He’s in his 20’s and has been out about a year now, although I had been pretty sure for years. Anyhoos… he’s been living in Philly and I was asking how and what he was doing. His niche is the theater (dancing). He’s been working at a restaurant, and that’s when you entered the conversation… 🙂

  2. Java November 16, 2010 / 20:50

    I vote for the plan where Adam gets a fabulous new job making oodles of money and you stay home and eat bon bons.

    Perhaps you can be an artist. You already are, actually, but you could make it work as a career, theoretically. And I don’t mean working in a theater designing shows. You could be a lighting consultant in interior design. Surely there are rich people around there who need assistance making the most of the lighting in their homes and/or offices. What about a window dresser, or whatever they call those folks who set up the displays in stores. Could you work in an art gallery setting up shows? I don’t know if any of those jobs would offer the flexibility you want or the money you need. If you worked as an independent consultant you probably could remain pretty flexible.

    Just a thought.

    Good luck!

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