Cat Pee!

So the house.

When we bought the house the woman who lived here before us was a pig.  A hoarder.  And the house was disgusting.

It took us a week to get her stuff in a pile in the garage.  The previous owner paid to have the house professionally cleaned, the floors buffed and re-polyurethaned because the whole house smelled like cat pee.  The woman who lived here had three dogs (at one time seven) and one cat and let them pee and poop anywhere they wanted.  The first few days we were here it was disgusting the smell was so bad.

After the cleaning all was better.  The smell seemed to have gone away, their cleaning person and our cleaning person made the place sparkle.

Life was good.

Until about two days ago.

The smell of cat pee has returned.  And it’s old cat pee, not new cat pee so we are pretty sure it’s not our cats.  And it’s intense.  So now we are worried that we are going to be the proud owner of a house that smells like cat pee.

Adam said today that he’d done research and had a plan.  I hope its true because the back of the house where the bedrooms are reeks.  I have all the windows open and it still smells badly.

That’s it for tonight.  I’ll keep you posted!

Renovations suck!

I’ll start by saying that I discovered that there is a #maddoginthecity hashtag tonight.


How fun is that.

So what the fuck has been going on with me?

The house is getting there.  We still have a very, very, very long way to go.  And I have to admit it’s getting a little frustrating that it’s taken so long.  We aren’t even doing massive, huge remodeling projects and I’m already over it.  I read and see stories of people living with the mess and chaos for months and years and I have to wonder how the hell they do it.  Seriously.

The kitchen is still a work in progress.  We have appliances, which was a headache in and of itself.  We bought them from Sears.  We bought the least expensive we could get and it was still almost 4,000.  If we’d bought what we really wanted it would have been upwards of 7,500.  When Sears delivered them the delivery guys brought them in and dumped them in the middle of our kitchen.  They didn’t install them, level them or anything.  They told Adam we didn’t have the right connector to hook up the fridge to the water supply.  (Turns out it took us about three minutes to do it ourselves, but why the hell do they promise to do it if they aren’t going to do it.)  They didn’t level the stove and when it came time to finally use it, turns out the legs that level it were missing.  We called the store and it took 10 days to get new ones.  We ordered a microwave from them and was told it would be available for pick up at the store in about three days.  Two weeks later it still hadn’t arrived.  Adam called and was told there was a problem and to cancel the order and start over.  So he cancelled the order and  bought a new microwave at Best Buy.  Only that was almost a month ago and we are still waiting for him to get refunded the money. He’s called three or four times and each times he’s been told that it will be reversed in three to five days.  On Monday he called the bank and reported the charge as false and ask to get it refunded back to his account.  We are still waiting.  If anyone in the Sears company is following Google alerts and sees when Sears, Sears, Sears, Sears is mentioned online I have to say that if we had it to do over again we’d pay more and get our appliances elsewhere.  Your customer service, follow through and quality lack tremendously.

Now lets talk about the cabinets.  We bought cabinets from Ikea.  Ikea is in Boston about two hours away.  We drove down in March and purchased them while they were doing a spend so much get 20% off sale.  We spent that much by a long shot.  We paid 250 dollars to have the cabinets delivered in April.  (They only deliver to our area twice a month).  The only catch.  They were missing about 15 things we needed to actually complete our purchase.  We were told we’d have to make additional trips to purchase said things.  After four trips and countless online purchases we finally got the last of our items last week.  It’s June.  I can’t complain though, my friend DeeDee bought her cabinets during the sale however they actually don’t have two of the cabinets she needs, so she hasn’t even started her renovation and that was two months ago.  So April 21 comes and they deliver our cabinets.  Yay.  About 50 flat packed packages.  So we start putting them together.  And the day is fast approaching when we are going to have a handy man come and install them for us.  And Adam makes a discovery.  1,500 dollars worth of product had been left off the delivery.  A vent hood and an tall upright cabinet.  Unfortunately, we can’t do the install without either.  So we hop in the car and have to drive 2 hours to get the cabinet and vent.  Why did we pay 250 dollars again?  THEN.  Adam is continuing to put cabinets together and what do you know one of the cabinets is white when our cabinets are supposed to be brown!  FUCK.  FUCK.  FUCK!  I leave work early and drive two hours to Boston to trade my white cabinet for a brown cabinet.  While I’m there I find the store manager and demand that they refund us our delivery charge.  He does so, but he’s not happy about it.  We also bought our countertops from Ikea because with the 20% discount it was cheaper than buying them in Maine.  So by this time we have the cabinets installed and the appointment is made to make the template for the the counter tops.  So they come and do it and tell Adam that we are exactly 54 dollars short on our charge because it’s going to take one square foot more than we paid for.  SO.  He’s told to call Ikea and pay for the additional square foot.  Once it’s paid for they’ll cut the counters and bring them to us.  Have you ever called Ikea?  I suspect calling the White House and speaking to Barack Obama would be easier than calling Ikea and actually speaking to a real live human being.  He called for more than a week.  A fucking week.  A WHOLE FUCKING WEEK.  And no one ever called him back.  So.  We got back in our car and drove to Boston and literally about three miles before we got to the store the lady called.  He paid the amount and we were done.  Finally we could get counter tops.  So if anyone from Ikea gets Google alerts when Ikea, Ikea, Ikea, Ikea, Ikea is mentioned online, I’m pretty sure if we had it to do over again we’d have paid more for a better solution to our cabinet needs.  And we’ll definitely NEVER suggest them to anyone.


The counter tops are delivered.  And the two guys get them installed.  And Adam realizes that they haven’t been cut correctly.  The corners are rounded instead of square.  So he has them take out the part with corners and tells them they’ll have to fix them.  They aren’t happy but they leave.  Then we start looking at the counter tops they left behind and they aren’t much better.  They over hang on the front of the cabinets is almost 1.5 inches in some places.  It’s not consistent at all and looks bad.  Adam feels bad but I tell him that in no way am I going to have paid thousands of dollars for counter tops that look like shit.  I also assure him that it’s not the first time they’ve made this mistake and won’t be the last.  He calls and talks to Letecia and tells her that he wants ALL the counters recut.  She’s not happy but says okay.  They come back to our house from Boston and remove the remaining counter tops and then RETEMPLATE the whole thing again.  The new counters arrived last Wednesday.  They are better but far from perfect.  It’s like they let the “B” team cut them and install them.  We are going to live with them.

Let’s talk about the electrician.  He’s a friend of my bosses.  He comes highly recommended.  We had him come by at the end of April to talk about what we wanted done.  We are having additional outlets placed in the kitchen.  All the recessed lighting replaced with new cans.  Install six new recessed lights in the kitchen.  Install three outdoor lights.  And a few other things.  He came to our house a few days before he left to go on vacation.  He told us he’d reach out to us when he got back from vacation and schedule a time to come by.  He returned from his trip on May 7.  It’s taken a month to get him back to our home.  Adam finally called and sternly told him that he HAD to come on Friday and install the electric for the stove, dishwasher and garbage disposal.  He did.  We still don’t know when he’s coming to do the rest.

Let’s talk about the plumber.  We need to have all the water run in our kitchen including the sink and dishwasher.  We also need our faucet installed.  We’ve been told it should take about four or five hours and would cost about 500/600 dollars.  We are putting it on a credit card which limits the people that we can use.  There is a local company that comes highly recommended but they charge by the job NOT by the hour.  When Adam called them they told him it would be around 500 dollars but they wouldn’t be able to tell him a set price until they came to our house.  The catch:  If we decide not to use them we still have to pay 80 dollars for the estimate.  So Adam schedules them and they come bright and early Monday morning.  And proceed to tell Adam that it’s going to be 1100 dollars for the work.  Double what we’d been told.  The problem is, that Adam has a wedding cake due this Saturday and is desperate for water, electric, counter tops, and appliances.  He wakes me up to ask me what he should do.  I have no idea what to say.  We can afford to put it on the credit card but if we can get it cheaper and he can afford to wait we should do that.  Finally after what seemed like hours but was probably about three minutes Adam sent him on his way.  We now have a new plumber coming tomorrow at noon.

I’ll end with this.  We have replaced the brass wall sconces in our bathroom with really nice shaded units.  They are quite pretty and Adam is happy that he found them.  They add an element of elegance to our bathroom and we like them a lot.  On Sunday we installed them.  When we installed the last one we opened the box containing the shade and it was empty.  This sums up our whole kitchen experience.  The shade box was empty.  Three sconces.  Two shades.  The problem is easily fixed by calling the company and having them ship us one.  That’s not the point.  It’s just that even the easy stuff is a pain in the ass!

That’s all for tonight.  I haven’t proofed this so please forgive any glaring mistakes!