Angry things. Happy things.

Things that annoyed Maddog today:

It rained.

All the leaves fell off the trees.  Winter is almost here.

Michael at work who couldn’t figure out a schedule if his life depended on it.  (I spoke to Daniel once again today.  We’ll see how it works.  He pointed out that doing a server schedule is difficult.  I told him, “yes I know.  When I worked for you in 1998, I did the schedule.  So don’t tell me about how difficult it is.”

The table that was seated at 7:30.  Paid their bill at 8:30.  Handed the credit card slip to me.  With a big blank in the tip column.  Then sat at my table till 10:30.  And then stopped me to tell me they’d like to order another round of drinks.  Can I tell you where to go to get those drinks.

The girls that were seated while I was on break that were rude bitches.  I came back from my break, went up to the table to introduce myself and before I got the word hello out of my mouth I’m told they need water now.  When I finished my hello, I said now what was it you needed.  “I asked for Coke.  This is clearly Pepsi.  I should have been told that when I ordered it.  All I WANT now is water.”  Well slap me and call me rude.  If you are that opposed to Pepsi products first you should ask for confirmation.  Second you should carry your own supply.  And third you should seek professional help.  I’m a expert on all things Diet Coke but I do NOT freak out if you give me Diet Pepsi.  I deal with it.  YOU NEED TO STOP DYING THE HAIR AND GET HELP NOW!!!

Being in section 1.  I’m usually in section 10.  or 12.  Tonight I was in 1.  I watched from afar as the idiot who was working cocktails tonight stood in the wait station and did nothing but complain about how slow it was.  Well get off your fucking ass and do something about it.  It’s the beauty of working cocktails.

Being told by a girl at work that she shouldn’t have to kiss ass to get a good tip.  Hmmm.  I’ve had this discussion a million times at work.  IT’S OUR FUCKING JOB.  This is not the Italian restaurant down the street where you take the order and then don’t come back until you drop off the check.  If you don’t want to tap dance work there.  This is Times Square.  This is tourist central.  These people want an authentic New York experience and they are willing to pay for it.  And that involves tap dancing.  This is why you walked with 50 dollars tonight.  You can’t just be an order taker.  That’s not what they are paying for.

The new girl at McDonald’s who took fucking forever getting my Diet Coke after work.  I’m the only fucking person in line.  Pick up the fucking pace.  I’d like to get home tonight.  Now move it.  I probably wouldn’t be so annoyed if the A train hadn’t been leaving the station as I was running down the stairs.  FUCK.

Realizing that I requested off Thursday so that I could go back to the dentist.  And then having the dentist call today to remind me of my appointment on Wednesday.  FUCK.

Realizing that I ordered my medicine from the online pharmacy last Monday and they still haven’t filled the prescriptions and sent them out.  I end up paying for one month out of pocket every time because it sometimes takes as long as three weeks for them to get the order to me.  That’s assuming they send it to the right address.  Or charge the right credit card.  They’ve called twice now to confirm my address.  I think next time I’m going to ask to speak directly to a supervisor and tell them to get it right the first time.

That Briston Palin has NOT been voted off Dancing with the Stars.  Really.  She’s awful.  And not because she’s a Palin.  Because she’s awful.

Having someone show me the public service commercial that Bristol Palin did about safe sex and abstinence.  It made me throw up a little in my mouth.    Here’s the link.  Be sure to watch it on an empty stomach.    Video.

Being pissed that we didn’t make it to Fairway over the weekend so the apple I had for dinner was disgusting.  Fairway is the awesome grocery store downtown.  They have very good apples.  Hint.  Hint.

Discovering that I ate the last of the Cheerios last night.  Hint.  Hint.

Having the man across the aisle from me on the train at the very last stop say to me, “You don’t like homeless people do you.”  I put my book down and looked at him.  “You don’t like homeless people do you?  I can tell by looking at you that you don’t like homeless people.”  I can’t tell if he’s homeless or not.  He’s eating something and the crumbs are falling all over the place.  I look at him as if he’s still speaking German because I have no idea what he’s talking about.  “You don’t like homeless people do you.”  I say, “I don’t NOT like homeless people.”  He mumbled something.  And then thank god the doors at the last stop open and I get up to leave.  “That’s right.  Just walk away.  Don’t sit there and tell me what you think.”  It’s the last fucking stop.  I’m not going to sit here and discuss the merits of my like or dislike of homeless people.  I’m going home.

Things that made me smile tonight.

1.  Talking to Adam on my break.

2.  Getting home to find my sandwich and apple waiting for me on the counter with a note saying I love you.

3.  Logging on to Facebook to see that Adam had created an invite for our Xmas party.

4.  Actually leaving work early so even with the train I was home earlier than usual.

5.  Having my last table of the night tip me 45 dollars on their 155 dollar check.  It rescued the night and kept it from being a total bust.

6.  Talking to the service bartender tonight.  She’s awesome.  When she’s stoned.  When she’s not she’s a mess.  Don’t ask but it’s true.

7.  Getting an email from Michelle and her girlfriend Lisa saying that they are coming to NYC to our Xmas party.

8.  Being told at work that I’m leading the survey contest.  Look out writing my own schedule.

9.  Discovering that 5  people are coming to our Xmas party.  Including Chuck and Bonnie.  Plus Michelle and Lisa.  That makes seven plus Adam and me.  Add some bourbon and that’s a party right there.

10.  I think I know what I’m getting Adam for Xmas.  Don’t tell him but it’s a digital picture frame.  He’s wanted one for a long time.  I ordered it today.  He’ll love it.


One thought on “Angry things. Happy things.

  1. Lemuel November 17, 2010 / 06:24

    We stopped getting our prescriptions from the online pharmacy. It’s a bit more expensive, but its local. I call in the Rx in the morning and its ready by noon. It’s a 5 minute drive. The online folks and our insurance keep bugging us about it. Symbiotic screwers, they.

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