I’m pissed!!!

10 things that piss me off!

1.  People who do not pull up to the cross marking in the intersection.  Especially if you have to pull forward to trigger the light.  A year or so ago, at 1:00 a.m. I was waiting behind a car that was a good 50 feet from the marker.  We waited and waited and the light won’t change if the car doesn’t trigger it.  So I backed up and went around them.  Pulled in front of them. The light change and I drove on.

2.  People who don’t seem to realize they have to pay.  Do not wait until you pull up to the window to go searching for your money.  You’ve been waiting in line for five minutes.  Pull out your wallet now so I don’t have to wait.

3.  People who take up the whole line at the grocery store.  Tonight I had an armload of things and I couldn’t put them down on the belt because the two guys in front of me, who were paying were taking up about ten feet of space.  Seriously.  Look around you.  You are not the only people in the world.

4.  People who drive 20 miles below the speed limit.  Coming home tonight there was a car going 25 in a 45 mile an hour speed zone.  Seriously.  Get out of the fucking way.

5.  People who say “Have a good one.” when they wait on me.  Have a good what?  Day?  Enema?  Orgasm?  Root canal?  Have a good fucking what?

6.  Fast food restaurants who raise their prices then serve you Diet Cokes that aren’t full.  The McDonald’s near my work just raised their drink prices.  Which is okay.  I understand.  I run a restaurant.  You have to increase prices sometimes.  But the last you can do is make sure the drinks are full when you give them to me.  They use one of those automatic drink dispensers and sometimes the liquid is almost an inch from the top of the cup.  They are basically giving me a medium for the price of a large.  Stop it!  It’s not cool.

7.  People who make me repeat my order ten times.  While Adam and I were in Boston we stopped at Sonic.  The guy who was taking our order might have been missing a couple of screws.  I had to repeat Adam’s burger order three times.  Seriously.  You do this all day.  Every day.  It’s not that hard to take the order.  The same thing happened later when I went to Chipotle for dinner.

8.  Don’t tell me that I didn’t order a Diet Coke.  I haven’t ordered a coke for myself since 1985.  Diet.  Coke.  All.  Day.  Every.  Day.  You got it wrong.  Not me.

9.  People who don’t show up for interviews.  I took the time to read your resume.  I took the time to call you.  I took the time to schedule an interview with you.  The least you can do is show up.  You’d be surprised how many people just DON’T show up.  Today I called the guy since it was a management position and I really need to interview a few people.  He told me he “missed it” on his schedule.  One does NOT miss an interview on their schedule.  If you need the job you remember the appointment.  I rescheduled for tomorrow but he’s going to have to be a GENIUS with the best personality and a salary requirement of 5,000 dollars a year to get the job.

10.  People who don’t acknowledge you when you walk into a store.  And don’t ever assume I’m going to order my food without you saying hello, what can I get for you.  I’ll stand there and stare at you until you say something.

That’s all!

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The purchasing of the house has gotten stressful.  Very.  Very.  Stressful.

Adam and I have been completely up front from the very beginning of our ability to buy a house.  We don’t qualify for a traditional loan and my boss knew that from the very beginning.  So last week he sent us an email negotiating the terms of the loan.  We responded, including requests we had from the inspections that we had done last week.

That was last Thursday.  We’ve heard nothing back from him.  Work has been very busy and I don’t like bringing it up at work since it’s kind of a non work thing.  Last night I finally called him to find out what was going on.




Seems his sister has decided that she’s not sure she wants to sell to us.  She doesn’t think it’s a good idea.  Of course she couldn’t come to this decision BEFORE we fucking paid to have the house inspected, the chimney inspected and the fucking house appraised.  NOOOOOO.  She comes to this after the fact.



And the horse she rode in on!


Adam and I are both more than a little pissed.  This has been going on for six weeks.  As I said, we were more than up front from the very beginning.  The time to figure this out was BEFORE you suggested it.  Seriously.  BEFORE.  (I don’t know how to make words bigger or I’d make the before GI-FUCKING-GANTIC.)  Nothing has changed.  Actually.  I take that back.  A lot has changed.  I’ve gotten a promotion at work and am now making 15% more than I was making when we started this journey, with another raise coming any day now.  Adam is about to be promoted to bar manager at his restaurant and will be making more.  Our bills didn’t change.  Our commitments didn’t change.  We’ve looked at our finances a million different ways and at least on paper we’d be able to afford the mortgage.  It will be almost 100 dollars less than our rent was in NYC and we afforded that with significantly less income at the time for three years.

My boss is working on his sister, but I’m starting to lose faith that this is going to happen.

It doesn’t help that we know through my boss and our dealings with his sister that she’s bat shit crazy.  KRAZY.  With a capital “K”.  I’d make that bigger too if I knew how.

So we wait.

And wait.

And wait.

And wait.

PS.  The reason we had the house inspected was to meet a deadline we’d been given by them that they have no AHH plans to meet.  This is all supposed to be settled by March 15.  Checks in hand.  Papers signed.  March fucking 15th.






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Off to Boston!

I’m taking today off.  Tuesday.  It will be my first day off in around 10 days.  It’s much deserved, if not needed.  I was supposed to work but then Adam said he was going to Boston so I went in today and told everyone that I would NOT be in tomorrow.

So why are we going to Boston?

We are going to Ikea to look at kitchen cabinets.  We’ve had a couple of friends who’ve gone through them for their kitchen cabinets and they said the process was easy and the cabinets were inexpensive and fairly durable.  What we are looking for it a easy fix to a down and dirty update to our kitchen until we can afford a real renovation in about three or four years.  We want to replace all the cabinets on the main section of the kitchen with new countertops.  The other side of the kitchen is in good shape and we can live without them.  Adam has spent the last week going over and over how they should be laid out.  He’s tried moving things, and pushing things, and forcing things but it seems that at the end of the day we are going to be stuck with the floor plan we have now.  It’s not the end of the world but it’s not what he wanted.  That being said, once we do this and add new appliances the place should look a million times better.


And we want to stop in New Hampshire to buy some bourbon and other booze because there’s no sales tax on it.  Just don’t tell anyone!


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Unemployment Numbers must be down.

I start interviews on Wednesday for the new manager.  I wish I could say that I was looking forward to it but I’m not.

I’ve had five people apply.

Only two of them excited me.  I called three of them.

One of them took three days to return my call and he responded in an email to tell me he’d be excited to talk to me about the job but he needs three weeks off this summer.  Yeah.  NO!

One of them answered when I called and proceeded to tell me that he meant to apply for the host position and must have hit the wrong link.  He should have talked his way into the interview.  Now I’m talking to him on Thursday about the host position.

One of them looks good.  It’s just scary that he’s really my only option.

You’d never know by the lack of applicants that there is a job crisis in America.  I thought people would be knocking down my doors.  Seriously.  It pays decently.  It has benefits.  It’s a 45 hour work week most week.  Two days off a week.  Together.  Ample vacation time.  Beautiful location.  Great boss.  What more could you ask for.

So keep your fingers crossed that this guy works out and doesn’t say something stupid like he got fired from his last job for punching someone in the face.  (I had someone tell me that last summer.  He did not get hired.)

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Bloggers from my past.

Every night, without fail, after I’ve hit publish on a blog posting, I go back and look at a random post from the past.  Wordpress used to have a random post button.  With it’s latest update it went away.  Now I just pick a random date and read a couple of posts.  It’s fun to see what I was doing six years ago.

A couple of months ago I selected a random post and read it.  It’s content isn’t important.  What’s important is the number of comments I got on the post.  Around 15.  WOW.  At one time I had a lot of readers.  So when someone comments and they have a blog it usually links to their blog.  So I started clicking on their links.  And only three of them still have blogs that are active.  A few still have blogs that are online but they haven’t posted in a years.  And most of them are gone.  The links are no longer active.

It made me sad to realize that I’d never know what happened to Diva’s Never Die or Daniel, the guy in the Desert, or the Greedy Maelstrom.  These are just a few.

Of my blogroll, it does make me happy to realize that 8 of them are friends with me on Facebook.  Add that to a couple of people who aren’t writers who are on my Facebook feed and that’s not to bad.

Still it makes me sad.  It reminds me of all the people from my past that just faded away.  Never to be heard from again.  Who aren’t on Facebook.  That don’t seem to exist.  That are just figments of my imagination.



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Racism is alive and well and living in Maine…

Twice in the past week I’ve been reminded that I work in a very small, very wealthy, very conservative, very white, very bigoted town.

According to Wikipedia the town is very small.  In 2000 the population was 3,474.  In the summer time its ten times that number.

The town is rich.  The median income is 54,000.  I have to wonder how the people who summer here figure into the equation.

It’s very conservative.  I’d bet more than 80% of the town is Republican.

It’s very white.  98% to be exact.

And as it’s been brought to my attention in the past week.  Very bigoted.

On Saturday night I had a couple proceed to tell me they left Miami because it was being taken over by dark skinned, third world nation “people.”  I mean, when you go to the grocery store and they expect you to order at the counter in Spanish it’s time to get the hell out.

Today the manager was told that a couple had not been to our restaurant in over a year because the bartender who waited on them the first time had an “accent.”  They didn’t understand why we didn’t hire more “locals.”  The manager apologized to them.  I would not have been so kind.  I told him he should have asked them if they’d like a bartending job since it’s hard to hire 200 skilled people to work an hourly jobs in a town of rich white people.

And I won’t even get into how many times I’ve been told by people that they won’t let the valets park their cars because they don’t want “those types” of people driving their cars.  I’m about 99.999999 sure they mean black when they say “those types.”  The last time someone said that I actually I asked him to clarify what he meant by “those types.”  When he realized I was calling him on his racism he began to backtrack faster than I’ve ever seen.

Meanwhile, it’s frustrating to work a job that you love so much but be surrounded by this type of small mindedness.  Sometime I wonder what they really think of me and my chattering on about my partner Adam and our life together.  I never apologize for it.  I just put it out into the world and if they have an issue with it it’s their problem, not mine.

Ahhh.  People!

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I told you that my Dining Room manager resigned this week.  She called me and told me that she was giving me her two weeks notice and that she’d stay longer if needed.  I was a little surprised because as someone else said, I thought she’d be a lifer.  That being said, I’m not sad.  She was a real pain in my ass.

However, I went in to work yesterday and an another manager informed me that she’d been gossiping with the staff, being ridiculous in the office and had started going through files throwing things away.  I went through her trash can and sure enough there were files in the trash that should not be there.


Now I have to deal with this.

So as it turned out the owner of the company and the guy who’s name is on the restaurant came in for a meeting.  So I chatted with them.  I told them what had happened and said that I thought it best if I just cut my losses and told her that she was finished immediately.  They agreed.

Today I ask her to come into the restaurant before anyone else got there.  When she arrived I handed her a letter that I had written in her name stating that she was resigning and that her last day would be March7.  I ask her to sign it.  She protested a little but I assured her it was just for the dates.  She signed it.  Then she asked what I needed from her before her last day and I told her nothing.  I said, “Actually you are done here.  You can go home now.”  She did not like what I was telling her.  She protested and I explained that because she had decided to throw files away that I no longer trusted her in the office and that she was done.  I’d pay her through the 7th but she wouldn’t be needed at work any longer.  She then started to get made and argue.  I told her that I was not going to argue about it, or discuss it.  The decision had been made and that was that.  She then said she’d need a couple of hours to wrap things up, and I interrupted her and said that I didn’t think she understood me.  She needed to go.  And I meant now.  NOT two hours from now.  She then got even more upset.  I told her I’d give her five minutes to gather her things and then she needed to leave.

And then she did.

I immediately was overcome with the reality of what I’d done and the reality of what my weeks were going to look like for the next month or so.  Oh.  My.  God. Then I heard Adam say to me about six hours later, “Just keep swimming.”  He had a point.  I just have to keep moving forward.  I’ll hire someone else in no time and in six months it will be like she was never there.

But oh, my the next six months are going to be stressful.

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