Pride Challenge


Last year, just as I started blogging fellow blogger Kelly posted a picture that he had taken for gay pride. It was a picture from the front of his house with a gay flag and an American flag flying side by side. It was a very powerful image. He challenged people to post that picture on their sight. It was the 14th post I made on my blog. I thought it was a good idea then. I still do. Although I’m not one to parade around in rainbow colored clothing and I don’t fly a rainbow flag at my apartment. I’m still glad that I’m an out gay man who lives for the most part without fear of being who I really am. I’m also smart enough to know that if it weren’t for the courage of a lot of people who came before me, I would not be able to live so freely.

So in honor of gay pride and in honor of all those souls who stood up and said we won’t take it anymore and for all those people we have lost and for all those young men and women who are just discovering there sexuality I post this picture. May everyone have a fun, joyous, wonderful month of pride.

To help Kelly with his challenge. Post this photo to your blog and then let him know you’ve done it. He’s trying to get twice the number of people this year than last.

Day One: Oklahoma

Day One Oklahoma:

I don’t know if I’m cut out for this. I’m 20 years older than most of the other participants in this little extravagance. Many of them are still in college. Once we get past the subject of what beer should we drink there’s very little else to say. But I’ll come back to that…

My day. My day started around 9:00 when the alarm woke me. I jumped up and began packing. Last night I had made little piles in the living room of things I needed to bring with me, but none of it was in a bag. I’m sure Chuck was wondering what the hell was going on when he got up this morning, because there was stuff on the couch, the chair, my desk, the floor, and the kitchen table. So I jumped out of bed at 9:00 and began the task of packing. First I had to go downstairs to pick up my laundry which I had dropped off at 2:30 to have done. Thank God for the 24 hour laundry place downstairs. I arrived back upstairs and promptly dumped my laundry on the bed. Oh, Fuck. I forgot to tell them not to use dry sheets. I love the smell, but I’m severely allergic to them. Before I could even get that first thought out I began sneezing. I searched through the laundry found them all and dumped them in the trash.

Then I began packing. I was packing to be away for 4 weeks, living in a dorm. So I needed to pack as many clothes as I could, towels, sheets, plus all the materials I need to function as a designer. I started throwing things in suitcases, trying to balance the weight. I have the mother of all suitcases and it’s huge, but unfortunately it almost always weighs more than 50 pounds and the airline wants to charge me for it. So as I’m packing, I put all the light stuff in the big bag…towels, pillows, blankets. I put the tripod, printer, scripts (4 tons of paper) in the little bag. After about 30 minutes most everything is in and the bags don’t feel too heavy so I hope for the best.

After I’m packed, I jump in the shower. I take the quickest fucking shower ever. I’m in and out in 5 minutes. I get out, dry off and realize that I’ve packed the clothes that I want to wear. I quickly find them, pull them and get dressed. I spend the next 20 minutes picking up around the apartment doing a couple of favors for Chuck in the kitchen and getting ready to leave. At 10:45 the phone rings. It’s my master electrician. (Little bit of theatre information at this point. I design the lights. I figure out where they go, what color they’ll be and when they’ll be turned on and off. I have a Master Electrician or M.E. who is in charge of implementing my design. In a perfect world I wouldn’t lift a finger. I send off the design, come back in two weeks and it would be in the air ready to go.) So my ME calls. He’s called to tell me that he doesn’t own the software program that allows him to access ALL the information contained within the design. He doesn’t own the program that let’s him know what color the lights are, where they are focused and what they do. How the fuck is this possible. Everyone owns this program who even thinks about being in lighting. Hmmm. One more notch in the hat for things going wrong. I explain to him that I’m waiting for the car to pick me up and that we’ll have to wait to discuss it when I get to Oklahoma. He says okay.

I haul all of my shit into the hall, lock the door, go downstairs and am greeted by the grumpiest driver ever. He doesn’t speak to me as I load my stuff into the car. I get in, and buckle up. At which point he asks me direction to the airport. What the fuck. The whole point of having a driver is so that I can sit in the back seat and sleep on the way to the airport. I don’t know how to fucking get to the airport. If I knew that I’d be the driver. I tell him what I think is the right way and we are off. It takes a few minutes but finally we are on our way. It was a rough start but we get there without incident.

I check in. I scan my credit card so the automated machine can find my reservation. I check my two bags. I select two seats. I print my boarding pass. I go the ticket counter. At this point I say a little prayer. Please don’t let my bags weigh too much. I plop both of them on the scale hoping this will confuse them. I have my id checked. I’m asked the questions about liquids. I’m then asked to take the small bag off the scale. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. Yeap. My big bag weighs 65 pounds. How is that possible. It has two towels, two pillows and a blanket. I’m asked to distribute the weight more evenly. I explain that the other bag is too full. That I’m stuck and will just have to pay the fee. I take out my credit card and am about to pay when the person says…”Oh, never mind. I know what kind of day you are about to have.” I get a little scared at this. She tags my bags and then makes me promise to be nice to every ticket agent I come in contact with today. I say okay. At this point she explains that all the morning flights to Dallas have been cancelled. All the afternoon flights are postponed. I’m checked in but there’s no guarantee that I’m going anywhere. I’ll have to check in at the gate once they finally announce the time the flight is leaving. And so I’m checked in with a promise of niceness and 50 dollars richer than I should have been.

The travelling isn’t so bad. My 1:40 flight has been postponed until 3:30. There’s no guarantee I’ll make my connection into Oklahoma, but we’ll cross that bridge later. So I sit in the airport and wait. I’m actually not so bad at it. I took a poll of the boys walking by that I would sleep with. I’m finding that my type is switching to older men as I get older. Not that I would turn down any number of the cute young ones playing around in the airport today. We finally boarded the flight at 3:30 and at 4:07 left NYC. There were still no guarantees that I would make my connection but what can you do. The flight was packed. I was sitting next to a guy equally as large as me and we were squished into a chairs like sardines. We arrived in Dallas at 6:30.

It was my lucky day. My connecting flight was the plane I had just gotten off of. I got off the plane, peed, got a Diet Coke, and then got right back on the same aircraft. I was one row behind where I started. The flight was not crowded this time and so the middle seat was empty. What wasn’t empty was the window seat. “Bertha” was sitting in the window seat. During the 55 minute flight I discovered that she works on main frame computers…if you keep them with tape and nothing crashes it’s quite the easy job . Her sister had been waiting since 1:00 to pick her up at the airport. She was visiting from Baltimore because her nephew was getting married in St. Louis. Her sister and her husband were leaving tomorrow to head to St. Louis and Bertha and her niece would be leaving on Friday. Bertha also love Sudoku. Her mother’s family is from Oklahoma. Her brother -in-law is a minister. He was in seminary in Texas and they wanted him to get a church in the east but it didn’t happened. I could go on but you get the drift. When we landed she wished me well in Oklahoma and I was off.

I was met by the Technical Director. Sort of. There was a yound kid with a mohawk standing by baggage claim. He kept looking at me but I couldn’t tell if he was cruising me, or waiting for his girlfriend. I grabbed my luggage and went outside. About 5 minutes later the kid with the mohawk approached me and asked me my name. We introduced ourselves and then he led the way to the car.

First Stop: The Dorm of Love. Actually it’s called Honors House and looks like a frat house. I was given the key to my room and shown where it is. Unfortunately it’s on the second floor. I say unfortanetely because that’s the floor without air-conditioning. Fuck. It’s was hotter than hell in my room. I dropped my stuff off and then it was off to dinner. We went to an Irish Pub that I don’t remember the name of. The food was good and the beer was better. We were joined by my ME. The one without the software. I might add at this point that the ME is beautiful. He’s soft spoken and sweet, and is very easy on the eyes. In fact he’s quite sexy. I couldn’t help staring at him all through dinner. We ate, had a couple of beers and headed back.

I of course made them stop at the grocery store so that I could get Diet Coke. We also bought more beer since that seems to be the staple they all exist on here. We then headed back to the Dorm of Love. It was over flowing with people this time. There were people cooking in the kitchen, hanging out watching TV, drinking in the halls. It was just like being in college, except I’m 42 and getting paid. I came back to my room made a few phone calls and then went downstairs to find the gang. We hung out and had beer and laughed a lot, got some work done and the whole time I’m thinking I’m old enough to be there fathers. Oh God, what have I done.

About the dorm. It co-ed. Including the bathroom. I’ve never done that before. It’s quite small with about 7 or 8 rooms on each floor. The average age of the participants is 22. This was before I moved in. I’m sure I’ll fuck the average. It’s loud. Right now its 1:52 and there are people yelling every where. There’s no air conditioning on the second floor. This may be a problem.

I’ll finish by saying…OH MY GOD WHAT HAVE I GOTTEN MYSELF INTO!!!!!!!

ps…I’ll pull my camera out and start documenting my adventures tomorrow.

pss…I was going to include a random picture of a dorm, but when you Google “dorm” you get tits. Lots and lots of tits. UGH!

O-K-L-A-H-O-M-O…Oklahomo. Yeow!!!

images-4.jpgIt’s May 30th.  I’m leaving for Oklahoma in about 4 hours.  Everything is packed.  I just need to jump in the shower, dress and wait for the car to arrive to take me to the airport.  I’m more than a little tired.  I’ve been up very late the last two nights.  I finally emailed off my design at about 12:45 last night.  For the most part I think it’s good, although lying in bed last night I realized a couple of things I didn’t do.  Nothing awful, and since I’ll be there later today I can take care of it in person.  I just hate when things in my drafting aren’t clear.  After I emailed off my design last night I spent the next two hours putting away everything I brought home from Iowa.  Well maybe not putting away.  It was more about finding a hiding place for it.  I’ll deal with the piles when I get home in a month.  I wouldn’t have worried about it but a friend of mine is subletting my room while I am gone.  It’s means for the next couple of months I don’t have to pay rent…and that will be a wonderful.

So although I’m very tired, I’m actually looking forward to getting to Oklahoma.  It will be the first time I’ve designed on the road.  Not that it’s any different, but it’s nice to think that I’m good enough to be flown there, and housed for a month just so they can see my work.  Doesn’t sound half bad does it.  Of course when I say house, I should mention that I’ll be staying in a dorm.  Somehow at 40 the idea of communal showers doesn’t sound nearly as exciting as it did when I was 20.  My, how things change.  I won’t care as long as the bed is comfortable and there is air conditioning.  And I’ll need to get a “dorm” size refrigerator so that I’ll be able to have an endless supply of Diet Coke.  I wouldn’t want to go through withdrawl.  That could be bad.  The one thing I don’t know, is whether I’ll have an internet connection or not.  In the emails I’ve received it’s been kind of vague about whether it would be working or not.  So if you don’t hear from me for a month, know it’s not on purpose.

So I’m off.  Wish me luck.

Pssst. It’s me.

It’s been a very hectic week for me.  First Chuck’s friend was in town from Sunday to Wednesday and then my friend arrived from Wednesday to Monday.  We’ve had non-stop house guests since last Sunday.  Not that either of us mind, but it does make getting the things you would normally get done in a week difficult.

Most of you know that I am a night person.  I do most of my best work after 8:00 p.m.  And I only get better as the night progresses.  Because there’s been someone sleeping on my couch for the last week I haven’t been able to be a night person.  I have had to go to bed at semi-regular hours which means I haven’t gotten as much done as I would have liked.  I have fallen behind in posting on my blog.  It feels like weeks since I last posted.  I know it’s only been a few days but it’s how I feel.  Many of you have probably noticed a lack of comments on my part as of late and it’s because I’ve been unable to catch up on the blogs that I read daily.  I also haven’t been able to put away the things I brought home from Iowa so my room is a mess and worst of all, the design for my shows in Oklahoma is not finished and won’t be by Monday when it’s due.  Whoops.

I like being able to blame all of this on my house guests because it’s easier than taking responsibility for it myself.  If I were being honest I might point out that I have not been out of bed before noon all week.  I might also point out that Friday and Saturday night I was out drinking with friends who are in town this weekend.  I might also point out that I helped my friends set up their portfolio’s on Friday for a conference they had.  But this is only if I’m being honest.  And since I don’t feel like being honest, I won’t mention these things.

My design for the shows I’m doing in Oklahoma are due tomorrow.  I’m not finished with them.  In fact, I haven’t even started drafting the show although the rough is finished.  It’ll take me all day tomorrow to finish and that’s if I work non-stop.  I almost feel bad about it.  But I’ve been getting the shaft from a fellow designer who’s been making my job almost impossible to do, so I’m using that as an excuse.  I’m sure that by end of day Tuesday I’ll have it emailed off.  As I keep saying what’s the worst that’ll happen.  They could fire me.  But if they are going to do that I hope they do it before I leave on Wednesday.  (Just for the record, I very rarely turn in work late.  I pride myself on meeting my deadlines and would have for this project if it weren’t for the scenery person.)

Hope everyone has a wonderful Memorial Day.  Eat a hot dog or hamburger for me and don’t forget to save me a beer.

Hi! Welcome to Wal-Mart…

You guys certainly don’t like it when I get picked on.  I’ve been amazed at how many responses I’ve gotten today about the remarks about my weight.  I think if it had happened at a different time in my life I would have been less understanding.  But after years of biting back, I now avoid conflict at all cost.  So it’s not surprising that I didn’t say anything.  Anyway thanks for the support.

So I got my applications in the mail today for the three jobs across the country that I’m applying for.  One’s in Texas, one’s in Ohio, and one’s in North Carolina.  I’m not too keen on the Texas job but at this point it would sure beat being homeless.  As of right now, I’m employed through the end of June and then it’s anybody’s guess what’s going to happen.  If I were a few years older I could be the greeter at Wal-Mart.  Of course we don’t have Wal-Mart here in the city, but it would be an option.  And I suppose I could always wait tables again.  But I don’t know if I have the patience for it any more.  As much as I hate conflict I might just have to tell some back-wood tourist to fuck-off when they leave me $3.00 in quarters on a fifty dollar tab.  I don’t think it would be a good scenario.  And of course there’s always a subway conductor.  I could grunt at people and be mean all day.  And make announcements that no one can understand.  Although I don’t always think that’s their fault, but more the fault of the speaker system.

Now that I’m thoroughly depressed, I think I’ll go to bed.  I have to be up early tomorrow.  Our second round of house guests arrive and I need to get some work done before he gets here.  I also have barely started on the designs that are due next Monday so I need to get my ass in gear and at least get several hours worth of work on those done.  I wouldn’t be so worried about it  but a couple of my best friends from school are going to be here this weekend and I’d like to be able to spend time with them.  So I need to get as much work done as possible in the next two days so I can play.  And by play I mean drink beer.

“Have you always been big?”

I did a very rare thing today.  I spent the day at home.  Not only did I spend the day at home, but I spent it working.  I wrote three letters of application for various teaching jobs around the country.  They’ll get mailed out tomorrow.  I also spent a couple of hours working on the design for my next three shows.  The design is due next Monday and I’m going to have to work my ass off to get it done on time.  It’s not that my getting work done is rare, it’s just that typically I find reasons when I’m in NYC to go downtown and do things.  Go to the movies, cruise for boys, meet with friends, go to dinner, etc., etc.  I did go to Staples, but it’s just up the street and I was gone about 45 minutes.  I would have been gone less time but I was talking to my friend Michelle.  We’d been playing phone tag for about a week or so and had a lot to catch up on.   I have to admit that it felt good to get so much done.  Now if I can only get even more done tomorrow.  Of course I have to go downtown tomorrow to Kinkos to get some copies made of my design.  But it should only be an hour or so.  I’ll have to make it quick.

images-1.jpgNow for the interesting part of my day.  My roommate has a friend staying with us for a couple of days.  It’s no big deal.  I have had several over nights guests and he’s always been very accomodating.  As a matter of fact, I have a friend from San Diego who will be staying here over the weekend.  What’s so interesting about this house guest is that he was home all day.   He sat on the sofa and worked on his computer.  He was so quiet I almost didn’t know he was here.  Of course it meant that I couldn’t walk around in my underwear, or crank showtunes on the stereo but it was okay.  None of this would be worth mentioning but at about 5:00 o’clock or so he began to get ready to meet my roommate for dinner.  He was in the middle of this when he says to me…”Have you always been big?”  I wasn’t 100% sure what he was talking about.  So I said, “You mean fat?”  He said yeah.  I was completely caught off guard.  Who asks someone that when you barely know them.  In reality when do you ask someone that when you’ve known them forever?  I told him my usual story of why I’ve gained weight.  And he had a few other things to say and then he went about getting ready to go.  I’ve had several hours to think about this.  I wasn’t pissed.  I’m not pissed.  I’m just curious as to what kind of background a person comes from that makes it allowable to talk to someone about something so personal when you barely know them?  I’m from a backwoods, country family and you wouldn’t mention it to your family, let alone a stranger.  So my question to you guys is…”Would you have asked a question like that?”

It’s raining, it’s pouring…

The weekend is over.  I have to say that I sort of wasted it.  I didn’t do anything productive and in fact was sort of anti-productive.  I slept late both Saturday and Sunday.  But then I really didn’t expect anything different since it’s been two months since I’ve slept in my own bed.  I really do LOVE my bed.  It’s the right firmness and it’s big and it’s mine and I love it.

As for what’s up with me.  Woke up this afternoon to a rainfall in our kitchen.  I kept hearing water running and finally got out of bed, walked into the kitchen to find Chuck standing there perplexed as water cascaded down from the ceiling via the light fixture.  In fact it was only coming from the three lights in the fixture as though that was the purpose it served.  By the time I’d gotten up Chuck had already called our useless super to tell him there was a problem.  I agreed to stay home until he arrived and Chuck left for the gym.  The super arrived about 45 minutes later.  He definitely doesn’t believe in the less is more idea when it comes to cologne.  He drilled me in his broken English about what the problem was, and whether we had talked to our upstairs neighbors yet. I assured him we weren’t causing the problem, that Chuck had talked to the neighbors and they weren’t the problem and regardless he needed to do something.  He kind of grunted at me and told me he’d be back later.

Chuck arrived back home 30 minutes or so after the super stopped by.  He’d seen the super in the hallway and turns out our upstairs neighbor two floors up has an illegal dishwasher they’d installed and that was the problem.  It was suggested we not use the light fixture in the kitchen for a couple of days to make sure it is dried out properly.  Ah, the beauty of apartment living.  Of course the nice thing is that it didn’t cost us to fix it so I guess there are pros and cons.

So I have some complaining to do about drivers.

1.  Is it really necessary to drive with your bright lights when you are on the highway.  If someone is in front of you it blinds the hell out of them and is distracting as shit.

2.  Do you really need to go less than the speed limit in the left lane?  Or even worse travel at the same speed as the person in the right lane, blocking at least ten cars behind you?

3.  Is there any need to break when you  are on the freeway and nothing is in front of you and I’m behind you?

4.  Did you really not know you needed to turn right before you got into the left hand lane of the road?

5.   Is where you need to go more so much more important that you almost force me into oncoming traffic while driving down Broadway?

That’s it for now.

Hope everyone has a great week.

I want to wake up in the city that never sleeps…


It’s 2:50 a.m. I’m a very tired Maddog. It’s been a very long day. I drove 13 hours straight with only stops for the bathroom, gas, and Diet Coke, and not always in that order. I left Kentucky around 12:30 today. I had planned to leave earlier but I went back to bed after my mom left for work and I inadvertently turned off my alarm. When I woke up it was 11:30. Whoops. I took the fastest shower ever, loaded my stuff into the car and was out the door by 12:15. I made one quick stop for my first Diet Coke of the day and I was off. I went a different way today. I’ve been going up through Ohio and then across Pennsylvania. Today I decided to go through West Virginia. It’s a more beautiful drive with hills and trees and it’s more interesting since you are constantly climbing hills and taking curves. I found I was much more alert for the entire trip. I crossed the George Washington Bridge at 1:45. I was about 30 minutes behind schedule because I got off in Stroudsberg and couldn’t figure out how to get back on the highway. I ended up having to double back almost 5 miles on surface streets to get back on I-80. I unloaded about half my car tonight. I was exhausted and just too tired to make 10 more trips up to the third floor tonight. Hopefully I can convince my roommate to help me finish unloading the car in the morning. Then sometime tomorrow afternoon I return the rental and I’m done with my trip to Iowa. Can I hear a praise Jesus!

For all of my complaining I hope that you guys don’t think I hated being in the Midwest. I didn’t. I hated not having a car and being stuck there on the weekends. But I didn’t hate the job. In fact as far as jobs go it was actually quite nice. I loved my students and I think they liked me. I think I successfully taught them something and hopefully they all grew as theatre artists. I certainly did. I worked on one of the more fun projects I have ever done and got to meet some truly wonderful people that I will miss dearly. So please don’t think I hated it there. I didn’t.

Now I must go to bed. My eyes are droopy and I’m barely awake at this point. I look forward to catching up with everyone over the weekend.


By the way…there were no side trips to any unseemly places during my travels. No stops at the Brown Bag Video. No trips to the Lions Den Bookstore. I was a good boy. Which might explain how I made it home and to NYC in the shortest time ever.

And the corn is as high as an elephant’s eye…

I find it interesting that so many of you jumped to the conclusion that I had done something “bad” over the weekend. And then you wanted me to tell you about it. Hmmm. Whose minds are in the gutter.

Okay, so maybe I did try to be a little bad over the weekend. I am a grown man, and I have been stuck in the middle of nowhere for the last 4 months, and I do have needs. So maybe, just maybe I drove to Iowa City and checked out this store. And maybe, after finding it filled with smoking trolls, I drove to Des Moines and checked out a store owned by the same chain. And maybe I discovered that Saturday afternoons wasn’t the day to be out whoring around. So maybe, just maybe I took a chance that Sunday afternoon would be better and maybe, just maybe I discovered that it wasn’t. But you can’t blame a girl for trying can you? Can you? So unfortunately, even though I put over 400 miles on my borrowed car, I struck out on all accounts. So see there’s not so much to report back.

On to bigger and better things. It’s Tuesday night Wednesday morning, and all my belongings are packed and in a pile in the living room. The rooms are empty except for the clothes I am wearing tomorrow, my bed stuff and my tooth brush. The kitchen and bathroom are spotless. The rental car is blue and sitting in the drive way. For anyone who cares it’s a bright blue Chevy Malibu hatchback. Everything is a go. So tomorrow morning, I load my belongings into the car, drive to school to drop off some things, pick up the stuff in my office, drop off my keys, run by the Realtor and drop off my house keys and then I’m on my way. Yes this time tomorrow, my stint in Iowa will be nothing more than a memory. A LONG slowly fading memory.

It seems like only yesterday that I was driving across I-80 in an ice storm to begin my trek here. It seems like only yesterday that I was nervous about my classes starting. Would I be okay, would my students like me. Today, I gave them all hugs, thanked them for being so wonderful and was on my way. It’s hard to believe I actually made it, without going crazy. I have to admit that you guys out there in blog land helped. The words of encouragement. The crazy comments. The inspiration. So I send out a heart felt thanks. And of course I’ll take you on the next leg of my journey, which is NYC for 10 days and then off to O-K-L-A-H-O-M-A, Oklahoma! Yeow!

Tying up some loose ends…

The weekend is over.  I don’t know how I feel about that.  It’s been kind of nice having a car for two days.  But at the same time it feels weird that on Wednesday I leave for New York.  If anyone is interested I checked out Iowa City on Saturday and then Des Moines on Sunday.  I’d tell you what I did, but then I’d have to kill you.  Of course if you want to ask, I might let you know.

I did fuck up tonight though.  There was a barbecue at school tonight for the theatre department.  It was on all my calendars and I knew about it.  But somehow I spaced and did not even come close to remembering that it was going on.  I got home from Des Moines around 4:00, checked email, talked to my mom, did some stuff on line and then decided to go see Spiderman.  At no point did it even cross my mind that I had something I needed to do.  I didn’t realize it all, until I got home and there was a phone call from some students wanting to know where I was.  I felt like shit.  But what can you do.  It’s not like I had to be there, but since I’m not going to be at graduation it would have been nice if I had shown up.

Speaking of Spiderman.  I liked it.  It was pure unadulterated fun.  It won’t change your life.  It doesn’t have some deep hidden meaning.  It’s just fun.  I didn’t even mind that it was so long at almost 2:30.  It moves along and there are endless action sequences and all the performances are quite strong.  I give it one great big thumbs up.

Someone pointed out today that I have dropped the ball on some things that I discuss on my blog and then don’t follow up on.  First work.  After Wednesday, I  am through in Iowa.  I drive to Kentucky  and then on to NYC.  It’s been fun and I’ve learned a lot.  But as you all know I didn’t get the full time job, which I’m quite sure was for the best.  As for what happens next.  At the end of May I got to Oklahoma for a month to design three shows.  I’m hoping that it will be fun.  It will be full of hard work, but the experience should be great.  After that.  If anyone has an underpass in their neighborhood that I can sleep under let me know.  It would be nice if it were in one of the warmer places like Phoenix.  I have applications out for a couple of jobs and I’m sending out three more this week.  With any luck I’ll have work by the end of the summer.

As for moving to Portland.  My friend Michelle has been after me to move there since she moved there two years ago.  It’s been an on going negotiation.  As for the moment I don’t think so especially since I don’t know how I would make a living there.  And trust me sleeping beneath a bridge in Portland in January would not be fun.  Of course if my roommate decides he likes the girl who’s subletting my apartment for the next two month while I’m  gone, better than me, he might not even let me move back in.  He’s evil that way.  🙂

There are a couple of other posts that I need to continue.  I’m going to look at what I wrote (one was from last summer) and finish up the story in the next couple of weeks.  I also told you that if anyone gave me a topic to write about I would do that as well and so I need to respond to Kelly’s request.

Have a great week.