It’s so great that my office doesn’t smell like pee.  I actually have enjoyed being in here for the past hour.


I don’t consider myself patient.  Adam will tell you differently but I think the only person in the world I’m actually patient with is him.



I didn’t leave work tonight till almost 8:45.  It was a long day that started by my oversleeping and getting to work late.  I spent the day putting out fires in the hotel I manage and I mean ugly situations.  We fucked up four different times today with people’s reservations.  We had to move people around, and one couple was actually bumped out of our hotel and put in a hotel across the street from us.  Whoops.  It all ended with everyone happy but it was a stressful afternoon.

I then had an hour long meeting with a person (and her assistant) that is forcing us to do a party for 25 of her friends.  And I mean forcing, I told her no the first two times she called, so she called our less than nice owner and he called and told me I was doing it.  It’s on a Friday in July and it’s going to be a royal pain in my ass but we are certainly doing it.  The chef/owner who was present at the meeting today for the first time ever I saw him visibly agitated with a guest.  This woman was smug and entitled and full of it, asking for the world.  He finally just said no which he NEVER does.  I was proud of him.

Then to top it off the restaurant was slammed tonight.  The numbers we did tonight, a Thursday we were doing on Saturdays last August.  It was crazy.  Needless to say I barely got any of the work I needed to get done today before I left.


I’m starving.  I work at a restaurant but I forgot to order food today and it was too busy to get something before I left.  So I decide to stop at Chipotle.  I pull into the drive and the place is a mob scene.  The line is out the door.  I don’t have the energy to wait in line so I decide to drive to the other one in town.  It’s out of the way but better than standing in line.

I get there and there are four people in line.  Two boys, each hotter than the next.  And a woman with her daughter.  I’m standing there gazing at the boys and BAM some kid pushes me out of the way and the next thing I know the woman is joined by her two sons.  AND THEN.  She’s joined by her husband and another kid.  So what was four people in front of me is now 8.

FUCK THAT SHIT.  I bite my tongue.  It’s not that they were in front of me, it’s the way they went about it and the entitled bullshit aura they were giving off.  I continue to bite my tongue.  And then it became apparent that they had never been to a Chipotle before.  They asked stupid questions, they couldn’t make up their minds.  It ended up taking about fifteen minutes to get their food prepared.

Well actually it took a little longer.


When the father of the group got to the counter the kid making burritos decided that would be a good time to make the burritos for the call in order they had.  So it was actually close to 20 minutes before they made their way to the table and I got to make my burrito.


I wanted to punch them all in their ugly, fat faces!


That was close to two hours ago and I’m still fuming about it.



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