Guess Who’s Back?

I always feel like I’ve abandoned my friends when I haven’t posted in a while.

It’s not like I haven’t wanted to…it’s just life has been busy for the past couple of weeks.  


I designed a show in Maine.  

Three years ago I flew to Maine for a little drag show in a garage in the backyard of my friend Sheila’s house.  It was put together by my friend Michelle and three of her friends.  They were four lesbians, dressing as men, lip syncing to music.  They spent about five minutes on the show.  They performed on a Saturday night and they were expecting about ten people to show up.  At least fifty people crowded around the open garage to watch them perform.

On July 14th and 15th of this year they performed two sold out shows in a theater that held almost three hundred people.  It was fully produced and for the first time I actually designed the show for real.  I was flown up to Maine and we spent Monday through Friday teching the show and then opened on Friday night.  It was amazing.  Although their first show will always be my favorite, this show was great.  They are a talented group of performers and each of them adds to the mix in a different way.  More than anything the acts they perform are smart.  They mix camp and humor with serious commentary on politics of today.  They make you look at gender in our society in a different way. 

They flew Adam up for the weekend to help with front of house duties.  He managed the box office people, t-shirt people, and ushers.  I was excited for him to see the show and more than anything wanted his opinion on the show.  When you know everyone involved with the show then sometimes you are no longer able to tell whether the show is good or not.   He was blown away.  He did not get what he was expecting.  He thought the humor would be more sophomoric, I think, and he definitely thought you’d have to be in the “know” to get the jokes, which is not the case at all.  It doesn’t matter if you’ve known them your whole life, or if it’s your first show, you’ll appreciate their performances.

I was there almost ten days from start to finish.  I took my laptop with me but couldn’t connect to the internet for the first few days.  By the time we figured out the problem I was in the midst of the show and after 15 hours at the theatre, all I wanted to do was email my boyfriend and go to bed.  

My role with the show is multifaceted.  I am definitely the lighting designer.  But I also act as director, stage manager, agent, choreographer, friend, asshole and butt kicker.  The first thing I do when I’m there is to take a look at the acts and figure out what works.  I don’t actually make decisions about the content but I do help them figure out how to make it better, how it should be staged and what works and doesn’t work.  I have to do all of this without hurting any feelings or having them hate me.  Then I start fixing the choreography.  For example this year one of the last numbers of the show was Thriller.  It was a tribute to Michael Jackson but it was also a chance to have some fun.  I bet you didn’t know this but there are tutorials on line to teach you the thriller dance.  If you search YouTube it’s the lady with the 40 clips that break it down beat by beat.  So starting on Monday afternoon I helped them learn the Thriller dance.  When the curtain came down on Friday and Saturday night at the end of the number the crowd went wild.  It was well worth the rehearsal time.  I also have to kick them in the ass occasionally.  Everyone of them is a morning person.  Theater is an all day event.  We started in the theater at 9:00 a.m. and ended at 11:00 p.m.  The first day they wanted to go home around 8:30.  I told them to suck it up and deal.  And when they heard people talk about how great the show was they were glad I stuck it to them.  

I’m rambling.  Needless to say it was a lot of fun.  A lot of work.  And I loved every minute of it.  And for the first time they paid me which was doubly nice.  It was like a working vacation.

So 10 days went by and I didn’t post.  

Of course I’ve been home since Monday the 17th.  So what have I been doing since then?  You’ll have to come back tomorrow for that.

Here are a few photos of Thriller:




And here’s a couple of photos of my favorite boys in the world.



A Matching Pair.

My head hurts.

I’m tired.

I’m annoyed.

I’m worried.


Going to make it short tonight.

Rest of the Maine trip went great.  We grilled out on Friday night.  Saturday was more shopping for the apartment.  I bought two pots for my plants, picked up more paint chips, looked at more cabinets, walked around the Old Port of Portland stopped by Blackstone’s, one of the local gay bars to play pool and drink beer.  Walked home.  Showered.  Got dressed and…

The lesbians had a little 4th of July party.  There were about 15 or so people invited along with the four of us.  At some point along the way Adam decided we should dress for the party.  And what did we wear?  Matching red, white and blue shirts.  We stopped in a J.C. Penny clearance store on the way home to Kentucky and I picked up a couple of shirts.  One particular shirt we both liked so each of us bought one.  I made it clear we’d never wear them at the same time.  Clearly Adam did NOT listen.  He decided we were going to wear our shirts as soon as he heard about the party.

And wear them we did.

And we were the hit of the party.  We got lots of double takes.  Lots of people laughed at us out right.  And everyone thought it was the coolest thing ever.  Even though I hate admitting it to him, I think he was right in deciding we should do this.  Hmmm.  Just don’t tell him I said so.

Sunday we drove home.  It was a much faster trip and we even got to New Haven in time to check out Ikea.  Of course the only thing we liked in their cabinets was the most expensive and if we are going to spend that much we should buy real cabinets from Lowe’s or Home Depot.  We got home around 9:00 ordered dinner and went to bed early.

It was a very nice weekend.

I’ll post pictures of the shirts as soon as I can get the lesbians to send me one.

This was a real nice clambake…

It was late when we got to Maine.  By the time we got to bed we were exhausted.  We slept in.  It was around 10:00 or so when we got out of bed.  Shared what was left of a pot of coffee and got ready to start our day.

First stop.  The Two Lights Lobster Shack.  Adam wanted to eat lobster rolls from a small place on the ocean.  He wanted to do this the last time we were there but it was out of season.  Michelle knew just the spot.  And we were off.  It’s in a beautiful location overlooking the ocean.  We got in the very long line and began discussing our food options.  We wanted everything.  Onion rings.  Fish.  Lobster.  French Fries.  Cole slaw.  Whoopee Pies.  In the end we said fuck it and ordered one of everything.  I think we spent a hundred dollars.  Okay maybe I’m exaggerating but we spent a lot.  After what seemed like four hours they called our number and we dug in.  It really wasn’t that long it was just that we were hungry.  It was also the first time in six months it wasn’t raining in Portland so EVERYONE and the brother was out.  The food was great.  Of course we didn’t finish it all but we came damn close.

On the way to the lobster shack we passed a strawberry farm that let you pick your own strawberries.  Adam really wanted to stop and play and since you can’t pick your own strawberries in NYC we all thought it would be fun.  The plants were overrun with ripe strawberries.  It took longer to walk to our area of the field than it did to pick three containers full of strawberries.  They of course cost a lot but how can you put a price on fun and strawberries all at the same time.

Next we were off to run errands.  I have two plants that need to be repotted and I wanted to get some fun, nice, pretty, cheap pots for them to go in.  We looked in about ten places.  I found two I liked but I was holding out for better so I decided to wait till Saturday to get them.

We also stopped at Home Depot.  Adam and I are moving in together, probably in October and we wanted to pick up some paint chips and we are looking for a cabinet to go in our kitchen.  The kitchen is quite small and he’s expanded out into the foyer.  The counter he has now is nice, but with the addition of my stuff we are going to need to do some expanding.  So we’ve started the process of finding some new cabinets.  They are quite expensive.  We don’t want anything fancy because we aren’t installing them permanently and we don’t own the apartment.  That being said, the cheapest thing HD had was way more than we wanted to spend.  And we didn’t really like any of them.  

We decided to call it a day and head back home.

The last stop was the grocery store.  Since the weather was nice we thought it would be nice to grill out.  Michelle and Lisa were having vegetables and Adam and I picked up steaks.  Paired with the potato salad Lisa made, the fresh strawberries, homemade margaritas and the company…it was an awesome evening.

Tune in tomorrow for the rest of the adventure.

Oh, and did I mention that Adam and I are moving in together?

A Weekend in the Country.

Been missing in action for the past few days.  Adam and I went to Maine over the weekend to visit the lesbians.  It’s always nice to go up north.  I’m always treated as royalty.  We are pampered and taken care of.  They have completely brought Adam into the fold and made him one of the gang as well.

We drove up on Thursday night.  That was an adventure in and of itself.  I reserved the car over a month ago.  I always rent from a Hertz rental in Fort Lee, New Jersey.  It’s cheaper than anywhere else in the city, it takes about 10 minutes to get there from my house and more importantly they are cheaper than anywhere else in the city. 

I originally reserved the car for 4:00 but I called early in the day to see if I could pick it up early.  I was told no.  I called back a few hours later and was told the same thing.  By now it’s clear I’m not going to get the car early, so I waited for Adam to come home from work early and we trekked out together.  We got there about 4:25 and we were told that our name was being added to the list and that we were second but it would be about an hour before we could get our car.  I was not totally surprised but I WAS a little annoyed.  We told them we were going across the street to Wendy’s and that we’d be back in about 30 minutes.  When we returned the office was full of people waiting and there were still no cars to give to anyone.  After about 10 minutes the people in front of us got their car.  About 30 minutes later we got our car.  Everyone who arrived after we returned from Wendy’s was told, “I’m sorry you had a reservation.  We are over booked.  You are NOT getting a car.”  I would have been livid.  

We DID finally get our car.  It was the size of Detroit.  

(I just had the crap scared out of me.  The window shade in Adam’s room just sprung loose and crashed it’s way up.  I thought I’d been shot).

It was a Grand Marquee.  


It looked like the car that your grandmother would drive to get her hair done on Friday, so she could go to church on Sunday.  

I was afraid to wait for a smaller car because I wasn’t sure I’d get a car at all.  To make matters worse the car did NOT have an Ipod jack (grandmother’s don’t have Ipods?) which meant that we couldn’t listen to the music we’d brought along.  And who travels with CD’s anymore.

As I said we were lucky to have a car.

And we were off.

We arrived eight hours later.  It’s supposed to be a five hour drive.  We hit traffic just before we got to New Haven and we were in traffic till just before we got to New Hampshire.  It sucked.  If it weren’t for the fact that I like spending time with my boyfriend I would have been completely annoyed.  The only real annoying thing was the radio.  Do DJ’s have to talk so much?  Can’t they play music?  And do we have to have a new station every two minutes.  We’ve only driven three miles why are we already out of range?

We got there around 1:00 a.m.  We were asleep by 1:30 a.m.

We slept till around 10:00 the next morning.  

To Be Continued…

A Wednesday Night Meme…

I’m at a loss today.  Drawing a blank.  I have about 20 drafts of things I’ve started and haven’t finished.  I also have some meme’s that I’ve saved along the way.  I haven’t done one in a long time so here you go. 


1. What did you want to be when you ‘grew up?’

A teacher, an architect, a dentist, an actor.

2. What are you now?

To make money I wait tables.  I would love to work full time as a lighting designer.

3. What fictional character did you identify with as a child?

I wanted to be Nancy Drew.  And I read all the Oz books as a child.  I liked the idea of escaping to a different world.

4. How about now?

I’m not sure that I do.

5. What is your ‘Gay Pride’ Song?

It’s Raining Men holds the most importance for me, for a number of different reasons.

6. What is your drag song (we ALL have one)?

I Will Always Love You.  Either Whitney or Dolly.

7. Earliest memory?

Going to bed with my mom and having to have all of my stuffed animals arranged in the bed to suit me.  My talking Bugs Bunny was up top with me.  I would have been about two.

8. Memory you’d like to forget?

Being put on the spot in San Diego and asked to introduce Adam.  I went blank on his name and introduced him as David.  I was devastated.  It didn’t bother him nearly as much as it did me.

9. If you ran for a seat in political office, what would be your platform(s)?

Gay marriage would be up front and center.  Especially since I now have a boyfriend that won’t marry me until we can do so legally.  Healthcare would be up top as well.

10. Winehouse. Want her to succeed or are you over her?

All I know is she’s a mess.  I wouldn’t recognize her if she was on TV right now.

[For the next three questions, I am assuming that “love” means “love” (agape) and not “crush” or “lust” (eros or even philia), and that the questions are asked independent of (awareness of) sexual orientation.]

11. The first person you thought you loved?

Kenny.  It lasted about two minutes.  He broke up with me most gently and I was devastated.  Later I found out he was more of a mess than I ever knew.

12. The first person you actually loved?

Sam.  I just didn’t do a very good job of showing it.

13. The person you love now?

Adam.  He’s the best.  I have no doubts about our relationship and everyday I look forward to many more with him.

14. If you could be, do, have, own, or possess anything you wanted, what would it be?

To have not gone to my undergrad college.  I’m 99% sure that I’d be in a very different place right now if I’d gone to a big state school.  I’d have come out sooner, grown up sooner and found my passion sooner.  Then again I might not know a LOT of the people I know now so who knows if I’d really want that.

15. Even if you are in love with someone right now, who are you/could be crushing on right now?

Ryan Reynolds.  He’s HOT! 


And Ur-spo’s bonus add-on question:  This is from a very long time ago.

Bonus. Have you kissed a skunk?

Hmmm.  Way too many.  WAY TOOOO MANY.

Have a great weekend.