An Open Response…

This is cut and pasted from Facebook.

***(My “friend” has clearly posted this on her wall. What’s interesting is that she posted it as part of a comment I made last week so I still get emails about it, but she has blocked me so I can not contact her. The letter is clearly written in anger. I did not write my letter to her in anger. I took several days to compose it and it was written out of frustration not in anger. I guess this once again proves we can’t have political discourse.)***

Jason L Smothers O.D. commented on your wall post:

“Kristen, Jeff made points, not facts…his own observations….I did say that Obama should be tarred and feathered….that is not a calling for his head…As I recall, in the south, they lynched black men…I was implying that a little public humilitaion might make him listen, because 80% of the voters did not want “this health care bill”.

(Perhaps someone can explain to me the reference to lynching blacks. How does public humiliation and lynching black men equate to the same thing? Seems to me it has no context and perhaps goes a long way in proving my point.)

Jeff asked us to watch other media, well CNN, calls him a liar. The post is on my site. CBS had a public vote on 10 points of his policy, His score…60% F….He got a whoping 80 F on heath care…..Neither of which is on FOX…

***(The post he is talking about is not CNN calling him a liar. It’s a conservative pundit giving his opinion. Since I can’t access his account I can’t tell you who, although I have seen the clip. As for the CBS poll, I have been unable to find it. What I did find is this and since we are quoting facts here’s the link to see it for yourself. It seems that 48% of Americans think Obama is doing a good job on health care. In politics a 48% is NOT failing. Far from it. That number has been increasing daily.***

As for him being scared about being a homosexual, and comparing that to us choosing to be a tea party member, and “can choose”…This is my opinion, not Melissa’s. But you can choose to act on your homosexuality, just as someone can choose to commit adultery. Comparing being a homosexual to choosing to be a tea party member..PLEASE, since when is that a sin?

***(Is he saying that the comparing is the sin? OR the homosexuality? Either way he has missed the point completely. He attacks homosexuality in general showing his bigotry more than anything. So far in this post we’ve seen his opinion of blacks and gays. I can no more choose my sexual preference than I can my eye color. Just like my eyes I can make it seem that I’ve chosen to be straight, but at the end of the day my eyes are still blue. As for homosexuality being a sin, says who? For every christian who says it is a sin there is a Christian who says it isn’t. My biggest problem with the christian faith is that everyone professes to be the authority on god and the Bible. I assume since he didn’t address it, there is little fear in being a teabagger. I still emphasize that I have to be very cautious about being too open in some parts of the city/country/world.)***

As for us all being violent, the brick that was thrown thru the window..proved wrong, the room was on the 30th floor..THE N word …he put up 10 K to say prove it..they cant…I could go on….

(As for the 30th floor I don’t know what you are talking about. I’ve included a link to an article about the Rochester/Monroe County vandalism. “” It’s also really cool that Google maps will let you actually look ath the building of a certain address. There isn’t a building 30 stories high anywhere around. There is only one building that has 30 stories in Rochester, and it’s exactly 30 stories high. I doubt very seriously that the Rochester Democratic organization has the penthouse. Who put up 10K? If a tree falls in the woods does it make a sound. I have serious doubts that democrats got together in a little room and said, “I know how we can discredit the republicans. Let’s pretend they are racist/homophobes. Since he doesn’t quote the source on either point there’s little more to say.)

As for using fear..please, we use fact..fact proves most of Obama’s stuff to be mere falsehood..Point to prove…Gwatney on past presidents economic panels..Obama does not use him…is quoted as saying that Obama’s ideas of economics are little more than a college freshmans ideas about a perfect world, none of his economic strategy is proven economics…NONE…..

***(I’m not sure who Gwatney is. He’s either Arkansas democratic party chair who was shot and killed in his office. Or Russell Gwatney who seems to be known on the Internet as either a car dealer or involved in a sex scandal. Which one is it?)***

Reagan gave businesses tax breaks, they flurished…Obama took away a business’ tax break to use paying retirees pharmaceuticals….AT@T brought in 3 billion last quarter, yet had to pay out one billion in taxes, thats a third of what they brought in..result, 25, 000 workers are losing their jobs….

***(Feb. 1, 2010. “” The Atlanta, Ga.-based company said it activated 3.1 million iPhones in the quarter, the second-highest total since Apple launched the popular handset in 2007. The strong sales pushed revenue up 9.2 percent to $12.6 billion for an overall profit of $3 billion — up 25.6 percent from a year ago.” It seems to me that AT&T is not hurting for money. And you should check your sources. AT&T has not HAD to pay 1 Billion in Taxes. That references their opinion as to what they’ll have to do because of the new healthcare bill, which doesn’t create new taxes it just closes a loophole that allowed employees and employers to take the same deduction.)***

My dad told employee today of 14 years, that if he has to pay his healthcare he will NOT have a job, man in Memphis with 55 employees will have to let 3 to 4 go to cover Obama’s so called free health care…

***(I’d be curious as to what your dad will do when said employee gets cancer. Will he visit him in the hospital? Will he send flowers to the funeral?)***

Wilanyone who works, knows there is NO such thing as a free that campaign promise that Obama said he would help small business prosper and bring us jobs, please, he is taking our jobs overseas….Want to know why we talk to a Indian when we call customer service…because American jobs are being outsourced…And this health care bill, will do nothing more than drive more and more jobs overseas…

***(Seems from what I’ve just researched that the big push to start outsourcing really began in the 1980’s when Mr. Reagan, the saint to all republicans was president. ( It also seems when President George W. Bush’s chief economic adviser, N. Gregory Mankiw, released the annual Economic Report of the President and praised offshoring of U.S. service jobs as a “good thing.” “Outsourcing is just a new way of doing international trade,” he told reporters, adding that the practice is only “the latest manifestation of the gains from trade that economists have talked about” for centuries. “”)***

As for Obama being a muslim or Chrisitian…Point, Rev Wright preaches more hate, than Tea Party members ever thought about…who can forget God Damn America…

***(god damn America was a christian minister using his right to free speech. Is that any worse than the hate that is taught and prayed for in many other “christian churches around America. The right doesn’t preach this stuff? REALLY? There is a “christian” minister who has his congregation pray for the assassination of Obama. DAILY.)***

What are bam bams views on that, On national day of prayer, Tim Tebow is praying in front of students, Bam Bam gets up during prayer and walks out…

***(Two points here. Obama didn’t attend the national day of prayer last year. The only president to do so is Bush. He did not get up during Tebow’s speech at the “national prayer breakfast”. He left before it. And since he is the leader of the free world perhaps there were pressing matters. As to the national prayer breakfast, it is organized by “the family” in Washington, and they invited the leader from Uganda who has introduced a bill there calling for the death all homosexuals. I might add here that the bill has been supported by many members of “the family” as well as the wonderful Rick Warren.)***

Obama has been quoted as saying you can say we are a muslim nation, (by Fox news.

***(SUMMARY: A Fox Nation headline stated, “Obama Says U.S. Is a ‘Muslim Country.’ ” However, the blog post to which the headline linked noted that President Obama said, “[I]f you actually took the number of Muslim Americans, we’d be one of the largest Muslim countries in the world.” You may not like muslims but you can’t deny they exist in our nation.)***

on another speech he is quoted as saying we are NOT a Christian nation, yet 70% of polled Americans are said to be Christian;

***(If you are going to site a quote then don’t edit. What he said was “We are not at a Christian nation. At least we are not JUST a Christian nation.” (The actuall transcript reads, “We are not just a Christian nation” but he flubbed when he read it.) He then goes on and lists many of the religious faiths in our country. He also makes a good point about if we teach Christianity in our schools who’s version of Christianity will we teach. “”)***

Bam Bam doesnt eat with Jewish PM, but will bow down and kiss the ground of Muslims leaders…

***(Can you provide proof of this “kissing” the ground? And there are many opinions out there about why the dinner didn’t happen with Obama.)***

HOW BLIND ARE LIBS? But that if front of any first grader and they will tell you he looks muslim to me…now is that a sin, no, but lying about it to get votes, that is…

***(I have no idea what this sentence means. I don’t even know if you know what it means. I do know that if you ask any first grader if Obama looks muslim then you are going to probably have kids asking what a muslim is. And what does it mean to look muslim? Brown skin? Tan skin. I’m not sure. If I interpret the sentence correctly you can’t get much more racist than this.)***

As for Tea Party members being mad, your dang right we are mad, we are so mad we cant see straight…

***(Being mad is one thing. Preaching hate and intolerance is another. Inciting violence is also is another. There is plenty of evidence out there that shows Glenn Beck inciting violence. “”)***

because our socialist loving PREZ, is stomping all over our Constitution

***(This is a matter of opinion. And where were the conservatives when George Bush was implementing the Patriot Act. Oh, wait they didn’t care when it was in the interest of national security. This is the same act that allows the government now to listen in on your conversations.)***

..Im not mad becaue he is black, a liberal, or a democrat..Im mad because he is denying the American people their Constituitional rights, and in the process, he will tax us to death, control our every move, rob our children their future, and he will do this in the Trojan Horse of “HEALTH CARE”

***(You are giving a lot of power to one bill. I’m sure if the left had known that they could systematically destroy our country with one bill they would have done so a long time ago, since that seems to be their only objective. See patriot act for controlling every move and Constitutional rights. see Iraq war for unnecessary spending that “our” children will have to pay for.)***

SO you can have your change, and I’ll keep my guns, my constitution, and biblical beliefs, because if we keep following Pelosi, and Obama, all that change in your pocket will be little more than LINT…

***(Hmm. It seems to me that change is the very problem here. Most of you want the status quo. I’m sorry to break it to you, but the status quo is no longer working, and hasn’t been for a long time.)***

So Melissa, if I caused you embarassment, I truly apologize, but as for being mad, being a US FREE CITIZEN, having my own mind, being a tea party supporter, being a civil militia supporter(not skin head hat group), for supporting M for flying her flag in distress, for joining her in her fight for truth and our country, I am not sorry…

***(No one said you didn’t have the right to do this. My belief is that if we are going to have political discourse it can’t be framed in anger and untruths. And as for the flying the flag upside down. It is definitely her right, but I don’t think the creators of the flag guidelines meant that your displeasure with a healthcare bill qualifies as “dire distress. And PLEASE. Don’t forget that “US FREE CITIZEN” works both ways. You’ve told me that I should go to Canada if I don’t like it here. Do you know how much wrong that does to our freedom of speech and ability to protest. By the way, I’m not the one currently unhappy with the government. Perhaps you should find a better place if you are making that argument.”)***

Like I said before currently, a turkey would be a better national bird right now, not a Eagle, of our forefathers…
And also, Pursuit doesnt mean free lunch, it means to chase, to go after to attempt to achieve; not well if you cant get it own your own, her you go, because the guy next to you dont need all his money, take it, after all, its not his anyway, it belongs to the US Government according to Pelosi, and Bam.

***(What does this even mean? It’s not coherent in any way. “before currently? “not a Eagle, of our forefathers…”? ?Pursuit doesn’t mean free lunch”? “not well if you can’t get it own your own, her you go, because the guy next to you dont need all his money, take it, after all, its not his anyway, it belongs to US Government” I know I shouldn’t get personal, but were you drunk when you wrote this? If you are referring to the “pursuit of happiness” then I’ll finish on this: Your group only believes that a person has the right to “the pursuit of happiness” if they think like you and believe your beliefs as well as conduct their lives like you. Based on your “prose” you’d have me believe that I can only pursue happiness if I’m a gun wielding, flag waving, conservative Christian. The Declaration of Independence says “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.” It does not say, “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness as long as you are a christian and think like me.”