Day 1 In The Land of Corn

Well I made it. I’m in the Land of Corn as this man calls it. I’ll be here till the morning of the 26th. That means I have 17 LONG, VERY LONG days in front of me. Actually I’ll be busy for most of them. At least off and on. The actual scope of the projects has yet to be figured out by anyone least of all me. I’ll have my first face to face meeting tomorrow so I’ll be a little bit better equipped to let you know what’s going on then.

So my day. I didn’t get up till noon. I slept more than 10 hours last night. This after staying up all night the night before to get my light plot finished. When the alarm went off I was still fast asleep. In fact, I was in the middle of dream where everyone hated me because I was bitching about something. This was at my undergrad school although everyone who was there was older. There was a bunch of stuff that happened, including my roommate dumping me for someone else because I was complaining about the state of the dorm we were going to be living in. There was much screaming at me, and embarrassing me by everyone involved. And then just as I woke up I found my friend SK and she was finally nice to me. She agreed to be my roommate and we were just headed to the dorm when the alarm went off. It was a very disturbing dream. I think it was forshadowing of things to come.

Once I was up, I had my usual pot of coffee and watched the news. It was a slow new day. The only thing of importance was the Olympic torch thing in San Francisco. But at that time, there wasn’t much to report. After the news and coffee I showered and then I started packing. I usually don’t pack until the day of the trip. I make little piles in my bedroom (or sometimes the living room). Each pile is important and I stick things there so I know I won’t forget them. So all my piles were complete, and it was time to make it fit in the bag. I probably should have used my monster bag since I was going to be gone so long. But it weighs a ton without clothes and I have never taken it to the airport that I didn’t have to unload something to get it under 50 pounds.

So I used my large carry on bag. It all fit…but barely. By the end I was stuffing socks and underwear into shoes and the corners of the bag. It took about 20 minutes just to get it all to fit. Then it was time to pack my computer bag. It’s just as difficult to pack as the regular bag. First in my medications. I always take them with me just in case the airline loses my bags. I can’t miss a dose. Next I actually need my computer and all it’s cables, mouse, mouse pad, etc. Then my phone charger. Then the book I’m reading and the book I’m going to be reading. Then all the paperwork that pertains to the show. A couple of legal pads to take notes on. A couple of diet cokes, because they cost 10 million dollars a piece at the airport. And then I look around and try to figure out what I’m forgetting.

Today I didn’t figure out what I was forgetting till I was half way to the airport. I forgot the cable to my camera. So as of right now I can’t download pictures to my computer. I sent an email to the tech director on the show asking if he knew where I might find one. If he doesn’t have an answer then I’ll order one and have it sent here. I can’t not post pictures of my wonderful adventures.

At 2:45 the car arrived to take me to the airport. Getting to any of the three airports in the metropolitan area can be very tricky. It can take three minutes or it can take 90 minutes or more. So you have to build in time to get there. I always take a car service. It’s much easier having a car show up at an alloted time and you don’t have to worry if there are no cabs. I won’t take public transportation because it takes too long and I don’t want to carry my bags any farther than I have to. The other nice thing about my taking a car is that I charge it to my friend Lou’s account. Then he expenses it to his company. So neither of us really has to pay. Just don’t tell anyone this.

So I get to the airport in exactly17 minutes. I had given myself an hour. I had also allotted two hour at the airport because I was flying American Airlines and the other news story of the day was that AA had canceled 850 flights in the US today. I was a little worried. I had checked online and my flight was scheduled to depart with no delays and had not been canceled but I was also worried that there would be a million people in line and it would take forever to check in. Exactly 36 minutes after I left my home, I was at the airport, checked in and through security. What the fucks that about.

So now I had to waist almost three hours. So I though I would get some lunch. What I quickly discovered was the only real restaurant was outside security. So back out I went. I went to Something Rock restaurant. It was like a knock off of the Hard Rock Cafe. I grabbed a seat in the back and the waitress approached me. I ordered a beer and a chef’s salad. Not so healthy/healthy all at the same time. And so my beer came and I made a couple of phone calls. Then lunch arrived and I ordered another beer. Then the salad was taken away and I had another beer. Why so many beers. I hate to fly. Actually I don’t mind flying. It’s the take off that scares me. So I always have a few drinks or take some Attavan. Sometimes both. It takes the edge off and I usually don’t mind the take off so much.

So I had my three beers and wandered back through security and down to my gate. I still had an hour-fifteen to go. So I made some more phone calls. I talked to my roommate Chuck, and my friend Donna, and my friend Angie. And while I was talking to Angie, I was cruised by a little 20 something frat boy. At first I was surprised but we he beckoned me to follow him. What could I do but follow him. So I told Angie I would call her back and followed him. And he went into the men’s restroom. At this point all I could think of was Larry Craig getting arrested and that really wouldn’t make my day. But I wanted to see what he was up to so I followed. He went to the urinal, and I went to the one next to him. I stood there long enough to see his erect penis smile at him and then went away. It was a very nice penis I might add. When I got back out of the restroom I called Angie back and started walking toward my gate. Just as I got there they called my name to come to the desk. And so I said good-bye to Angie and went to the counter. They shouted at me to go to the plane they were just about to close the gate.

Damn, I’d been on the phone not paying attention and almost missed my flight. It didn’t help that I was a little tipsy and had already changed the time on my watch so I was kind of thinking I still had an hour. Whoops. Luckily, I got on the plane but they’d given my seat away so I was in the back next to the bathroom. This wouldn’t have been so bad but every time the door opened the most foul smell in the world came sweeping out. It smelled like a port-o-potty that hadn’t been cleaned in weeks. It was disgusting. I tried to tune it out. So I put on my I-pod and went to sleep.

And the plane arrived exactly on time. I got my rental car which took all of about three minutes since it’s billed through the school and all they needed was a license to make sure I was who I was supposed to be. So then I was on my way. First stop the movies. I had decided to stop by and just see what was happening. And the answer was not much. I did meet a nice boy from the University of Iowa. But that’s a story for another time. Maybe even for another blog. And then I headed east to my little town of 12 people.

I got here around 10:30 and of course the place was dead. They roll up the sidewalks and lock everyone away for the evening. Even McDonald’s and Dairy Queen were closed. I went and go the key to my place from security and then drove to my humble abode. As always it is in Iowa, it wasn’t exactly what I was expecting.

My arrangements are such. It’s an old house that has been turned into sleeping rooms. There’s one bath up and one bath down that are shared by the many guests of the house. Tonight I think I’m the only one here, but it was 10:30 when I got here so they may have been in bed already. My room consists of a bed and a dresser and a night stand with a lamp. That is all. No TV. No desk. It’s a little bare. I’ve already sent an email to the tech director at school saying that I need something to use as a desk with a chair so that I can work on my computer. Right now I’m sitting in the kitchen which is ablaze with flourescent lighting. It’s the only surface in the apartment that I can sit at. The rest of the house is such. There is a kitchen that is stocked with a couple of plates and some silver ware. There is A skillet but no pans. There is a stove but except for the skillet nothing to cook with. There is a coffee pot and a microwave and a toaster. It’s all white so with the lighting it’s BLINDING in here.

After I explored the accomodations, I was off to Wal-Mart for Diet Coke. One can not live on water alone. I got to Wal-mart and I wanted to get coffee, a coffee mug, some half and half, sweet and low, and a few things to nibble on. I had been told I would be staying in a furnished apartment so I thought I would be some place where I could cook. That’s obviously not the case. I did buy some microwavable dinners so that I don’t have to eat out everyday. As it is eating out consists of McDonald’s, Hardee’s and Dairy Queen. The KFC is too far away to get to. There’s also a smoked filled restaurant called Kelsey’s which I went to when I was here last spring, but it’s hard to eat when the entire restaurant is smoking. I had forgotten that you could actually smoke indoors in some places.

So after Wal-mart is was home to put everything away. Unpack. And then make dinner. I bought a sub sandwich at the grocery which I took a picture of today. The reason I got it was because it made me laugh. You’ll understand when I post the picture. Then I watched an episode of Law and Order: Criminal Intent can I tell you how much I hate Vincent D’Onofria. He spends the entire show with his head cocked to one side, yelling at people. He is know Christopher Meloni. Who is my boyfriend. He just doesn’t know it.

And that is the wrap up of Day 1 in the Land of Corn, better known as Iowa.

PS: It’s late and I’m too tired to proof this. If there are any typos, misspellings or other confusions please forgive me. I know not what I do.


I’m a little sleepy.  I think perhaps drinking an entire 12 pack of Diet Coke last night was a mistake.  When I finally got to bed this morning, there was no chance of sleep, try as I might.  I finally got up when someone called around 10:00.  I made coffee and tried to just stay up.  Of course by 1:00 is was a mess.  I finally managed to get to sleep around 2:00 and slept till almost 5:00.  So now it’s 1:00 a.m. and I’m beat.  I’m about to go to bed and hopefully get a good nights sleep.

Tomorrow I leave for Iowa and I will start my 17 day countdown till I come home.  It should promise to be fun and exciting.  What ever will I do with myself in Iowa for 17 days with no car and little else to do.  I’m only hoping that the place they are putting me up has a TV and cable.  Otherwise it could be scary couple of weeks.  As long as I have an Internet connection everyone will continue to hear from me

I Need Sleep

I’m almost afraid to go to bed tonight.  I’m afraid that I won’t be able to sleep and it will be another tossing and turning night.

I also learned a very valuable lesson tonight.  I CAN’T go to work if I haven’t gotten at least somewhat of a decent nights sleep.  Tonight was miserable.  I was in a bad mood before I got there.  I was exhausted.  I felt like shit.  The first thing I did when I got there was put my name of the give-up list.  But as you can probably already guess that didn’t happen and I had to work.  I did switch to an easy section because I knew that I didn’t have the energy to run around all night.  Basically, I waited on my four tables and then went and stood in the corner waiting for it to be time to go home.  Everyone I came in contact with tonight knew to steer clear of me.  I wasn’t bitchy, I just didn’t feel good.  I do have to admit that I was short with my tables tonight.  I had no time for their bullshit.  I would just grunt and walk away.  I kept having to tell myself that getting fired because you are tired is not a good thing to have happen.

Finally the night ended and I got to come home.  I made less money tonight than I have in weeks.  I also walked with about 7% of my sales.  Yep, something was definitely up.  And I wish that I cared but I don’t.  My manager Allan pulled me aside tonight and told me that the next time I didn’t feel well I should just call in sick.  That it’s just not worth it to come in and feel miserable all night.  I have to agree with him.  Words to live by.

So I had slept about 2 hours when I finally pulled my ass out of bed thing morning.  I had one cup of coffee and was napping on the sofa waiting for the maid (it’s so nice to have a maid).  She got here a little before 9:00.  She is actually the daughter-in-law of the woman who usually cleans our apartment.  The woman who normally does it just had surgery and will be out of commission for the next several weeks so she’s have the d-i-l fill in.  So when she got here this morning we chatted a bit.  I explained a couple of things to her, told her that the vacuum was still broken, and then told her I was going back to bed.  And this is what sucks.  I had only had two hours of sleep and knew that I couldn’t function on that, so I chose to not have my bedroom cleaned today so that I could go back to bed.  I hated that the sheets weren’t changed and the bed made when I got home tonight.  And that everything had been put a way.  But I had to sleep.  In all I think I got two hour before she got here, and about two after she got here.  Which helped but was not enough.

I’m tired so I have no idea if what I’m trying to say makes any sense.  If it doesn’t sorry.

Tossing and Turning

For the second night in a row I’m unable to sleep.  I turned the light off to go to sleep around 1:00 a.m. or so.  Turned over and went right to sleep.  I woke up at 2:30 and have been unable to get back to sleep since.  I kept tossing and turning in the dark and finally said “Fuck It” and got up.  I’m dead tired because I didn’t sleep well last night.  But no amount of trying seems to be doing the trick.  This is all made worse by the fact that I have to be up at 7:30 because the cleaning lady is coming tomorrow (today) at 9:00 a.m.  That means by 9:30 or so I have to be out of the house for the day.  Which means I can’t take a nap later before work.  If I feel the way I feel right now I may give up my shift tomorrow and come home and sleep.

Sunday night in NYC…

Where has my weekend gone.  I blinked and my two days off evaporated right in front of me.  Damn.

I slept in again today.  I had the worst night’s sleep last night that I’ve had in weeks.  I took forever to fall asleep and then I kept waking up.  I was always in the middle of dream that took me seconds/minutes to figure out what was going on.  Then I would look at the clock and be upset that I was awake.  It was the wee hours of the morning before I got to sleep for good.  And then once again I slept through my alarm.  It was 3:00 p.m. before I got out of bed.  The only good thing about that was that I forgot to put water in the coffee pot last night so my coffee had yet to brew.  So I was still able to have fresh coffee when I got up.

The one productive thing I did today was to take down the Christmas tree.  I started around 4:00 and by the time my roommate got home around 6:00, all the decorations and lights were off the tree.  With his help we got the tree outside and the then we spent the next hour or so cleaning up and putting the decorations in boxes and getting the boxes put away.  I suspect that we’ll be finding needles around the apartment for the next couple of months.

After the tree we both ate dinner and then settled in to watch the primary results.  My roommate is a much more die hard political junkie than I am, so when I say we settled in to watch, we did.  The TV was on MSNBC all night as we waited to see who was going to win the Democratic side of the primary.  It was an interesting night listening to the commentators discuss Hillary.  It’s pretty clear they don’t like her.  I suppose they’ll like her even less now that she won New Hampshire.  It will be interesting to see what the next couple of weeks bring as far as the election is concerned.

My Day Off…

I finally got to bed at 5:30 this morning.  A wee bit later than I had intended.  More importantly I had wanted to get up somewhat early so that I could enjoy my day off.  I knew however, that if I didn’t get at least 7 or 8 hours of sleep I would not be happy, so I set my alarm for noon.  I was awakened at 10:30 by my friend Ryan calling to make plans for Friday.  I was a little annoyed.  I know, I know, I should have turned the ringer off, but I forgot.  It took me almost 30 minutes to get back to sleep and then I promptly slept right through my alarm and didn’t get out of bed until almost 3:00.  So much for enjoying my day off.

I did manage to get to the bank, take my laundry to get it done and to get my hair cut.  Those things had to get done today.  I did not however get to the post office to pick up the Christmas present my mother sent me.  Nor did I make it to the movies.  These things will have to wait until tomorrow.

The evening ended with me having dinner with my friend Caleb.  He’s a friend from grad school.  We haven’t always been on best terms.  In fact during my last year of grad school he annoyed me a lot.  Since we’ve both graduated the relationship has changed and we get along great.  We had dinner at an Italian restaurant in Chelsea.  I ate pasta which I’ve been trying to avoid, and I had wine which I’ve also been trying to avoid.  Whoops.  I just decided it was my day off and I deserved to treat myself to a dinner that was 50% off at my restaurant or delivered from the diner down the street.  And I really don’t feel guilty about it.  I’ll be good tomorrow.  If I manager to get to bed so that I can get out of bed at a reasonable time.

My roommate and I take down the Christmas tree tomorrow night.  It’s thoroughly dead.  And has turned a truly beautiful shade of brownish green.  It’s my least favorite part of the holidays.  If only someone would come do this for me.  Alas.

Maddog’s Day Off

Winter has finally arrived here.  The high temperature today was somewhere in the low 30’s and the high tomorrow is supposed to be 22 degrees.  Brrrrr.  I have been cold all night, and so as a result I’ve been wrapped in a blanket on the couch.  Of course being cold might have something to do with just wearing a pair of shorts and a t-shirt, but then again maybe not.

I had the day off today and had planned to sleep late, but woke up almost 30 minutes before the alarm went off.  The alarm was set for noon, so it’s not like I got up early either way.  Of course I didn’t get to bed until almost 5:30.  I got home from work last night and was completely wired.  It had been another one of those nights waiting tables that makes you want to push people in front of moving trains.  I was stiffed 9 times last night.  And as always I don’t mean stiffed in the good way.  Nine different tables failed to tip me at all.  Unfortunately to0 many other people only tipped 10% or so, so the great tippers didn’t quite cover it all.  So I was a little grumpy when I got home and not ready for bed, so I read some blogs, wrote a blog entry, watched some TV, read and finally turned the light off at 5:20.

I was watching the news this morning afternoon when my phone rang.  I answered and before I knew it I had been on the phone all afternoon.  I had planned to run some errands, see Sweeney Todd, hang out downtown, and be back home for dinner and Project Runway.  Needless to say I had to re-think my schedule.

I didn’t even leave my house until almost 4:00.  Whoops.  I did manage to get most of my errands done but there was no time for a movie.  By the time I got to the bank, ran by work, and did a few other things my day was gone.  Oh, well I suppose Sweeney will still be playing next week.

What did amaze me was how much money I spent today.  My roommate and I were joking about how quickly money flies out of your pocket on your day off in New York.  I kept out 100 dollars today, to do everything I needed to do, plus eat dinner and get my laundry out of jail.  After I paid for dinner I had seven bucks left and I had yet to pay for my laundry.  How is that possible.  Of course, once I stopped to think about it, all the money was accounted for.  I just hated that I had spent that much money without even trying.  And it’s not like I did anything outrageous, or bought anything nice.  I did get some necessities though, so I guess spending the money was needed.  I just can’t spend anymore tomorrow until after I’ve worked.  Let’s hope the customers are being generous.

Why I Hate Sundays…

Sunday nights have become my least favorite night of the week for a couple of different reasons.

First I always have to work on Sunday nights.  This is fine except the cards are stacked against you in terms of having a good night.  The restaurant is always a zoo.  The kitchen can’t handle the masses and crashes every 20 minutes.  We run out of things like French fries and hamburgers and lettuce.  Everyone seems to be in a bad mood.   Especially the staff because they are all hung over from Saturday night.  You are probably getting the picture.  It’s always an adventure working Sunday nights.

Second, I always have to be up early on Monday mornings because I  usually work Monday mornings.  This means that I get home around 2:00 a.m. and have to be up at 7:00 a.m.  And me and five hours of sleep don’t always get along.  And to make matters worse I’m usually wired from the night shift and can’t sleep.  Of course I say all of this and I have tomorrow off.  On the ride home I was celebrating the fact I could sleep late when I remembered Lydia, our cleaning lady comes tomorrow.  So I still have to be up early tomorrow.  Damn.  I’ll have to catch up on my sleep on Tuesday morning.  But at least the sheets will be clean, the bed made, the floors shiny and the apartment will smell wonderfully.

Maybe Sundays aren’t so bad after all.

Two and a half weeks till Thanksgiving…

My goal of sleeping in this morning was short lived.  I had set my alarm to go off at noon, and the coffee was supposed to be finished brewing by then.  But I rolled over at 8:30 and was wide awake.  I tried for about thirty more minutes to go back to sleep and finally said screw it and got up.  Although, I’m tired I did manage to get most of my errands done today and I’m not so sure I would have if I had slept till noon.  I do know that staying up till 4 a.m. and then getting out of bed at 9:00 takes it’s toll as the day wears on.  I fell asleep watching Saturday Night Live tonight.  Of course that might have been because it was one of the worst episodes ever, but I’ll just say I was tired.

One of the things I did do today was go to the gym to weigh myself.  I’ve mentioned before that my scale at home will give me five different readings if I weigh myself five different times.  It gets a little frustrating sometimes when I’m trying to figure out if I’m losing weight or not.  The scale at my gym is this huge industrial scale that gives an exact reading every time.  According to the scale today I’ve lost five more pounds.  That brings my grand total weight loss to 57 pounds.  I’m very proud of myself.  I actually wore clothes today that I haven’t been able to wear in three years.  I went through most of my clothes a couple of weeks ago and pulled out the things I should be able to wear soon.  It’s the one advantage of having saved all my skinny clothes.  I have lots and lots of things to wear as the weight comes off.  I’ll be really excited when I get down to 185 because I’ll have an entire wardrobe of things to choose from.  Not to mention it will be fun to wear nice clothes for a change instead of clothes that are baggy that I try to hide in.

I also took everyone’s advice and called my doctor today.  We didn’t talk but I’ve asked him to call me tomorrow morning before he starts his office hours.  I want to at least discuss with him what happened yesterday and find out what I can do to try and make sure it doesn’t happen again.

And on a last note.  I’ve been too busy bitching about waiting tables to talk about my real career.  I have booked another show and will be traveling to Kentucky next week to do a little musical for a friend of mine.  I’m especially excited because I’ll be staying with my mom and getting paid to be there.  The show shouldn’t be too much work and I’m hoping to get to visit some friends while I’m in the area.  I fly there on November 1 and will return to NYC on November 11.  The event I’m most looking forward to while I’m there is Thanksgiving dinner.  I haven’t had a Thanksgiving meal with my family since 1997 and my mom and I were talking and she decided that the family should just do it early this year.  She called up everyone and they all agreed so my whole family is getting together on November 10th for a huge Thanksgiving meal.  I can hardly wait.  I won’t be able to eat for a month after that with my diet, but it will be well worth i t.

A Day Off…

A quick post before I go to bed.

I got up early this morning so that I’d have to time to have coffee and eat breakfast before work. That lasted about 10 minutes. I went back to bed and slept till almost 3:00 p.m. I was exhausted. I’ve been kind of out of it all day, but I have to admit that it felt good to sleep in and give my feet a rest for the day. I’ll go in tomorrow and try to get a shift.

A friend of mine from college sent this to me today. I don’t know if any of you have seen it but I thought it was funny.