Friendly, West Virginia — Day 27

I’ve been collecting meme’s over the past several months that I see around on the internet and then when I have trouble finding something to write about I pull one out of the bag.

Today it’s not that I don’t have anything to write about.  As always there’s something.  But I feel like I’ve spent the last three weeks bitching about everything, and so I thought it might be nice to take a day off from bitching and have a chat about other things.

And so without further ado.

A Monday Meme

In general, how are you feeling on this Monday?
I’m glad it’s my day off and I don’t really have anything to do.  It will allow me to get prepped for the stress that is this week.

First person you spoke to today?
Kelly, she came into to see what I was doing.  And I was in bed.  And it was 5:45.  P.M.  Whoops.  I set my alarm at 12:30 and for the life of me couldn’t think of a reason to get out of bed, so I rolled over and went back to sleep.

First song you listened to today?  It was Circle of Life from the Lion King, which was the opening number from the Tony’s.

What clothes are you wearing today? – Full details please!
I started out in a pair of boxer, then I showered and put on a pair of blue shorts and a black t-shirt.  And then I changed the t-shirt and put on a short sleeve shirt that is yellow.

What kind of ‘hair day’ are you having?
Everyday right now is a bad hair day.  It’s too short to do anything with it, and too long to ignore.  I’ve been debating whether I should get it cut or let it grow.  Any suggestions?  It’s been about seven weeks since I got it cut.

What is the weather like today?
HOT!!!!  And now we are having another one of those wonderful Oklahoma thunderstorms

Highlight of today so far?
Watching the Tony’s with Kelly although once again they were kind of boring and the show kept being interrupted to tell us about the approaching bad weather.

Lowlight of today so far?
Going to the movies.

Highlight of the past weekend?
The first show here opened and it was not the disaster that I thought it would be.  Now I only have two mores.

Lowlight of the past weekend?

It wasn’t a horrible weekend.  For the most part it was fine.

Amount of money spent over the past weekend with details of expenditure!
including Friday night?
In all I’ve spent about 40 bucks this weekend.  Most of that was being taken out for drinks by “The Director” last night with the entire company only to be told when the check came that it wasn’t on him

What are you most looking forward to this week?
Opening show #2.  I don’t have an idea of what I’m going to do with it.  Keep your fingers crossed and hope it goes well.

Friendly, West Virginia seemed a nice place to visit since I wasn’t bitching today.  It has a population of 159 and is 100% white.  I’ve actually never visited a place that was 100% white.  I’m not sure that I’d want to.  And the median income of males in the community is 37,500 versus 15,000 for females.  I’m not sure what twisted time warp place I’ve landed in but it seem to exist some alternate time and space.  If you don’t hear from me again you’ll know that I’ve been kidnapped and am being examined by the aliens that make up this town.

When in doubt…a meme.

Drawing a blank here. Not too much to write about. Slept late. Had weird dreams that involved bartending, slapping my brother and almost crashing my car on the ice, with my mother in the passenger seat. Maybe I shouldn’t have had all that vodka.

Woke up to discover the fitted sheet on bed, was no longer there. It was as I suspected. The velcro on the boot that I am wearing sticks to everything and had pulled the sheet off. It was a pain in the ass to get it back on one leg.

Finally had a good experience with an online hook up. My new friend Tom stopped by and kept me occupied for about 90 minutes today. It was very nice, and I think he’s going to stop by on Monday before I leave to go on Tuesday.

Spent the rest of the afternoon/evening watching Dexter on Showtime. It’s a creepy little show that’s very entertaining. I enjoyed it very much.

And with that I’ll leave you with a new meme….since I got nothing.

House Meme: I stole this from Ur-Spo last year.

Favorite place in the house – I love our living room. The sofa is extra comfy and is good for watching TV or taking naps on a rainy afternoon. It’s also the room that has most of the artwork that I own, which is all done by close personal friends.

I just noticed one of the paintings is hanging crooked. I’ll have to fix that.

Most valuable object– A larger dresser/cabinet that holds my clothes etc. I bought it new about ten years ago and to this day is the thing I’ve spent the most money on and it’s my favorite piece of furniture. It also weighs as much as a piano so it makes me nervous every time I move.

Biggest piece of junk – I have a lot of stuff, but I wouldn’t call it junk. My least favorite piece of furniture is my coffee table. It’s a really cheap trunk that my brother gave me for X-mas many years ago. It’s quite ugly and the only reason I haven’t replaced it is that it holds all of my photos.

It’s a very typical NYC coffee table. Diet Coke? Check. Remote Control? Check. Take-out menu? Check.

Most beautiful thing – I really don’t know. I have lots of fun things. But I’m probably the only one who thinks they’re beautiful. I guess my most favorite object is a steel table that I designed and welded myself with a marble top. The marble lost one end many moves ago and I was quite distraught till a friend pointed out that it only made the table that much more interesting.

Check out that photo of me getting my first haircut. Wasn’t I a cutie?

Most ugly thing – See biggest piece of junk entry.

Most ‘talked about’ item when others come to visit – The items that gets the most comments are the two windows that I hang on the wall. One friend was convinced I bought them from Restoration Hardware. The smaller of the two I bought for a dollar at a yard sale. The larger window I found in the garbage many years ago when the house down the street was getting all new windows. I think they are kind of cool, especially the smaller one. The paint is chipping and it’s very weathered and goes great with my roommates cabinet next to it.

This is at one of my dinner parties last winter.

Most appreciated item – The sofa. I have to fight my roommate to sit on it because it’s so comfortable. Although to his credit, the sofa has been mine since I broke my ankle.

“If there was money…” I would move downtown to the West Village and live in a beautiful townhouse. (If anyone has an extra three or four million dollars lying around and wants to buy it for me, let me know).

Most aggravating matter – The hot water sometimes takes forever to get hot, and then sometimes the water just stops running and you stand there hoping this isn’t the time it doesn’t come back on

The most “queer” object – A snow globe of The Wizard of Oz that my ex-boyfriend Curtis gave to make up for something stupid he did. My roommate hates it and it wouldn’t surprise me to come home from my two months away and discover that he sold it on Ebay.

Oddest thing about the house – There’s a hole in the ceiling in the dining room area of the apartment. It was there when we moved in. We’ve asked to have it patched to no avail. We’ve joked that there is a hidden camera watching our every move. But then we laugh that they must be very bored to watch two middle aged gay men sit at home on Saturday night and watch TV.

Most whimsical object – An “F” shaped neon sign that my friend Jed gave to me. It lights up and is really cool. He got it from a bank that was closed and selling it’s stuff.

Most depressing object – My office desk. I have hated it since I bought it but what can you do. It’s what I have and until I have money to buy the one I want it stays.

Ignore the mess that is my desk.

Most hazardous thing around the house– Right now on crutches, everything is dangerous. Beyond that, not much. You have to be careful not to graze the water pipe in the kitchen because it gets very hot. And isn’t it annoying that the water pipe in the bathroom is the cold water return and doesn’t get hot at all.

The object that evokes the most anxiety –Anxiety? Anxiety? This question evokes anxiety but I don’t know about an object. I guess the shelves that we added in the kitchen from Ikea. About a month after we got them one of them fell and broke a shit load of glass stuff. It’s been two years and there have been no problems but sometimes it makes me nervous. And the large window I referenced earlier hangs above my bed and that sometimes makes me nervous. Of course it’s probably not going to fall unless there’s something putting force on it, and god knows there’s not enough action in there to do that.

If you look you can see the water pipe in the background.

And that is my house meme.

A Book Meme!!!

I have been tagged for this MEME by Peter and Daniel. Which is funny because I’ve never been tagged before and now I’ve been tagged by two different people for the same MEME. They like me. They really, really like me.
1. Pick up the nearest book (at least 123 pages)
2. Turn to page 123.
3. Find the 5th sentence
4. Post the 5th sentence.
5. Tag 5 people.

“He led her gently to the edge of the bed.”

If I only it had been me, leading him to the edge of the bed…that would have been worth writing about.

I’m supposed to tag people here. But most everyone I know has done this. So if you haven’t done this yet, you are tagged!!!

P.S. My mom’s computer shipped today, so she might actually get it before Mother’s Day. Wouldn’t that be great. Keep your fingers crossed.

P.S.S. The book was Valley of the Dolls. And after he led her to bed he did all sorts of fun things with her…

A meme I stole from Dirk…

The boredom is taking over.  I’m descending into hell.  And it’s only been three days.  What am I going to do with myself for the next 2-4 weeks.  I’ll go nuts and start inviting the pigeons in to keep me company.

Since there’s very little else to tell you…

1. Taken a picture completely naked?

2. Made out with a friend from MySpace/Facebook?

3. Danced in front of your mirror naked?
Not danced.

4. Told a lie?
I’ve never, ever, ever, cross my heart and hope to die…told a lie.

5. Had feelings for someone who didn’t have them back?
Yes, many times.

6. Been arrested?
Yes, and that’s as much as I’ll say.

7. Made out with someone of the same sex?
Yes, and the opposite sex too.

8. Seen someone die?
No.  But I watched Pedro my chihuahua die when I was six.

9. Slept in until 5 P.M.?
Yes…and not very long ago.

10. Had sex at work?
Yes, but not at my current job.

11. Fallen asleep at work/school?

12. Held a snake?
Yes, and it caused me great trauma.  I HATE, HATE, HATE snakes.  I can’t watch them on TV.  I don’t go in the reptile house at the zoo.  I HATE THEM.

13. Ran a red light?
Yes, and the last time I remember doing it, I totaled my car when the car coming from the right slammed into me.

14. Been suspended from school?

15. Wrecked your car in an accident?
See #13.

16. Pole danced?

17. Smoked?

18. Been fired from a job?
Oohhh.  Too many to count.

19. Sang karaoke?
Yes, the last time was in Paris.  I sang New York, New York.  And was very drunk.

20. Done something you told yourself you wouldn’t?
Oh, yes.

21. Laughed until a drink came out of your nose?  Yes

22. Caught a snowflake on your tongue?

23. Kissed in the rain?
Not that I remember

24. Sang in the shower?
Yes, when my roommate is not here.

25. Given your private parts a nickname?

26. Ever gone out without underwear?
yes, for a long time I never wore underwear.

27. Sat on a rooftop?

28. Broken a bone?
Funny you should ask that.  Uh, yes.  My foot in 2003 and my ankle last Wednesday.

29. Mooned/flashed someone?

30. Shaved your head?
Yes.  In 1997 I shaved it just to see what it would be like.  And I shaved it again in the spring of 2001.

31. Slept naked?

32. Played a prank on someone?
Yes.  The best was relocating someone’s office down the hall into the theatre and putting it center stage.  We constructed the entire thing out of theatre flats and even hung the pictures as they were in the real office.  We even bought a long phone cord that reached from his office to the theatre.  We then taped arrows on the floor directing him to his “new” office.  He kept it that way, until we put it back.

33. Had a gym membership?

34. Felt like killing someone?
Not really, although there have been some people that really pissed me off.

35. Made your girlfriend/boyfriend cry?

36. Cried over someone you were in love with?
Unfortunately yes.

37. Had sex more than 10 times in one day?
Uh, do I have to answer this one?

38. Had Mexican Jumping Beans for pets?

39. Been in a band?

40. Subscribed to Maxim?
What is Maxim?

41. Taken more than 10 shots of alcohol?
I don’t remember

42. Shot a gun?
Yes, at 4-H club in 4th grade.  I didn’t like it then and I don’t like them now.

43. Had sex today?
It’s 12:50 a.m.  so not today.  But not to lead you on, I didn’t have sex yesterday either.

44. Played strip poker?

45. Tripped on mushrooms?

46. Donated blood?
One time.  Since then I’ve been told that I can’t because I’m gay.

47. Video-taped yourself having sex?

48. Eaten alligator meat?


49. Eaten frog legs?

50. Ever jump out of an airplane?
No, but I’ve bungee jumped twice and loved it.  Would love to skydive.

51. Have you been to more than 10 countries?
No.  I’ve only been to 7.

52. Ever wanted to have sex with a platonic friend?
Yes, but it’s never a good idea.

Third Times A Charm.

Let’s make it an all meme weekend.  I wouldn’t subject you guys to this, but I’m exhausted and tired of looking at my computer screen since I’ve been drafting on it for the past two hours.  I promise I’ll think of something more exciting to write about tomorrow.
105 Facts About Me

1.  EVER BEEN GIVEN AN ENGAGEMENT RING?  I wish.  I gave a ring from Tiffany to my last boyfriend on our one year anniversary.  I should have asked for the fucker back.

2.  LONGEST RELATIONSHIP?  Almost four years.  It was with drug addict Sam.

3.  LAST GIFT YOU RECEIVED?  A book of New York City postcards from Curtis.  He gives the worst gifts ever.  Just ask Chuck.

4.  EVER DROPPED A CELL PHONE?  This is a stupid question.  Of course I have.  The worst was down my concrete steps in San Diego.  The flip part of the phone was barely hanging on.

5.  WHEN’S THE LAST TIME YOU WORKED OUT?  In August, right after I joined the gym.  I’ve since canceled my membership.

6.  THING(S) YOU SPEND A LOT OF MONEY ON?  Dinner Parties.  It cost about 200 dollars each time, but I love doing it so I don’t mind.

7.  LAST FOOD YOU ATE?  A piece of strawberry cheesecake about a 90 minutes ago.

8.FIRST THING YOU NOTICE ABOUT THE OPPOSITE SEX?  That’s a good one.  I don’t know.  Maybe their smile?

9.  ONE FAVORITE SONG?  Meadowlark, from the musical The Baker’s Wife, sung by Patti Lupone.

10.  WHERE DO YOU LIVE?  Washington Heights, New York, New York, USA

11.  HIGH SCHOOL YOU ATTENDED?  Scott County Senior High School

12. CELL PHONE SERVICE PROVIDER?  Verizon.  It’s the best I’ve had, I get great service at home and it’s the only service that allows reception at work.

13.  FAVORITE MALL STORE?  I hate the mall.  Maybe The Gap?

14.  LONGEST JOB YOU HAD:  I worked at the bookstore at my college for three years.  All the other jobs I’ve had have been around 2 years.  I’ve waited tables off and on since 1987 but that involves 14 different jobs.  Whoops.

15.  DO YOU OWN A PAIR OF DICE?  Also a stupid question.  No.

16.  DO YOU PRANK CALL PEOPLE?  Not since junior high school.  Oh wait, not since last summer.  I called the stage manager’s room while we were staying in hotel in Oklahoma and left about 40 messages.  After a while I would just walk up to people and say “Here leave a funny message for Kelly.”  She thought it was hysterical.

17.  LAST WEDDING YOU ATTENDED?  My friend Julia’s about 50 years ago.

18.  FIRST FRIEND YOU’D CALL IF YOU WON THE LOTTERY?  Chuck cause we’re moving downtown, baby.

19.  LAST TIME YOU SAW YOUR BEST FRIEND?  The first weekend in February.  I went to Maine to do a drag show.

20.  FAVORITE FAST FOOD RESTAURANT?  In-N-Out Burger in California.

21.  BIGGEST LIE YOU HAVE EVER HEARD?  That my boyfriend was breaking up with me because I was fat.  I’m convinced there was something else going on, but what can you do?

23.  WHERE’S YOUR FAVORITE PLACE TO EAT WITH FRIENDS?  The Dish in NYC.  It’s a diner that has a very gay customer base.  In Portland, Maine, The Front Room.  In San Diego, Bryans’.  It’s owned by two bears.  They even have a big bear paw on it’s sign out front.

24.  CAN YOU COOK?  Only Spahetti Pie, but it seems to work.

25.  WHAT CAR DO YOU DRIVE?  My last car was a Honda Accord.  I loved it.  But in NYC who needs a car?

26.  BEST KISSER:  That’s a hard one but I would say, Sam, the drug addict.

27.  LAST TIME YOU CRIED?  Tuesday at my doctor’s appointment.

28.  MOST DISLIKED FOODS?  All shellfish.  Liver.  Brussel Sprouts.

29.  SOMETHING YOU LIKE MOST ABOUT YOURSELF?  My eyes are very blue.


32.  LONGEST SHIFT YOU HAVE WORKED AT A JOB?  Probably a 16 hour double shift this past Thanksgiving at my current job.  I no longer do that.  I also worked a theatre job once where I went to work on Friday morning and didn’t go home again till Monday night.  It was a rough weekend.

33.  FAVORITE MOVIE?  I don’t really have a favorite.  And there are tons I like a lot.

34.  CAN YOU SING?  I’m okay.  I have sung in shows before.  And I sung with the gay men’s chorus in Cincinnati.

35.  THE LAST CONCERT ATTENDED?  I saw The Dixie Chicks in NYC just before I moved to San Diego.  I saw the gay men’s chorus a couple of times in San Diego.

36.  LAST KISS?  Today at the movies.

37.  LAST MOVIE RENTED?  It was the first episodes of 30 Rock.  I had it from Netflix for almost four months before I sent it back and canceled my membership.

38.  ONE THING YOU NEVER LEAVE THE HOUSE WITHOUT?  I have a three point check that I do constantly from the time I leave the house till I come home.  Keys:  Check.  Wallet:  Check:  Phone:  Check.

39.  FAVORITE vacation spot:  Paris, France is my all time favorite place to visit.

43.  LAPTOP OR DESKTOP COMPUTER?  An Apple Powerbook.  But I’d like to get an I-Mac soon.


45.  DO YOU SMOKE?  I have NEVER even had a cigarette in my mouth.  My mother chained smoked until about seven years ago and I hated every minute of it.  It’s the ultimate deal breaker when it comes to boys.  I won’t date a guy who smokes.  And I used to not even have sex with them.

46.  SLEEP WITH OR WITHOUT CLOTHES?  I sleep in boxer shorts

47.  WHO SLEEPS WITH YOU EVERY NIGHT?  Me, Myself, and I.  I do have four pillows that I cuddle with every night.  But I’d give those suckers up for a boyfriend.

48.  DO LONG DISTANCE RELATIONSHIPS WORK?  I think they can if there is a definite time the distance will end.  It takes a lot of work and trust to make it happen though.

49.  HOW MANY TIMES HAVE YOU BEEN PULLED OVER BY THE POLICE?  Probably five or six.  The last ticket I got was in Cincinnati for speeding in 1997.

50.  PANCAKES OR FRENCH TOAST?  It depends on the restaurant and my mood.  Probably pancakes.

51.  DO YOU LIKE COFFEE?  I do.  I have a pot everyday when I wake up.  Sometimes at 7:30 a.m.  Sometimes at 2:00 p.m.

52 HOW DO YOU LIKE YOUR EGGS?  Over medium.

53.  DO YOU BELIEVE IN ASTROLOGY?  I’d don’t believe in Horoscopes, but I do believe there are certain traits that people born around the same time have.  Most of the other Aries I know are very similar to me.

54  LAST PERSON YOU TALKED TO ON THE PHONE?  My ex-boyfriend Curtis.  He’s coming to NYC while I’m Iowa and wants to crash at my apartment.


56.  WHAT WAS THE LAST TEXT MESSAGE YOU RECIEVED?  A text from my friend Lou telling me he was running late for coffee today.

58.  NUMBER OF PILLOWS? Four on my bed.  Four on the sofa.

59.  WHAT ARE YOU WEARING RIGHT NOW?  A pair of jeans and a button down shirt.

60.  PICK A LYRIC, ANY LYRIC?  Happy birthday to me.  Happy Birthday to me.  Happy Birthday dear Maddog.  Happy Birthday to me.

61.  WHAT KIND OF JELLY DO YOU LIKE ON YOUR PB & J?  Grape and the peanut butter HAS to be smooth. No chunky stuff for me.

62.  CAN YOU PLAY POOL? It depends on how much I’ve had to drink.  I’m better the drunker I am.

63.  CAN YOU SWIM?  Yes, but not very well.

64.  FAVORITE ICE CREAM?  No laughing Chuck.  It’s vanilla.

65.  DO YOU LIKE MAPS? I don’t understand the question.  I use them when I travel.

66.  TELL ME A RANDOM FACT ABOUT YOURSELF?  I’ve owned five brand new cars in my life.

68.  EVER ATTEND A THEME PARTY?  Yes a toga party, and several Hawaiian Parties.


70.  LAST TIME YOU LAUGHED AT SOMETHING STUPID?  Friday night while I was out drinking with Kelly and Pete.

71.  WHAT TIME DID YOU WAKE UP THIS MORNING?  I set the alarm to be up at 10:30 so I could say goodbye to Kelly.

72.  BEST THING ABOUT WINTER?  I love snow.

73  LAST TIME A COP GAVE YOU A TICKET?  1997.  For speeding.

75  NAME OF YOUR FIRST PET?  I don’t remember.  The dog’s we had for the majority of my time at home were Cindy and Fiesty.

76.  DO YOU THINK PIRATES ARE COOL OR OVERRATED?  Pirates are great.  In fact there were real pirates that attacked a ship over the weekend.

77.  WHAT ARE YOU DOING THIS WEEKEND?  I’ll be in Iowa, and my birthday is Saturday so probably being depressed.

78.  BIRTHDATE?  April 12, 1965

79.  WHAT DO YOU WANT TO BE?  Skinny, Rich and Happy.

80.  Who were you named after?  I have no idea.

81.  What is your shoe size.  It was a 10.5 but in the last year I’ve grown to a 12.  I wish everything else had gotten longer too.

82.  How long have you and your best friend known each other?  I met Michelle in July of 1995.

83.  Do you still buy CD’s?  I do because I like knowing that I own the music.

84.  Last thing your bought?  I ordered in dinner tonight.


86.  For some reason there was no 86.

87.  ARE YOU SMILING?  No, I’m tired and stress and I’m wishing I’d just written a post because this is taking forever.

88.  No 88 either.  Wonder what that’s about.

89.  DO YOU MISS SOMEONE RIGHT NOW?  Michelle, Todd, Kim and Tom.

90.  IF YOU COULD GO ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD WHERE WOULD YOU GO?  I know it’s silly but I’d go to California.  I have a million people out there I would like to see.

91.  Someone is fucking up here.  There’s no 91 either.

92.  ARE YOU IN HIGH SCHOOL?  No but I once taught high school for three years.

93.  DO YOU HAVE A CRUSH?  Not a real crush.  There are a couple of boys at work that are cute.  But I wouldn’t date them.

94.  WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE NAME?  I always wanted my name to start with the letter D.  Perhaps Doug, or David, or Dumbshit.  They all work.

95.  WHAT COLOR IS YOUR BATHING SUIT?  Bright Orange, but I haven’t work it since I moved from San Diego.

96.  DOES YOUR SCHOOL START IN AUGUST?  These are the questions you get when you steal meme’s from MySpace.

97.  DID YOU GO ON VACATION LAST MONTH?  No, I last went on vacation in February.

98.  HAVE YOU EVER BEEN ON A CRUISE?  No and I’m pretty sure I’d get sea sick so I have no desire to go.

99.  DO YOU HAVE A SISTER?  I had two step-sisters but one died about five years ago.

100.  ARE YOU UPSTAIRS?  I’m on the third floor.  Right above the people who crank their music at all hours of the day and right below the couple with the kid who has just learned to walk and stomps everywhere.  One of the upstair’s neighbors teach opera voice lessons so I’m often woken up by arias drifting down from upstairs.

101.  ARE YOU IN LOVE?  Not even with myself.

102.  HAVE YOU EVER BEEN IN THE HOSPITAL?  Yes, three times.  I was scalded with hot water when I was about 18 months old and spent almost two weeks in the hospital being treated for burns.  I still have major scars on my back and legs.   I also had hepatitis when I was in Cincinnati.  And my appendix burst in 2003 while I was in NYC for Christmas.  Just for the record.  Your appendix bursting hurts like a motherfucker.

103.  DO YOU WISH YOU COULD SEE ANYONE PARTICULAR RIGHT NOW?  I’d love it if Michelle were hear right now.  I miss her and would love to talk with her about what’ going on right now.

104.  WHAT JEWELRY ARE YOU WEARING?  The only thing I wear is a plastic Timex watch.

105.  WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO AFTER THIS MEME?  I’m headed to bed.

A Hungover Meme

It’s 1:02 a.m.  I’m exhausted.  I’m still a little hung over.  I’m cranky.  And I don’t have a fucking clue what I would write about tonight.  Perhaps that Charlton Heston is dead.  My roommate wanted to know if we could now pry the gun out of his cold dead hand.  Perhaps that I still haven’t started my light plot yet.  And it’s due on Tuesday because I was granted a 24 hour extension.  Perhaps that I stopped by work and a couple of people thought I had quit because I haven’t been there in a week.  A couple more had been told I was seriously ill and that’s why I hadn’t been there.  It’s the restaurant business, who knows how these rumors get started.  I stopped in to give away my shifts for Monday and Tuesday so that I could get my design finished, do laundry, clean my room and get ready to go away for 17 days.  Stay tuned for my 17 day post of life in Iowa.  And so without further ado I give you meme number two.  The nice things about memes is that it doesn’t take a lot of thought to answer the questions and on the days you are not motivated it’s the easy out to a post.  It also helps that these things float around like crazy on MySpace so they are easy to find.

And so….Hungover Meme.

1. Do you still talk to the person who broke your heart the most?
I did for a long time.  And then he started living his life as a cracked out drug whore and I had to let him go.  I haven’t talked to him since 2001, although he left a message for me when my dad died.  I don’t know if he’s cleaned up his life or not, but if he hasn’t then I really have no time for him.

2. Have you seen your best friend naked?
Yes.  We went to Black’s Beach together in San Diego and after about 20 minutes we both said fuck it and stripped down.  It was about as sexual as shopping for a goldfish.

3. Are you obsessed with someone?
Not really.

4. Did you work today?
Not at the restaurant.  I had about a 60 minute conversation with a choreographer about the show I’m doing in Iowa.

5. Do you like more than one person right now?
I don’t even like myself right now.  I definitely don’t like anyone else.

6. Name something that you would love to eat right now?
The carrot cake that’s in the fridge.

7. Did you get any compliments today?
Not specifically.  The choreographer was impressed with many of my ideas.  She made a point of telling me she was excited to see some of my ideas implemented.  At the restaurant everyone seemed generally sad that I was going to be gone almost three weeks.  That’s kind of a compliment.

8. Who was the last person to call you?
Kelly called to see if I wanted anything from the deli on her way home tonight, but I didn’t answer.  The last call that I answered was from Pete.  He was meeting Kelly and I out for beers last night.

9. If you could pick the temperature of the outdoors for the rest of your life, what would it be?


10. Do you steal people’s boyfriends or girlfriends?
Not anymore.  I did even worse things when I was young and stupid.  Now I try not be the bad guy.

11. Are you happy?

12. Who was the last person who you texted?
My friend Lou.  I texted him to let him know I had sent the email he was expecting.

13. Who was the last person you im’d?
Also Lou to arrange to meet for coffee on Sunday.

14. Are you moody?
Not really.  Most days I’m just happy and smiling.  My psychiatrist hates this because he says he never gets to see the real me.  Even when I tell him I’m depressed I’m smiling.  I have found it makes life easier to live this way.

15. Last person you hung out with?
Pete and Kelly.

16. Have you ever tried to get back with an ex?
Yes.  With Sam.  He’s the junkie.  I tried for a good seven or eight years before I finally realized it wasn’t happening.

20. Have you ever dated two people at one time?
Yes, but not very successfully.  Now if I’m dating you, I’m only dating you.  I know it’s putting all my eggs in one basket, but how can you really know if you are meshing with someone if you are trying to mesh with three or four someones.

21. Have you ever gone to a nude beach?
See Question #2.

23. Who was the last person to make you mad?
Deeanna at work.  She’s a know it all 12 year old that ordered me to do work that wasn’t mine to do.  If anyone else had asked I would have done it without even thinking.  But I have no use for her, so I said no.  Then she yelled at me.  And that pissed me off.

24. Are you thirsty?
No, because I’ve got a new can of Caffeine Free Diet Coke sitting on my desk.

25. Are you listening to music? What are you listening to?
No music.  All I can hear are the people outside arguing.  It’s getting warm in NYC and the people are coming out of their hiding places.

26. Whats the last thing you do before you go to sleep?
Take my meds and read.  I finished a really awful book a couple of nights ago and started Stephen King’s new book last night.  So far I’m not impressed.

27. Have you ever lied to your parents?
Oh, tooooo many times to count.

28. Have you ever worn your best friend’s clothes?
Nope, she’s a girl.  And she’s about half my size.

29. Have you ever thrown up from working out?
I threw up after running a 5K race a million years ago.  It was at night and the temperature was bout 99 degrees and the humidity was as high as it could be without raining.

30. Who do you miss?
My friend Todd in San Diego.  My friend Michelle in Maine.  My friend Tom in San Francisco.  My friend Angie in San Diego.  My friend Kim in San Francisco.

31. Where are your siblings right now?
I’m assuming at home in Lexington, Kentucky.

32. Last person you hugged?

Danielle at work tonight.  She hugged me good-bye and told me she was going to miss me while I was gone.

33. Name five things you did today?
1. Slept.
2. Watched Chuck put the new vacuum cleaner together.
3. Went to work to get rid of my shifts.
4. Watched about 20 minutes of Saturday Night Live.  Christopher Walken sucked.
5. Wrote this post

34. Last person you called?
Kelly to find out what time she was going to be back in the city tonight.

35. Future kid’s name?
NADA, cause there ain’t ever gonna be a kid.

36. What are you doing tomorrow?
Meeting my friend Lou for coffee and then working about a million hours on my design.

37. Are you on a laptop or a desktop?
My beautiful Mac Powerbook.

38. What is your mood?
Hungover.  Depressed.  Is it really a good idea to drink when you are depressed?

39. Is anyone jealous of you?
Seriously who isn’t.  If you knew me you would be jealous too.  Who wouldn’t want to be a fat middle aged gay man.  I mean really.  Okay, enough joking.  I think the only people who are jealous are people I work with who don’t understand how I make as much money as I do and want to know how to do it.

40. When is the last time you got flowers?
I don’t remember the last time I got flowers.  I honestly think it was flowers that David sent to me for my birthday.  I gave them to my friend Sarah because she caught me on the way to the garbage.

41. Where were you 2 hours ago?
Sitting on my sofa getting ready to watch Saturday Night Live.  Did I mention that Christopher Walken sucked.  He couldn’t take his eyes off the teleprompter.

42. What were you doing 4 hours ago?
Standing outside my restaurant calling Kelly to see if we were going to meet up or if I was going to just come home.  I chose to come on home, I’m glad I did too.

43. What does your hair look like right now?
It’s short on the sides a little longer on top.

44. Has anyone ever used you?
And what do you mean by used?  Have I been played.  Yes, too many times to count.

45. Has anyone ever told you that they like you more than as a friend?
Yes, and almost always it’s someone that I’m not attracted to.

47. Is your hair naturally curly, or straight?

48. Who were you last in a car with?
Kelly in the cab coming home last night.

49. What are you looking forward to?
Coming home from Iowa.

50. What do you think about being cheated on?
As someone who has done the cheating as well as someone who’s been cheated on, I have no use for it.  If you want to sleep around then have the decency to tell you partner.  Chances are they want to sleep around too.  But if you are “cheating” then you aren’t really “IN” the relationship and then you should do us all a break and get out.

51. Any of your friends getting married?

52. Is tomorrow going to be a good day?
Probably not.  I’m going to have to play catch up so I’ll be up on Sunday night when all you readers out there are just getting up for work on Monday morning.  If anyone has insomnia tomorrow night and wants me to bore them to sleep, just give me a call.

Ever wonder why there are weird number of questions in these thing?  Why 52?  Why not 50?  Or 60?  Why 52?  I’m just saying.

A Drunken Meme

So Word Press has updated their site. It’s taken me 20 minutes to find my drafts. This meme along with many others was one of them. I’m sure it won’t take long to get used to it, but I hate that it’s 6:15 in the a.m. and I’m trying to figure out where my drafts are. I went out drinking with my friend Kelly whose staying with me and my friend Pete both of which I worked with last summer in Oklahoma. We had a great time we were just out later than expected. And since I don’t have the time or energy to think of something to write.

Here’s a meme to entertain:

1. The rules of the game get posted at the beginning.
2. Each player answers the questions about themselves.
3. At the end of the post, the player then tags 5 people and posts their names, then goes to their blogs and leaves them a comment, letting them know they’ve been tagged and asking them to read your blog.

1) What was I doing 10 yrs ago?
In 1998 I was teaching high school in Cincinnati, hating every minute of it and trying to decide what I could do to get out of it. I ended up choosing to cash in my retirement, sell my belongings and move to NYC.

2) What are 5 things on my to-do list for today (not in any particular order):
1. Start the rough plans for my lighting design which is due on Tuesday.
2. Start the rough plans for my lighting design which is due on Tuesday.
3. Start the rough plans for my lighting design which is due on Tuesday.
4. Go to the movies.
5. Meet Kelly at my restaurant for drinks around 11:00 p.m. or so.

3) Snacks I enjoy:
Carrot Cake, Cashews, Cheerios, Diet Coke, Diet Coke.

4) Things I would do if I were a billionaire:
1. Chuck, my roommate and I would move downtown to the West Village to a four story brownstone that would cost 5 million. It would then take a million to renovate and a million to decorate. He would get the top floor. I would get the third four. The first floor would be formal. The basement would have a TV/Home theatre room. By the way we would have several guest rooms if anyone would like to come and visit.
2. Give a million dollars each to the three colleges/university’s that I attended.
3. Give a million dollars to the gay/lesbian theatre in San Diego that I worked at.
4. Buy my mom a new house that needs no repairs and hire a lawn boy to care for her yard.
5. Pay off my friend’s Tom and Angie’s student loans.
6. Buy a space and start a theatre company run by my roommate. I would be the principal lighting designer.
7. Give a bunch of money to charity.
8. Buy my friend Todd a house in North Carolina, with a mother-in-law suite so Chuck and I could visit.
9. Let my cousin Jessie move into the home my mother now lives in.
10. Travel.

11. Trave.

12. Travel.

13. Pay for a 1,400 dollar prostitute so that I too could know what it’s like to be governor.
5) Three of my bad habits:
1. Drinking Diet Coke
2. Be better about my finances.
3. Try to be more patient.

6) 5 places I have lived:
1. Lexington, KY
2. Atlanta, GA
3. Cincinnati, OH
4. Overland Park, KA
5. Tuscaloosa, AL

7) 5 jobs I have had:
1.The Fry Guy at Wendy’s
2. The stock boy at J.C. Penny’s. (This is a post in and of itself)
3. A fly boy. He’s the guy that stands at the end of a printing press and straightens the papers as they come off the press.
4. Office Manager.
5. Did I mention that I have waited tables. At 10 different restaurants. And except for 8 of them. I’ve been fired from all of the. Ah, what an employee I am.

I won’t tag anyone but it would be fun to hear how other people answer these questions.

MySpace Meme

A friend of mine did this on MySpace the other day and I thought it looked kind of fun.  So here’s a meme for you.

What’s the last thing you put in your mouth?:
I’m afraid to answer this one.  But it might have been Paul’s penis.  He’s the cute boy that I met tonight who is supposed to come visit me before I have to go to work tomorrow.

What’s the last food item you touched?:
A brownie that I ate on my way home on the train.

Who ticked you off last and why?:
Deeanna this awful 12 year old girl at work, who knows everything about everything and does nothing but complain.  She yelled at me at the computer last night.  I didn’t yell back but I made a snippy comment and I heard after I left that she said that she could wait circles around me.  All I have to say to that is HAH.  She’d have to put away her cell phone to actually wait on her tables.

What would you change about your special someone?:
My special someone’s are people that I don’t sleep with.  Michelle, Chuck, Todd.   I don’t think I would change anything about them.  They are great the way they are.

What is your worst habit?:
Drinking Diet Coke.

Do you make fun of people who are different than you?
It depends on how they are different from me.  But yeah sometimes.

What’s the best news you’ve gotten recently?:
I don’t think I’ve gotten any good new lately.  Even better I haven’t gotten any bad news.  So let’s just hope it stays that way.

The worst?:
No bad new recently.

You have $200 to blow…what do you spend it on?:
I actually made the comment the other day at work that rarely do I not blow a 100 dollars on my day off.  I don’t mean to, but it all seems to add up.  Dinner out, laundry, coffee, diet coke, movies, etc.  It doesn’t go very far.  I guess I’d use it to rent a car while I’m in Iowa.

One month to live…What do you do?:
Move to Maine so I can be with Michelle.  And since she’s a doctor she’ll find a cure for what ails me and I won’t die in a month.

Who do you call first with any kind of news?:
Michelle.  Todd.  Chuck.  In no specific order.  It really depends on the news.

And then you call?
I think I already answered this one.

Who knows the most about you?:
Michelle.  She knows 99% of everything.

What makes you absolutely livid?:
Right now.  People who don’t tip well.

U can only have one makeup item, what is it?:
I don’t wear make-up.  I have cologne and I rarely wear that.   I do have blue toe nails at the moment but I don’t consider that make-up either.  Perhaps it’s chapstick.  That goes on my lips.  Can I just mention that I’m kind of nervous that Paul WILL show up tomorrow and see my blue toes.  What ever will he think?

What’s the last thing you dressed up for?:
I haven’t dressed up in a million years.  None of my dress up clothes fit and luckily I haven’t needed them recently.

What tv show are you embarrassed to admit you watch?:
HGTV.  I’m hooked.  I watch every show they have to offer.  And I don’t even own a home that I can fix up.  But when I do it’s going to be beautiful.

What band you’re embarrassed to listen to?:
Okay,  I own the Carpenter’s Greatest Hits.  And the Brady Bunch’s Greatest Hits.  And I’ve listened to both in the past couple of months.

What’s you’re favorite ice cream place and what do u get there?:
Graeters in Cincinnati.  I used to say my visits were medical and deduct them from my taxes.

When you’re in a store and see this person, you try to not get noticed?

The dumbest thing you’ve done lately is…:
I can’t think of anything although I’m sure there are other people who could argue that point.  I did slip and fall the other night at work which pissed me off more than hurt me.

The dumbest thing you’ve seen someone else do lately?:
I work in a restaurant I see dumb people every day.

If someone gave u a coloring bookk and crayons you would…:
I’d amuse myself for hours.  Coloring is fun.

Favorite Disney character?:
Mickey Mouse.

Favorite Disney movie?:
Pete’s Dragon.  It’s one of the first DVD’s I owned.  With Mickey Rooney, Shelley Winters and Helen Reddy.  What more could you ask for.  Oh, yeah, it’s a musical.

My dream dinner party would be with…:
Christopher Meloni, Kenny Chesney, David Bromstad, and Chris March

I would serve _____as the meal.:
Is there any question.  It would be Spaghetti Pie.

And after dinner ________….: ???
Dessert in bed.  I hope Chuck has plans that night.

Last thing someone bought for you?:
Vectorworks 2008.  My drafting program.

Someone pranks you…your first guess as to who it is?:
I don’t get pranked because I usually get mad instead of finding it funny.

The last person you called a name was?:
DeeAnna.  She’s a bitch.

How do you want to be remembered?:
As a nice guy.  I don’t care about the rest.

A meme.

I haven’t done a meme in a while. So I stole this from Ur-Spo. At Spo-Reflections.

1. What is in the back seat of your car right now? I don’t have a backseat. Or a car for that matter.

2. When was the last time you threw up? I don’t remember the last time I threw up. I’m sure it had something to do with drinking though.

3. What’s your favorite curse word? Probably Fuck.

4. Name 3 people who made you smile today? Christa, Paul, and Chuck.

5. What were you doing at 8 a.m. this morning? I was fast asleep.

6. What were you doing 30 minutes ago? Reading blogs and chatting with my friend Kyle online.

7. Where were you born? Paris, Kentucky

8. Have you ever been to a strip club? Yes. It was the Gaity, a male strip club in NYC.

9. What is the last thing you said aloud? “Thank you” to the guy at the deli down the street.

10. What is the best ice cream flavor? It’s crazy. But my favorite is vanilla.

11. What was the last thing you had to drink? I’m drinking a Diet Coke right now.

12. What are you wearing right now? A plaid button down and boxer shorts.

13. What was the last thing you ate? Cashews that I bought at the newstand before I got on the train to come home.

14. Have you bought any new clothes this week? No.

15. Where were you last? At work, waiting tables and then on the subway.

16. What’s the last sporting event you watched? There was football on at work, but I don’t even know who was playing. Nor could I care.

17. Who won? As I said, I don’t care.

18. Who is the last person you sent a comment/message while blogging? Mike over at MikeSays.

19. Ever go camping? Not in a VERY long time.

20. Where do you live? Manhattan, In New York City.

21. What song are you listening to? There is no music playing right now. My roommate is asleep and I try to be as quiet as possible.

22. Do you tan? Yes, I get very tan if I’m in the sun a lot.

23. Do you drink your soda from a straw? No. I can’t crunch the ice that way.

24. What did your last text message say? The last one I received said, “tomorrow indian on sixth street at 8:00pm okay? The last one I sent said, “Who is this?”

25. Who’s your best friends? Michelle and Todd

26. What are you doing tomorrow? I’m working at 5:00, and sleeping till noon.

27. Where is your mom right now? Asleep, in Lexington Kentucky.

28. Look to your right, what do you see? The door to my roommate’s room.

29. What color is your watch? It’s a plastic, black Times sports watch.

30/ What do you think of when you think of where you live? I wished we had a Starbucks across the street and a Duane Reade down the block and a real grocery store next door.

31. Ever ridden on a roller coaster? Yes, and I love them.

32. What is your birthstone? Diamond

33. Do you go in at a fast-food place or just hit the drive through? I would almost always drive thru.

34. What is your favorite number? I don’t really have one, but probably 12.

35. Do you have a dog? No, I’m not home enough to have a dog.

36. Last person you talked to on the phone? My friend Ryan, who sent the text message about Indian food last night, so we would know what corner to meet on.

37. Have you met anyone famous? Bob Hope in 1983 at around 3 a.m. walking around the streets of NYC.

38. Any plans today? My day is almost over. I’ll be asleep in 20 minutes.

39. How many states have you lived in? Seven, Kenucky, Kansas, Georgia, Alabama, Ohio, New York, California

40. Ever go to college? I’ve attended a total of four colleges, and have three degrees.

41. Where are you right now? In the office part of my living room.

42. Biggest annoyance in your life right now? Having to wait tables.

43. Are you struggling to forgive someone right now? No, I’m pretty okay with most people right now.

44. Are you allergic to anything? I’m allergic to the world. I took allergy shots for almost four years when I was in high school and college. I’m severely allergic to cats. I’m also allergic to citrus fruits and citrus fruit products. Makes drinking orange juice, which I love very difficult.

45. Favorite pair of shoes? My birkenstock sandals. I love them, but they need to be replaced.


Haven’t done a meme in a while, so here you go. I’ve got about 10 of these saved from over the past several months. This is the one I chose for tonight.

1. Do you know anyone who lives in Alaska? I have a cousin who teaches high school in a VERY small village in northwest Alaska.

2. What tv heart-throb did you have a crush on as a kid?
Sean Cassidy. I was in love with the Hardy Boys

3. Name 3 odd facts about you.
I have a number of scars on my back from being scalded with hot water when I was a child.

I have no idea what my father looks like. I was given a name about 6 or 7 years ago, but haven’t had the courage to see if he’s still alive and living in the area.

I’m terrified of snakes.

4. Anything green near you?
Fort Tryon Park is a couple of blocks from me.

5. Best quality about yourself?
I’m on time 99% of the time.

6. Who knows you better than anyone?

7. Ever caught anything on fire?

8. What color shirt are you wearing?
Dark Blue

9. Name a food you refuse to eat

10. If someone was to give you a gift right now, what would you want it to be?
A new computer…I want an Apple desktop.

11. Biggest pet peeve?
People who are constantly late

12. Do you consider yourself political?
I become more and more political everyday.

13. Most embarrassing thing to ever happen to you would be…..
I won’t talk about that here.

14. What is on your fridge?
A bunch of magnets

15. Favorite room in your house?
The living room

16. If you could move, where would you move to?
Downtown. I’m happy in Manhattan but would love to be living in The Village rather than Washington Heights.

17. Sushi? (Gross or tasty)

18. Can you play any instrument?
I love playing the piano, but I’m not very good at it.

19. Any event ever changed your life?
There have been many events that have changed my life.

20. Favorite place to shop?
I hate to shop.

21. Last person you talked to?

22. Do you have any nicknames?

23. Are you a “go with the flow” or high maintenance/stressed out person most of the time?
Usually go with the flow, but I can be a bit stressed out at times.

24. Who is your best friend?

25. Favorite fancy restaurant?
City Hall

26. 1 word to describe how you feel at the moment

27. Are you easy to get along with?
Most days

28. Can you cook?
Not very well

29. Do you trust people easily?
Not much anymore

30. Done anything adventurous lately?
Not really