Day 1 In The Land of Corn

Well I made it. I’m in the Land of Corn as this man calls it. I’ll be here till the morning of the 26th. That means I have 17 LONG, VERY LONG days in front of me. Actually I’ll be busy for most of them. At least off and on. The actual scope of the projects has yet to be figured out by anyone least of all me. I’ll have my first face to face meeting tomorrow so I’ll be a little bit better equipped to let you know what’s going on then.

So my day. I didn’t get up till noon. I slept more than 10 hours last night. This after staying up all night the night before to get my light plot finished. When the alarm went off I was still fast asleep. In fact, I was in the middle of dream where everyone hated me because I was bitching about something. This was at my undergrad school although everyone who was there was older. There was a bunch of stuff that happened, including my roommate dumping me for someone else because I was complaining about the state of the dorm we were going to be living in. There was much screaming at me, and embarrassing me by everyone involved. And then just as I woke up I found my friend SK and she was finally nice to me. She agreed to be my roommate and we were just headed to the dorm when the alarm went off. It was a very disturbing dream. I think it was forshadowing of things to come.

Once I was up, I had my usual pot of coffee and watched the news. It was a slow new day. The only thing of importance was the Olympic torch thing in San Francisco. But at that time, there wasn’t much to report. After the news and coffee I showered and then I started packing. I usually don’t pack until the day of the trip. I make little piles in my bedroom (or sometimes the living room). Each pile is important and I stick things there so I know I won’t forget them. So all my piles were complete, and it was time to make it fit in the bag. I probably should have used my monster bag since I was going to be gone so long. But it weighs a ton without clothes and I have never taken it to the airport that I didn’t have to unload something to get it under 50 pounds.

So I used my large carry on bag. It all fit…but barely. By the end I was stuffing socks and underwear into shoes and the corners of the bag. It took about 20 minutes just to get it all to fit. Then it was time to pack my computer bag. It’s just as difficult to pack as the regular bag. First in my medications. I always take them with me just in case the airline loses my bags. I can’t miss a dose. Next I actually need my computer and all it’s cables, mouse, mouse pad, etc. Then my phone charger. Then the book I’m reading and the book I’m going to be reading. Then all the paperwork that pertains to the show. A couple of legal pads to take notes on. A couple of diet cokes, because they cost 10 million dollars a piece at the airport. And then I look around and try to figure out what I’m forgetting.

Today I didn’t figure out what I was forgetting till I was half way to the airport. I forgot the cable to my camera. So as of right now I can’t download pictures to my computer. I sent an email to the tech director on the show asking if he knew where I might find one. If he doesn’t have an answer then I’ll order one and have it sent here. I can’t not post pictures of my wonderful adventures.

At 2:45 the car arrived to take me to the airport. Getting to any of the three airports in the metropolitan area can be very tricky. It can take three minutes or it can take 90 minutes or more. So you have to build in time to get there. I always take a car service. It’s much easier having a car show up at an alloted time and you don’t have to worry if there are no cabs. I won’t take public transportation because it takes too long and I don’t want to carry my bags any farther than I have to. The other nice thing about my taking a car is that I charge it to my friend Lou’s account. Then he expenses it to his company. So neither of us really has to pay. Just don’t tell anyone this.

So I get to the airport in exactly17 minutes. I had given myself an hour. I had also allotted two hour at the airport because I was flying American Airlines and the other news story of the day was that AA had canceled 850 flights in the US today. I was a little worried. I had checked online and my flight was scheduled to depart with no delays and had not been canceled but I was also worried that there would be a million people in line and it would take forever to check in. Exactly 36 minutes after I left my home, I was at the airport, checked in and through security. What the fucks that about.

So now I had to waist almost three hours. So I though I would get some lunch. What I quickly discovered was the only real restaurant was outside security. So back out I went. I went to Something Rock restaurant. It was like a knock off of the Hard Rock Cafe. I grabbed a seat in the back and the waitress approached me. I ordered a beer and a chef’s salad. Not so healthy/healthy all at the same time. And so my beer came and I made a couple of phone calls. Then lunch arrived and I ordered another beer. Then the salad was taken away and I had another beer. Why so many beers. I hate to fly. Actually I don’t mind flying. It’s the take off that scares me. So I always have a few drinks or take some Attavan. Sometimes both. It takes the edge off and I usually don’t mind the take off so much.

So I had my three beers and wandered back through security and down to my gate. I still had an hour-fifteen to go. So I made some more phone calls. I talked to my roommate Chuck, and my friend Donna, and my friend Angie. And while I was talking to Angie, I was cruised by a little 20 something frat boy. At first I was surprised but we he beckoned me to follow him. What could I do but follow him. So I told Angie I would call her back and followed him. And he went into the men’s restroom. At this point all I could think of was Larry Craig getting arrested and that really wouldn’t make my day. But I wanted to see what he was up to so I followed. He went to the urinal, and I went to the one next to him. I stood there long enough to see his erect penis smile at him and then went away. It was a very nice penis I might add. When I got back out of the restroom I called Angie back and started walking toward my gate. Just as I got there they called my name to come to the desk. And so I said good-bye to Angie and went to the counter. They shouted at me to go to the plane they were just about to close the gate.

Damn, I’d been on the phone not paying attention and almost missed my flight. It didn’t help that I was a little tipsy and had already changed the time on my watch so I was kind of thinking I still had an hour. Whoops. Luckily, I got on the plane but they’d given my seat away so I was in the back next to the bathroom. This wouldn’t have been so bad but every time the door opened the most foul smell in the world came sweeping out. It smelled like a port-o-potty that hadn’t been cleaned in weeks. It was disgusting. I tried to tune it out. So I put on my I-pod and went to sleep.

And the plane arrived exactly on time. I got my rental car which took all of about three minutes since it’s billed through the school and all they needed was a license to make sure I was who I was supposed to be. So then I was on my way. First stop the movies. I had decided to stop by and just see what was happening. And the answer was not much. I did meet a nice boy from the University of Iowa. But that’s a story for another time. Maybe even for another blog. And then I headed east to my little town of 12 people.

I got here around 10:30 and of course the place was dead. They roll up the sidewalks and lock everyone away for the evening. Even McDonald’s and Dairy Queen were closed. I went and go the key to my place from security and then drove to my humble abode. As always it is in Iowa, it wasn’t exactly what I was expecting.

My arrangements are such. It’s an old house that has been turned into sleeping rooms. There’s one bath up and one bath down that are shared by the many guests of the house. Tonight I think I’m the only one here, but it was 10:30 when I got here so they may have been in bed already. My room consists of a bed and a dresser and a night stand with a lamp. That is all. No TV. No desk. It’s a little bare. I’ve already sent an email to the tech director at school saying that I need something to use as a desk with a chair so that I can work on my computer. Right now I’m sitting in the kitchen which is ablaze with flourescent lighting. It’s the only surface in the apartment that I can sit at. The rest of the house is such. There is a kitchen that is stocked with a couple of plates and some silver ware. There is A skillet but no pans. There is a stove but except for the skillet nothing to cook with. There is a coffee pot and a microwave and a toaster. It’s all white so with the lighting it’s BLINDING in here.

After I explored the accomodations, I was off to Wal-Mart for Diet Coke. One can not live on water alone. I got to Wal-mart and I wanted to get coffee, a coffee mug, some half and half, sweet and low, and a few things to nibble on. I had been told I would be staying in a furnished apartment so I thought I would be some place where I could cook. That’s obviously not the case. I did buy some microwavable dinners so that I don’t have to eat out everyday. As it is eating out consists of McDonald’s, Hardee’s and Dairy Queen. The KFC is too far away to get to. There’s also a smoked filled restaurant called Kelsey’s which I went to when I was here last spring, but it’s hard to eat when the entire restaurant is smoking. I had forgotten that you could actually smoke indoors in some places.

So after Wal-mart is was home to put everything away. Unpack. And then make dinner. I bought a sub sandwich at the grocery which I took a picture of today. The reason I got it was because it made me laugh. You’ll understand when I post the picture. Then I watched an episode of Law and Order: Criminal Intent can I tell you how much I hate Vincent D’Onofria. He spends the entire show with his head cocked to one side, yelling at people. He is know Christopher Meloni. Who is my boyfriend. He just doesn’t know it.

And that is the wrap up of Day 1 in the Land of Corn, better known as Iowa.

PS: It’s late and I’m too tired to proof this. If there are any typos, misspellings or other confusions please forgive me. I know not what I do.

A Very Exciting Night…

I’m sleepy. And a little bit drunk. It’s 6:30 a.m. and I just got home. What was I thinking?

In all I had a great night. The server manager tonight decided he could do without one cocktail server so myself and Danielle split the three sections. It meant I was busy, but it also meant that I made more money. Yippee! for me. He’s the only manager that I know that would allow us to do that. But of course as I pointed out to him at the end of the shift, he had no complaints and except for a couple of kitchen fuck ups the night was relatively smooth. I thanked him profusely at the end of the night.

And since it’s 6:30 you can guess that I went out for drinks after my shift. We did our usual deal and went to a bar up the street and then to the super top secret bar a few blocks away for after hours. I left that bar when the bar fight broke out. It was very exciting. Punches were thrown. Glasses were broken. Names were called. I left before the police were involved. Of course when I left one of the guys was waiting outside to continue the fight. I love straight people.

And THEN…when I got home there was a fire up the street. Just before I passed the Y a guy warned me to be careful and then I noticed that one of their school buses was on fire. Flames were shooting into the air and it was very exciting. Of course being the good citizen I am, I called 911. Almost as soon as I was off the phone, the sirens were blaring. They are still up the street and the smell of smoke fills the air.

So clearly I had a very exciting night. And now I must go to bed. I’m off tomorrow and I don’t want to sleep my day away. For those of you who have to work, enjoy the day.

A Girl’s Night Out.

First, I apologize for not posting the last couple of days.  I’ve been very bad.  On Tuesday night I went out after work for one beer.  One became two, two became four, then there were shots of bourbon, and a lemon drop, and more beer and the next thing I know it’s 6:30 a.m. and I’v slept passed my subway stop and now have to wait for the train to come to take be back to where I live.  It was almost 7:30 before I got to bed and when I awoke at 2:00 p.m. my head was pounding and the room was spinning.  I did manage to get my butt out of bed, shower and head to work.  The first thing I did when I got there was to tell the managers that I wasn’t feeling well and to put my name on the “give up” list.  Luckily, it worked out and by 5:15 I was on my way home again.  Where I promptly planted myself on the couch and watched TV all night.  It was Project Runway night so I was glad to be home anyway.

As god as my witness though, there can’t be anymore 6:00 a.m. nights.  I’m just too old for this.  It takes me three days to recover.  I also spend way too much money when I’m out.  I tip very well, I also tend to buy drinks for my friends and well it doesn’t take long to blow through a hundred bucks.  So no more late nights.  Period.

I did however, go out with friends tonight for dinner and drinks.  It was a girl’s night out from work.  There were three gay guys, three trannies, and one “real” girl.  I met up with part of the group around 5:30 at Bed Bath and Beyond where they were finishing a day of shopping.  Bradley, one of the gay guys has just moved back to NYC from Orlando.  So he was out all day buying all the things you need when you move into a new apartment.  He’s living with Paul a friend from work so after they finished shopping we head to the Upper East Side so everyone could get ready.   Getting ready consisted of Paul changing shirts, Bradley changing clothes, and C.J. changing from a man to a woman.  The transformation was amazing.  It was also interesting how her personality changed as she got ready.  She went from being this shy, reserved person to this outgoing, fun woman.  Like I said it was amazing.

Our dinner reservations weren’t until 9:00 so we also had a few drinks while everyone was getting ready.  I was drinking my beer of choice, Corona.  At around 8:15 we headed downstairs to find a cab to go to dinner.  It was raining cats and dogs so of course it took forever to get a cab.  We actually needed two because there were six of us.  Eventually we managed to get them and we were on our way.

Our destination was Sea.  It’s a Thai restaurant in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.  I was worried when we went in because it’s a very trendy place.  We were discussing it on the way there and it seems it’s been used for several movies and TV shows because the architecture is quite interesting and as I said it’s very trendy.  There was a DJ playing music and the place was packed with a very wide mix of people.  It was mostly a young crowd but all the ethnic groups represented — White, Black, Asian, Latino.  As I said, I was worried because upon walking in I assumed it was going to be outrageously expensive.  I was completely wrong.  The most expensive thing on the menu was 14 dollars.   That’s down right cheap in New York.

We were finally seated and immediately got another round of drinks.  They arrived in just a few minutes and we ordered dinner.  I love Thai food although I have to be careful because spicy doesn’t always agree with me.  I was also starving.  I hadn’t eaten all day.  I woke up late and didn’t realize dinner was going to be at 9:00 p.m.  So by the time we got to the restaurant I was famished.  I ended up ordering the calamari and crispy duck salad for appetizers.  The calamari was excellent but didn’t even compare to the salad.  It  was beyond delicious.  For dinner I order the classic pork chop.  It was also very good.  The only thing I wasn’t impressed with was dessert.  I had some sort of fruit roll with butter pecan ice cream.  And although it was good it didn’t impress me the way the rest of the meal had.  When it was all said and done, my entire dinner with two beers, two appetizers, an entree and dessert was only 45 dollars.  That’s unheard of in Manhattan.  I would definitely go back again.

After dinner we all gathered outside to figure out how to get to the gay bar that was nearby.  There was much discussion as to where it was, could we walk, should we cab it, or take the train.  I think if it hadn’t been raining we might of walked.  Of course three of the girls were in heels, so maybe not.  Eventually we decide to take the train and it dropped us off right across the street from the bar.  The bar was called Metropolitan and was a bit of dive.  It had as many New York bars have, very low ceilings and bad lighting.  This place did have two fireplaces though and a fun crowd.  It was a nice mix of people and it was not the usual crowd of twinks and muscle boys you find in Chelsea.  Most of the people at this bar looked like normal run of mill people, which I tend to find more attractive.

I stayed for two beers, people watched, chatted with my new friends and just hung out.  At 12:30 I was done and it was time to leave.  I said my good-byes and I was on my way.  The only thing that sucked about the whole night was that I got to the subway station at 12:45, and I walked into my apartment at 2:20.  An hour and a half to get home on a school night is just way too long.  The other option would have been to take a cab, but it would have cost 50 bucks and I’m not so sure it would have been faster.

The only other thing of note, was that I think Bradley, whose just moved here, was hitting on me throughout the night.  He was very touchy feely all night, and made a point of buying me several beers.  He also made a point to tell me that he looked forward to getting to know me better.  All this is fine except for two points.  The first one, he’ll be starting at my restaurant in a couple of weeks.  He’s transferring from the Orlando store and as soon as his paperwork has been processed he’ll be a waiter there as well.  The second problem is that he smokes.  I have nothing against smokers.  I have lots of friends who are smokers.  But I won’t date a smoker.  Well I might as long as I didn’t have to kiss them.  Which might be a problem.  It’s kind of hard to have sex with someone and not kiss them.  So we’ll see where all this leads in the next few weeks.  And of course, you guys will be the first to know.

A Drunken Evening…

Maddog is a little intoxicated again.  Whoops.  And contrary to popular belief– that makes it hard to type.  I had the day off today and although my friend Todd told me to go in and pick up a shift I did not.  I thought that I might, but I slept late and by the time I got out of bed it was way too late to really try and make it downtown for a shift.

So I spent the afternoon on the sofa which was a great place to be.  I had CNN Headline News on which I’ve discovered is great to nap to.  They repeat there stories every 15 minutes and it makes for dull noise in the background while I sleep.  I finally got up around 4:00 and decided it was time to get my day going.  I started by calling my friends Brett and David who are  visiting from San Diego to see what they were up to for the evening.  They didn’t answer but I left a message telling them to call me.

So I jumped in the shower, got dressed and headed downtown.  First stop, trouble.  I have been horny for the past 3 or 4 days and so I decided I would spend the afternoon in a house of ill repute.  I won’t get into details but I had a nice time this afternoon.  While I was there Brett called and we agreed to meet for dinner.  So I quickly finished up my business and was on my way.

I met David and Brett and we went to a fun little Italian place in Chelsea.  It was nice and my food was great although the service was a bit much.  The waiter was clearly a musical theatre actor and was  completely over the top.  I think he annoyed all three of us, although we tipped him well when we were through.  I think for the most part we just wanted him to go a way.

After dinner we went bar hopping.  We started at  The View which is a little place in Chelsea.  Not much was happening there although we stayed for a couple of drinks.  We actually stayed until two boys decided to play pool and that meant we had to move from our seats and so we left.  From there we took a cab down to a bar called Ty’s.  It’s a bit of a bear/leather bar.  The boys there were hot and I had forgotten how much a hairy man in jeans with a beard turned me on.  We were there for at least three or four drinks.  It turned out I knew the bartender and had actually played around with him the last time I saw him years ago.  It was nice seeing him and he was just as cute now as he was then.  After a while, we decided that we had had enough and we moved on.

For some reason, I seem to be in charge of where we were going next, so I led the way to Marie’s Crisis.  It’s a piano bar that happens to be my favorite bar in the city.  Everyone stands around and sings show tunes at the top of their lungs while drinking.  What’s not to like.   Brett loved the bar.  And David, who is friendly with everyone quickly met up with two boys from Delaware.  We stayed there through last call and then we were on our way.

The two boys from Delaware made such a name for themselves there that we actually have tables being held for us tomorrow night, if we want them.  So I think we are going to spend New Year’s Eve at Marie’s Crisis drinking, singing show tunes having fun.  I’ll let you know how it is.

How are you guys spending New Year’s Eve?

A Day In The Life…

I tried posting last night.  But I was a little too intoxicated and kept hitting the wrong keys.  After about three or four minutes of this, I deleted the whole post and went to bed.  I had been to a gathering of friends from grad school at a bar in the East Village.  There were about 25 or so people that showed up.  It was a blast hanging out and catching up.  Some of them I hadn’t seen in more than three years.  They graduated at the end of my first year and we haven’t run into each other since.  Long story short, we drank a lot of beer and had a great time.  I got home around 2ish and was a little more intoxicated than I thought I was.  I didn’t however wake up with a hangover, for which I’m very grateful.

I just got home from work.  It was a good night and I can’t really complain.  The restaurant was a zoo all night.  Our restaurant has three dining rooms.  Tonight, two of the dining rooms were closed for private events.  That meant that our main dining room had to handle the entire restaurant.  We were on a two hour + wait until well after 11:00 p.m. tonight.  It was insane.  I’ve never seen so many people.  Luckily almost everyone I dealt with tonight was in a good mood and I only got a couple of lousy tips so I was having fun and making money which is the point of all this right?

On another note, as servers in the restaurant, we are ranked numerically based on our performance.  There are a number of things we are ranked for.  Total sales.  Per guest average.  Total number of surveys completed.  Percentage of alcohol per guest.  And the list goes on.  Each month the rankings are published and these ranking effect the shifts that we are given.  This month out of 155 servers that work in our restaurant.  I’m ranked 5th.  Not so bad if you ask me.  Last month I was 14th.  And I’ve only worked there for 3 months.  Of course I doubt seriously if I can ever get to number 1.  There are things that I don’t do that I’m counted off for.  Of course no one really cares it just keeps me from being number 1.  But I think I can live with number 5.  It’s nice being at the top.


I’m drunk….

I did something I never do tonight. I went to a gay bar. And had way tooooo many beers.

It started out completely innocent. My friend Lee whom I work with suggested we grab dinner after work today. Did I mention that I worked today? That sucked, but only because we were extremely slow. Anyway, after work today, Lee, myself and a bartender named John went to Ruby Tuesday’s which is near my restaurant. For some reason Lee had gotten into his head that that’s where we needed to eat. And so we were off.

The service was okay, the food sucked and the entire experience was WAY TOO expensive. It cost the three of us 150.00, and that was without any appetizers or dessert. Our server Mark, took okay care of us, he was a little too timid for my taste but we discussed that and we think we might have scared him with our agressive behaviour. Of course we tipped him about 12 million percent so it was well worth it to him to deal with us.

After dinner, I decided to tag along with John who was going to The Ritz to meet a friend. It’s a quaint little bar in Hell’s Kitchen and was quite the surprise. I had never hung out with John before. In fact in the two months I’ve worked with him today was the first day he’s ever spoken to me. That didn’t bother me though, and off we went. He turned out to be a very funny guy. He’s just coming out of the closet and most people I work with don’t even know that he’s gay. Of course how they can’t guess it is beyond me cause he’s a little on the flamboyant side. But who am I to gossip about that.

And so we drank. And drank. And then his friend showed up. And we drank some more. And some more. And now it’s 3:48 in the a.m. and I’m tipsy. I had a great time and it’s not like I do this every night. Of course, I kept telling John and his friend Kevin that I was supposed to be home putting lights on the Christmas tree that Chuck and I bought on Saturday. But the way I see it, the lights will wait till tomorrow afternoon. LATE tomorrow afternoon. I’m about to go to bed and sleep until 4 p.m. As I mentioned I worked the day shift today and I only got about 2.5 hours of sleep before I got to work, so I’m tired…and then I’m drunk…and well I think sleep is the best solution. I just hope that I’m not hung over tomorrow. I’m going to put the lights on the tree in the afternoon so Chuck and I can decorate the tree tomorrow night. H0pefully, I will have pictures of our efforts tomorrow night.

And with that my friends, I’m going to bed.

A Wonderfully Wonderful Wednesday…

Okay, so maybe I over reacted a little yesterday. I’ve had the best day today and it was all without TV, air conditioning or a microwave.

I was awake before the alarm went off this morning to take my friend Michelle to the bus station. She was taking a bus to Boston to catch a plane to Michigan. I was up and ready to go way before she was ready. We got there and I dropped her off no problem. I then headed over to the bay thinking I would walk this morning instead of later in the afternoon. I was just about to start when I realized that if Michelle had any problems getting to Boston she’d have no way of getting in touch with me so I changed my mind and came home. When I got home I fed Max and then promptly went back to sleep. I was still in bed when my roommate called to chat. I lied to him about still being a sleep not wanting to seem like a slug. I don’t even remember why he called now.

After the phone call I got up and went downstairs. It was a beautiful morning with not a cloud in the sky. I let the dog out and then came in and made breakfast. One of the things I’m having to learn how to do on the South Beach Diet is to eat breakfast. I’ve never been much of a breakfast person. I usually settled with a computer. My roommate turned me on to a Canadian TV show several months ago called Slings and Arrows. I watched season one while I was in Iowa. And have watched season two over the past couple of days. It’s a great show about a theatre company in Canada. It’s very funny, even if you don’t know theatre. If you do it’s even better.


After finishing season two, I got dressed and took Max for a walk. The above picture is of Max from last summer. She loves walks like there was nothing better in the world. In fact you have to spell the word if you are going to say it and aren’t actually doing it. The minute you mention the word “walk” she starts to bounce and prance like a two month old puppy. So off we went. The walk isn’t very long because she tires easily but it does take us down past the water, up by the shirtless construction workers, over by the shirtless landscapers and then back home. I’m sure you are getting the theme.

We got home and I was going to get ready for MY walk. But I looked in the front room and the window seat in the bay window and People Magazine were calling my name. I just had to find out how Lindsay got herself into trouble so soon after rehab. I probably read about 15 pages of the magazine sitting on the window seat with the cool ocean air blowing in with Max settled at the other end of the seat. Next thing I knew an hour had passed and both of us had been asleep. When I woke up the shirtless boy from across the street was talking on the phone. I was three for three today.

After the nap I dressed for my walk. Since I’ve been in Maine I walked the back bay everyday. To walk from home is about 5 miles and unfortunately takes you buy the water treatment plant. So most days I drive to the bay and walk from there. It’s 3.5 miles around and takes about an hour to do. It’s a beautiful walk with trees and homes on one side and a view of the city from the other. And the best part…you guessed it. Lots and lots of shirtless boys. My favorite today was about 6.3 with beautiful hairy well-defined pecs with a washboard tummy and legs that went on forever. He was perfectly tanned with a little goatee and smiled as he ran by. Luckily he passed me again on his way back. I went a little early today so there weren’t as many boys. If I go between 5 and 7 the place is packed with them. It’s definitely motivation to get back into shape.

It’s kind of like this around the bay.


After the walk, I came home and showered and shaved. For those who know me, you know I HATE to shave. I do it about once every two or three weeks. I felt like it was time today. So I shaved and then took a really long hot shower. The wonderful thing about the bathroom here. They have a HUGE claw foot tub that I plan to use in the next couple of days. I’m thinking a wine glass full of Diet Coke (I can’t drink wine on my diet) and a good book and Max lying by the tub. It’ll be heaven.

After the shower I headed off to the movies. I had looked up a theatre about 8 miles from here and Mapquested it so I was all ready to go. I left plenty early in case I got lost or there was a problem. Turned out the directions were exactly right. I got there about 6:30 and sat in the parking lot talking to my mom. She was on her way to senior citizen night at Kroger, her local grocery store. Seems the first Wednesday of the month anyone over the age of 60 gets 10% off their groceries. She waits and then buys everything she can for the month. I can hardly wait for such pleasures.

After the conversation I went in to the movie. I saw 1408. It was good. I’ve come to realize that I like scary movies less and less as I’ve gotten older. They aren’t as fun as they used to be. That being said it really was a well done movie and the lighting was perfect and I think John Cusack is great and cute so the scenery was nice. It has a surprise little ending and leaves you wondering a little at the end. It was a lot of fun.

After the movie I came home and did something I haven’t done in ages. I actually cooked dinner. Not just microwaved something. Or did something easy. I made dinner. I had grilled chicken that I cooked on the stove with spices and a marinade and then I sauteed spinach and had green beans. I finished it off with a tossed salad. It was nice. It would have only been better if I could have had a nice glass of wine with it, but that will come.

After dinner I started watching Casino Royale. I stopped to get a Diet Coke and ended up being side tracked by writing this post. I’m gonna go finish it now. After all Daniel Craig is shirtless and BEAUTIFUL. What’s not to like.


As for the diet. Today is day seven. I have been doing great so far. I don’t know how much weight I’ve lost because Michelle hid my scale. She told me I was being too obsessive about my weight each day. I know, I know I’m not supposed to weigh everyday bit it’s hard not to. So I won’t know about the weight for another two weeks. In the meantime I feel better than I’ve felt in weeks and I feel thinner. I don’t know if I really am, but I feel like I am.

Hope everyone else had just as wonderful a Wednesday.

Day Forty-Eight: Oklahoma

img_0208.jpgThis is it. It’s over and done. I have one more night to spend in the dorm and my lovely twin bed. One more night of drunken revelry. And then it’s no more. Tomorrow I load my two VERY large suitcases into my friend Pete’s car and we leave the lovely state of Oklahoma. Can this really be true? Have seven weeks passed so quickly and now my wonderful time is done? Who would have believed it.

I thank all of you for coming on this little journey with me. We’ve had our ups and downs but through it all we prevailed. And before you know it, it will be time for us to do it again.

Next year’s season has been announced. And then re-announced. And then announced again. Right now it stands at “Into the Woods”, “Candide” and “Pirates of Penzance”. Two days ago instead of “Candide” we were doing “The Boyfriend.” Who knows what it will end up being. I’ll keep you posted. In the meantime I just need to find work to tide me over till next year’s summer season.

Not much else to report today. I drove 2 hours each way to deliver costumes back to the rental place. It wasn’t much fun but wasn’t too bad. I was able to catch up on some phone calls and do some singing in the car. I was there and back in about 5 hours. After that I went by my favorite little theatre to see if I could get into any trouble, but there was none to be had. I thought maybe one or two boys would like to send me off with a smile but it was not to be. Then it was back to the dorm to freshen up for dinner. The director wanted us to have dinner before I left so said “of course.” I did tell him it would need to be cheap since I have about 100 dollars to get me home. I have my past four paychecks sitting in my computer bag. So I have money. Just not on me. He agreed to pay for dinner and I didn’t argue. We went to the little restaurant we had gone to before because it had a patio and he could take his dog which has been at the sitter since the summer began. It was a very nice evening. We returned back to the dorm to find it deserted so we watched TV for about an hour. Slowly the crew started returning and suddenly the place was a madhouse. There was an insane amount of energy abounding. Everyone was joking and in a good mood. The one girl on the tech crew, the Indian girl I mention a few posts ago was supposed to leave today to fly back to NYC, but her flight was cancelled. So she was back and our group was complete. We had several beers watched some more TV and then headed over to our redneck bar to do one last shot. It ended up being Jagermeister. I hate licorice but I was told I had to do one. About ten minutes later I was done. The bar was smoky and loud and I was tired. A couple of us wandered back over to the dorm to find that Hello Dolly was being watched in the lobby. Being absolutely the gay man that I am, I plopped myself down in front of the TV and watched until they sang the show’s title number.

Now I am here getting ready for bed. Tomorrow morning I have to pack, clean my room and load the car. We are supposed to be on our way at 11:00 is tomorrow. But we have a number of things to do before we leave, like get the oil changed and go the bank. I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s not more like 1:00 or 2:00 before we hit the road. It’s about 12 hours to Kentucky where we are staying tomorrow night. I don’t know if I mentioned it yesterday but we are driving to my mom’s house tomorrow. That way I get to see her, even if it’s only for 12 seconds and we save money on the hotel. It’s a win/win situation. From there we drive north into Ohio and then across into NYC. When it’s all said and done it’s a 24 hour drive. For about 10 minutes today I was regretting not flying home. I’d be there by 9:00 tomorrow night, snuggled into my queen sized bed. Yum.

So once again thanks for joining me on my journey. Stay tuned because next week I go to Maine for a month.

Day Forty-Seven: Oklahoma

At 8:34 last night the curtain came down on the last show of the season. At 9:37 the scenery had been struck, the truck loaded. We exited the theatre and were on our way. The 2007 summer theatre season for me in Oklahoma was done. I still can’t believe it’s been almost seven weeks since I got here. For the most part I’ve had a great time. Yes, it was stressful at times, and I know you guys have heard me complain about one or two things since I got here. But I am genuinely glad that I did this. I met some amazing people and I’m going to miss them a lot. Luckily there hasn’t been a lot of discussion of staying in touch etc. etc. We all seem to realize that it probably won’t happen. It was a brief moment in time that our lives came together and we shared a very magical event. And then it was over and that was that.

Okay, enough with the melodrama.

There’s not much to report from the last show. It was an out of town show in a little city about 3 hours away. We left yesterday morning at 7:00 after our customary stop at QT, and got there at 10:30. The theatre was built in 1955 and had all the features of architecture of the time period. The house was sort of a turquoise blue. I’m sure you can imagine what I’m talking about. The stage itself was okay, sort of. The lighting equipment looked as though it hadn’t been new since Kennedy was president. And there was very little of it. I did the show with about 40 lights, but none of them really what I needed. It was also sort of an interesting space because the theatre was run by a union crew. They were much more competent than the crew here but we aren’t really sure why they are union since I don’t think the space is used much. The problem with the union crew is that we have to wait for them to do things for us. At the other tour spaces, we went in made ourselves at home and did our thing. Yesterday we had to wait for them to do our thing. Which is fine, it just made it hard to get the lighting looks that I wanted.

For the most part the show went off well. I was a little stressed about it because I was stage managing last night. The stage manager for that show had a wedding to attend and so was out of town over the weekend. Since I was the only person who really knew the show it was decided that I would call the show. That basically means I call the light cues. So at the beginning of a scene I say light cue “GO” and the board op makes it happen. To make matters worse yesterday, since we were on tour and I am the designer I was also re-designing the show for the new space. So I was having to communicate to the board op not only to “GO”, but prepping him as to what it should exactly look like. I tried doing this during the rehearsal yesterday afternoon and was driving myself and everyone else crazy. After the rehearsal I talked to the incompetent ME who was also the board op and told him he was going to have to figure out the looks for the show. I’d talk him through it as much as possible but it was going to be on his shoulders because I couldn’t do both. He agreed.

And that is what we did. For the most part the show went off without a hitch. The actor’s were really on and the show was great. As for the lighting, the ME made some choices I wouldn’t have made but for the most part it was fine. It’s clear that he’s not a lighting designer either. But he did his best and pulled through and for that I was grateful. After the season we’ve had together it was nice to end on a good note.

The one and only other thing to mention about last nights show was that there were about 200 military boys in attendance. And I should probably mention that they were HOT. And looked as if they’d come straight from home room. But did I mention they were HOT. They were all in uniform and were marched into the space like they had drilled for it. They were on the best behavior. But trust me when I say a Victor Herbert operetta is probably not their idea of a fun night. But they were gracious and laughed a lot and gave a standing ovation at the end. And once again…did I mention they were HOT!

After the show last night. WE DRANK! and I mean a lot. I was not hung over this morning because I stuck to beer and we’ve all discovered that in Oklahoma there’s VERY little alcohol in beer. About half of what’s in it in the rest of the country. We started after strike (in case you don’t know it’s where the set of the show is taken apart and hauled away) by going to a Chinese restaurant buffet that was being provided to us by the theatre. It was very good. But most of us were tired and ready for beer. After a quick bite, we headed to the hotel and got settled it. They had all of us scattered all over the hotel, which made partying a little more difficult but we managed. We finally settled in the east wing in the prop master’s room and there we stayed. I went to bed at 3:00 and there were people still going at it. For the first time since being here I had to share a room last night. But everyone who stayed had too, so no one got special privileges. I bunked with Tim. The 18 year old carpenter. He’s cute as a button. After the room assignments came out I kept joking with him that I had requested ONE king size bed for us to share, and that he better not steal the blankets. It was actually fine. I was out like a light the minute I got in bed and didn’t wake up until he alarm went off. And I was a perfect gentleman and did not molest the little boy.

And so now I’m back in the dorm. It’s late and I’m off to bed. I have been selected to drive the costumes back to the university where they were rented from tomorrow. So I have to be up early and then drive an hour and a half each way to get there. I’m not looking forward to it. I’d like to just sleep in and have a nice, easy day. Ah, but there’s work to be done.

Have a great week everyone.

Day Thirty-Five: Oklahoma

As always, I’ll start my post with the time….it’s 5:00 a.m. right on the nose.  Tonight has been the party of all parties.  There are people throwing up, sword fights with dildos, people passed out on the front lawn, gay men crying because straight men don’t find them attractive, pictures of girl’s twats, and the list goes on.  The party has been raging since around 10:30.  By this time everyone has gone to bed.  I would have been in bed already but being the grown up I had to make sure Kim (whose been throwing up for the past two hours) is in bed and okay.  For the past 45 minutes I’ve been wiping her forehead with a wet cloth and forcing her to drink water…all this while she hugs the toilet downstairs.  Only about three minutes ago did Jesse and I carry her to her bed, show her the trash can and try to get her to go to sleep.  We think she’s through throwing up so she just needs to sleep it off.  With any luck she’s in bed for the rest of the evening/day.

And that my friend’s is how 19 year old’s celebrate the fact that they have the day off tomorrow.  The 28 year old’s weren’t much better.  In fact the 42 year old is somewhat tipsy and tired and ready for bed.  Tonight has been a bit stressful which is why I think everyone is drinking so much.

It started out with the computer that controls the lights not working.  All the trying, and swearing, and bitching couldn’t get the computer to work.  We even called in the main union guy and he was stumped.  They thought it was the battery but that didn’t seem to do the trick.  For a while it looked like we were going to have to cancel the show and then they figured out how to run the lights from the back up system.  This is twice in the past month that I have had a lighting computer crash on me.  Most people don’t have it happen ever.  I’m beginning to think that I’m cursed.  I only hope the board is up and running before the show on Thursday night.  I’ll keep you posted.

Tomorrow is a day of celebrating since it the 4th.  (This is today for most people since it’s 5 a.m. and when I’m writing it.)  We are all going to the movies early in the day and then grilling out hamburgers for dinner and then going to the director’s house for fireworks and wine later.  It’s going to be a fun filled day and since I need to get to sleep, I’m closing here.

Happy 4th of July.