My dogs…





Aren’t those some delicious looking toes?  And damn my feet feel wonderful.

I did something today that I’ve never done before.  I got a pedicure.  And not only a pedicure, I got the full spa treatment.  With the foot soak, the massage,  the paraffin wax, the whole nine yards.

On Sunday my friend Ruby from work mentioned that she was going after work to get her toes done.  I laughingly suggested she wait till later in the week and we could go together.  She said okay.  Now I’ve been wanting to do this for a while, but I’d never do it by myself and it’s hard to find other guys to go with you.  And when all your female friends are lesbians, they don’t really care what their toes look like.  And so when the opportunity presented itself I jumped on it.

And it was amazing.  Just soaking your feet in the hot water was nice.  But then it has little jets massaging your feet and some sort of gel that softens everything.  It was heavenly.  Then they spent about 90 minutes trimming my nails and dealing with my cuticles.  Well not really.  But I’m a guy and I don’t spend a lot of time on my toes.  I clip the nails every three of four months and that’s about it.  I’m kidding.  But I don’t really spend much time on my feet.  After they did the nails, I got to soak them some more.  And then they used their little razor blade thing to get rid of all the calluses.  I was worried about this because I’ve had some ginormous blisters on my feet in the last week and its left a lot of dead skin.  But they were very gentle and now you’d never even know I’d had the blisters.  And then I soaked my feet some more.  And then they dipped them in the hot wax.  Supposedly this softens the skin on your feet.  And then the rubbed some sort of pink thing on them.  And then I got to soak them some more.

And this is where things really go funny.  My friend Ruby said she’d only go with me, if I had my nails painted some fun color.  I told her that was fine as long as they weren’t red.  So when we first got there I chose a beautiful blue color.  As you can see it flatters my toes nicely.   So when they finished with our feet.  The lady doing mine got up and left.  So my feet were on the little foot rest thing drying.  And then the woman doing Ruby’s feet painted her nails and then led her to the little nail drying machine.  She then told me to go wait in a chair.  I told her no I wanted my nails painted.  And she said no, go wait in the chair.  And I said no once again and said no I want my nails painted.  Finally she realized I was being serious and sat down and painted my nails.  And when she was finished I too moved to a nail drying machine.  This was my least favorite part because it takes about 20 minutes for your nails to dry completely and it means just sitting there.

And there you have it– my first pedicure.

Of course I haven’t mentioned the annoying part.  They charged me six dollars more than they did Ruby because I was a man.  No explanation.  No reason.  You pay more cause you man.  It’s really hard to discuss it with them because none of them have a complete command of the English language.  So it kind of pissed me off.  Of course I would have paid a hundred dollars more to have my feet feel as good as they do right now.


Maddog’s Day Off

I was off today.  I’m off for the next ten days.  I had originally taken off to do a show on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday but due to some certain circumstances I resigned from the project.  By then it was too late to change the request so I’m off.  On Thursday I’m flying to Maine to do another drag show and to drink beer and relax with the lesbians.  I get back on Tuesday, February 12.  Then on Wednesday, my ex-boyfriend Curtis is coming to visit and there you have it.  12 days off.

I have to admit that I’m looking forward to it.  I haven’t much felt like working the last week or so.  I think it’s because I haven’t been making much money.  It’s hard to get motivated when you are making about an 1/8th of what you were making before Christmas.  I am looking forward to getting behind the bar when I come back.  I am a little nervous though.  How will I ever remember what’s in all those drinks.  A sea breeze, a tom collins, a gin and tonic, a blow job.  I have no idea.  Perhaps I’ll just make it up until I have them all memorized.  It hasn’t been announced yet at work that I’m transferring departments.  I know a lot of people are going to be annoyed by the announcement.  Especially since I haven’t been back that long.  But what can you do.  I think once I’ve been doing it a while it will be fun.

I went to Ikea today.  I had to buy two new dining chairs so that I can seat six at my table.  I was a little nervous that they wouldn’t have the ones I wanted because I’m having dinner for six tomorrow night.  But I was worrying for nothing.  They had a bunch of them.  Of course I couldn’t just walk in and buy the chairs.  I had to start upstairs and wander through all the rooms.  And I bought a lot more than I needed to.  I bought some candles (they are cheap there, although they didn’t have the ones I usually buy), I bought some pendant lamps to hang over our little bar, and I know I bought other things but I don’t remember what it is.  I always enjoy the trip so it was fun to go.

Lydia, the cleaning lady, is coming tomorrow.  That means that I have to be up around 8:00 a.m. so that I can prepare dinner and get it in the crock pot before I leave.  I also have to explain to her that I need her to turn on the crock pot before she leaves.  She doesn’t speak a lot of English so it might be a little hard.  But I know enough Spanish, I think to get by.  This also means that I have to be out of the apartment for most of the afternoon, so I’m going to have to find some things to keep me busy.  The three things I have to do are  get flowers, coffee and pick up the rest of the groceries.  I don’t think this will take all afternoon though.  I plan on taking a book with me so that if I find I have time left I can stop in a coffee shop and read.

And with that I have to get to bed since I have to be up early.

Maddog’s Day Off

For the first time in weeks I didn’t sleep away my day off. I set the alarm for 10:00 a.m. this morning and only snoozed it once. I got right up and started my day. First stop, the coffee pot. If I’m only going to get six hours of sleep then I’m going to need some coffee to get me going. The rest of the day fell right into place. I spent the first 30 minutes drinking my coffee and talking to my friend Michelle. She’s the friend that lives in Maine who performs drag shows. I’m going up the second weekend in February to do tech for their show. We were trying to figure out when the best time for me to go would be and how long I should stay. We also spent a good time just chatting, which was very nice.

After my chat with Michelle it was bill paying time. I got everything up to date. Paid everything that was due and balanced my check book. I also called my student loan people to discuss my payments to see if I could make them any less and to see if I could postpone my January payment. It’s not that I don’t have the money, it’s just that I have a couple of other things that I need to pay off and that would infringe on paying my student loan. They were very nice about it, and took care of everything. After bill paying it was time for Fresh Direct. Fresh Direct is NYC’s online grocery store. I can order anything I need grocery wise from their website and they deliver it in a day or two. It’s a wonderful convenience and it only costs a few dollars for them to deliver it. I ordered about 200 dollars worth of stuff. Of course 50 bucks of that was in Diet Coke, but what can you do.

After all that work, I sat down and counted my money. The best and worst part of waiting tables is that all of my earnings are in cash. So it takes a while to sit down, face all the bills, organize them and then do an accurate count. It sometimes takes two or three counts to get it right. Then I stuff it all into a bag, stuff that into my backpack, and then pray that I don’t get mugged on the way to the bank. My favorite part is pulling the bag out of my backpack and handing it to the teller at the bank. They always grimace about having to count all those bills. In case you are wondering, I had a stop at the bank planned today.

After counting the money, I showered and headed downtown. First stop of course the bank. There were no lines which made me very excited. After the bank I was off to Porto Rico to get coffee. It’s the nicest coffee shop I have ever been in. The floor is lined with burlap bags filled with coffee beans. The shop smells terrific and everyone who works there is super nice. I get the same thing every time. Cafe Blend, not ground. I’ve been drinking it for years and even when I lived in San Diego, and then last winter in Iowa I had it shipped to me.

After coffee, I headed back up town to the movies. I finally saw Sweeney Todd today. The film was beautiful. The design of it is amazing, and the direction is near perfect. Johnny Depp as Sweeney I thought was magnificent after I got used to the idea that he wasn’t a baritone. What he lacked in vocal quality, though he made up for in acting ability. The one thing I hated about the movie was Helena Bonham Carter. I thought she sucked. She was terribly miscast, and didn’t have the umph to play Ms. Lovett. But overall I really like the film.

What I didn’t like was the audience. I saw the film in Times Square in the big million screen cineplex there. That was a terrible mistake. The auditorium filled up with a lot of people that it turned out didn’t know what they were seeing. They talked all through the movie. The joked about the singing. They made fun of the the whole thing. About 20 minutes into the film I seriously considered getting up and asking for my money back and going downtown to the ordinary theatre in Chelsea. All the talking really made it difficult to enjoy the film.

After Sweeney, I did head back downtown to do what I have commonly come to refer to as “getting in to trouble.” What can I say. A girl has needs. It was a lot of fun and without going into the details, the very hot boy I met from Scotland was a real treat. Enough said.

I then headed over to Home Depot to buy some new house plants. My roommate and I have not had the best luck with plants in our apartment. So I needed to replace one and I wanted to get a plant for my bedroom. I found what I was looking for and headed home.

By this time it was about 8:30. I did some blog reading, ordered dinner and then planted myself in front of the TV. My dinner had just arrived when my roommate got home and since we hardly see each other, he joined me in the living room and we played catch up.

And that is my day off in a nutshell. It felt nice to not sleep it away.

Oh, and I just went downstairs to get my clean laundry. Another absolutely wonderful luxury of living in NYC. I haven’t done laundry in over a year. Everyone should have it so lucky.


Yippee!  The weekend is over.  That means I get a day off.  Hurray for me.  Now I just have to get my ass out of bed before 3:00 p.m. so I can do everything I want to do.

Since last week I’ve started taking Monday’s off.  I needed one day a week that I was sure to have off, so that I could make plans with friends, schedule appointments and just know that it was my day.  I picked Monday because it’s the slowest day of the week in the restaurant business.  I did not want to give up a day where I could actually make money.  So for the next several months I will always have Monday off.

I was talking to my friend Todd today on the phone.  We were playing catch up with each other because we had not talked in the last week or so.  During the conversation, I came to the realization that I should go to Hawaii.  Don’t get too excited, it’s not that extreme.  My friend Lee is there as I’ve mentioned in a couple of posts.  He’s there until the end of March.  He’s extended an invitation to me and said that I could stay with him.  My thought is:  When will I ever have the chance to go to Hawaii and not have to pay for a place to sleep?  My guess, never.  So I’ve started pricing tickets.  It’s only about 600 bucks for a round trip ticket.  I would fly to San Diego and have a couple of day to play there.  Then I would go on to Hawaii and would be there for five or six days.  Then I would fly back to San Diego and have another couple of days there and then fly home.  All told I would be gone around 10 days.  Not so bad and it would be fun as hell.  So tonight before I go to bed I’m going to call Lee and see if this is really something I can do.  Then I’m going to call my friend Lou because he travels for business and may be able to give me the trip to California with airline miles.  And then I’m going to break out the credit card, book a ticket and start packing.  I can hardly wait.

Maddog’s Friday Night…

I had dinner with my friend Ryan tonight along with his girlfriend.  I like Ryan a lot.  I don’t think I like the girlfriend.  She’s a bit of a stick in the mud.  But I suppose she balances out his wild and crazy side.  We had Indian food, which I love but don’t eat very often.  In NYC, on 6th Street there are about a million Indian restaurants all in a row.  The biggest question is which one do you choose.  There’s actually an urban legend that there is one big kitchen that provides the food for all of them.  The food was good, at least mine was.  It wasn’t too spicy which I like.  I’m a bit of a pussy when it comes to spicy food.

After dinner we wandered around the East Village and then popped into a little bar to have another beer.  It was quiet and cozy and I think it was called The Scratch Bar.  It was a nice place just to hang out and have a beer.  We sat there and chatted about life, the arts, the state of America and then called it a night.  They were on their way to a birthday party.  They invited me a long but the idea of spending the evening with people I didn’t know didn’t appeal to me.

I then headed for the subway.  I entertained the idea of trying to get into some trouble.  But by the time the subway came I was just tired.  So I hopped on the train and headed home.

Now I should get to bed.  I was up until 7:00 a.m. this morning and a good night’s sleep is sounding wonderful right now.