Celebration, Florida — June 9th 2006 — Day 24

On June 12, 2007, I wrote a post about how I’d forgotten that the anniversary of my blog was June 9, 2006. Exactly one year later, on June 12, 2008 I realized that I had once again forgotten the anniversary of my blog.

So without further ado. Let the parties begin.

And the presents.

And the fun.

And the.


Okay, I’ll just celebrate by myself.

But while I’m celebrating, here’s the recap of my first post.
June 9, 2006

So I wanted my first post to be funny and witty. I wanted it to be full of insightful observations. I wanted it to be…well you get the point. So instead it’s 3:30am and since I can’t sleep I have decided what better way to start my blog than writing something at some ungodly hour in the am.

So I am Maddog. Well not really. It’s actually a nickname that was given to me years ago while I was attending the University of Kentucky. I saw a co-worker at McDonalds and she called me Maddog. I had never been called this before, and had no idea why she called me that then. But my friends heard it and it stuck. I became Maddog to everyone who knew me. This was in 1990. No one calls me that anymore. I have grown up and become Jeff. Well actually I have been called many things but most of my friends call me Jeff. But for the sake of this blog I’ll be Maddog.

And Maddog is moving to the big city. As of July 1st, I’ll be an official resident of New York City. Again. Not that this is a bad thing. I love the city. It’s home. It’s just that I have been away for three years and a lot has changed. I am no longer in a relationship. I have failed to stay in touch with most of my friends there. I have gained 70 pounds. I have finished grad school. I am poor. I have no job. And so it’s scary, in a good way.

When I get there I’ll have enough money to last me about three months. This gives me a little bit of a cushion to find work. But not much of one. It won’t allow me to be lazy until the money is gone. So the minute I get there I’ll be pounding the pavement looking for work.

What kind of work you ask? I am a lighting designer. I have just finished one of the best theatre design programs in the country and now am about to prove my professor wrong and begin making a living doing commercial theatre. At least that’s what I hope happens. Who knows? In five years I’ll be the manager of the TGI Friday’s in Time Square. You know it’s the largest TGI Fridays in the world. At least that’s what the sign says.

So you guys all get to take this journey with me. I’ll be documenting my search for work, love, happiness and fulfillment in the city. So stay tuned for all the fun that goes with moving cross country and resuming my career.

WOW. It’s really amazing to look back and see what I wrote two years ago. I had just come back from a trip to NYC where I crashed on the couch of my now roommate Chuck. Who knew then that we’d grow to be such good friends. I don’t think either of us would have guessed that we would get along so well. He hadn’t had a roommate since 1902 back when he was in college, and I hadn’t had a good roommate experience in say about 10 years. I’m thankful that worked out.

I also think it’s interesting that I’ve landed back in the restaurant world. And it’s not as bad as I thought it would be. And I make a living doing that. And for the most part things are good.

And who would have thought that I’d have spent the following two summers in FUCKING Oklahoma designing musicals for a neurotic director and a exciting host of other characters. I also wouldn’t have guessed that I’d have become such good friends with the stage manager. She is the only source of sanity in the world that I’ve been plunged into here.

And who would have known two years ago that I would create relationships with lots of people that I’ve never seen in person. There are many people that I love knowing are out there and reading my blog. There are many people whose blogs I never miss reading even if I have to go back several days to see what they were up to. I get excited still when I get comments, because I was convinced it didn’t matter what I wrote since no one would ever read it.

I’m also amazed at some of the things I wrote when I first started this thing. I was much more open then, when I didn’t know people were reading. I wrote an entire post about giving head. I know, I know. Too much information. But it’s what interested me when I did it. If you want to read it, I sure won’t make you search for it.   Just click the link.

And I guess the biggest realization is that my life for the most part is okay. I think I now have a great small group of friends that I care about and I think they care about me. I talk to them on a regular basis and I miss them when I don’t. I have a job, that’s great when my ankle isn’t broken. I get to do theatre several times a year and even though it’s stressful, it’s still a lot of fun. (I’ll explain why tomorrow). For the most part I’m healty, although I need to lose about 300 pounds. In a post a little after I started I stated that I’d come to the realization that my life wasn’t funny. It was quite ordinary. I don’t know how I felt about that then. I know how I feel about it now. I like it. I like that I sit home with Chuck on Saturday night’s watching Law & Order SVU marathons on USA. I like having the most exciting thing that happens to me in the week being that I didn’t have to wait 20 minutes for the subway a the end of the day. I like that there are people out there who think I’m good enough at my job to want to fire me to design. I have money in the bank, a great apartment, and life is good. What more could a Maddog want.

And for the record Celebration, Florida is a community created by the wonderful people at Disney. It’s current population is 3, 745. It’s a mostly rich white community because we all know that only rich white people can be the Happiest People on Earth, while living in the community that’s the Happiest Place on Earth. After reading about it, it seems more like the Scariest Place on Earth. A little Stepford Wives for me.

I was trying to find a good image of it, but I found this on the second page of my internet search and I thought it was better than a photo of a house. Wouldn’t we all like to run around pulling on things attached to boys. I’m just saying.

I also found this image on Google Image Search

Maybe it’s not such a bad place after all.

Maddog’s Ramblings…

Twice today I’ve come up with topics to blog about tonight.  And now that I’m sitting at my computer I can’t for the life of me remember what they are.  Now what am I supposed to do?

I suppose I can ramble for a few minutes.

I’ve continued to read my book.  It’s okay.  She has mentioned the Interstate in every chapter I’ve read so far (If this statement is confusing read yesterday’s post).  Hmmm.  Can’t she leave well enough alone.  I also wish she would use a little less flowery descriptions and just get on with the story.  But that’s just my opinion.

I’m interested to see if any of the major news organizations are recanting their stories about Heath Ledger now that it has been confirmed that there were no illegal drugs in his apartment.  On several news sites as well as news channels I saw reports of cocaine being found as well as pills being strewn about the apartment.  Turns out all the pills were in the bottles they were bought in and there was no cocaine.  But I suppose recanting stories doesn’t get ratings or sell newspapers.

Along the same note.  I see that Fred Phelps is going to protest Heath Ledger’s funeral because of his role in Brokeback Mountain.  I don’t really believe in hell, but I have to believe that if there is a hell, there’s a special place in it for the likes of Fred Phelps.  The pain he causes is far greater than any harm that I’ve created by being gay.

I’ve put off seeing Cloverfield because of the reports of people getting motion sickness from watching it.  I’ve never been bothered by a movie before, but in the past year or so riding in car makes me sick.  I can no longer read on the subway.  I can’t read on airplanes either.  I may take the plunge and just do it next week.  It’s hard for me to pass up a movie where NYC is destroyed.  I love disaster movies.  And it’s always nice when you are familiar with the areas.  Independence Day.  War of the Worlds.  Day After Tomorrow.  Godzilla.  All GREAT movies in my book.  As long as there are no air plane crashes I love me a good disaster movie.

I’m having another dinner party  on Monday.  My friend Kelly who I worked with last summer is in town and I’m inviting her and her new boyfriend over on Monday night for dinner.  I’m also inviting my friend Ryan whom I know from school but will be joining us for fun and frolicking in Oklahoma this summer.  I’m going to once again make my world famous spaghetti pie.  Ask Ur-Spo.  I shared the secret recipe with him and he knows how wonderful it is.  All the makings for dinner are being delivered tomorrow afternoon between noon and 2:00 p.m. by Fresh Direct.  Fresh Direct is our on-line grocery store that makes living in NYC and shopping for groceries a breeze.  I couldn’t live without it.  I also don’t know if I mentioned that I’m going back to Oklahoma this summer.  I signed and mailed in my contract this week, so it’s for certain.  So sometime around June 1 I’ll start my daily updates of all the insanity of being out there.

I have to work all weekend, which I’m not looking forward to.  When it’s all said and done it’s almost 30 hours in three days.  I have the worst time going there.  I’d rather get a root canal than go there and spend the evening.  Of course my friend Michelle pointed out today that she’d be worried if I suddenly loved being there.  That would mean that I’m not taking steps to get out of the game.  That being said, it’s really not that bad.  I was ranked number 1 for the first two weeks of January and I’m number 3 this week.  Not so bad if you ask me.  So I’ll just suck it up and deal with it.

And I think I’ve rambled enough.  Have a great Friday everyone.

And does anyone else find it funny that the spell check program for Word Press doesn’t recognize blog, blogging, or blogger as a “real” words?

A Winter’s Tale

Uh…so I haven’t posted all week.  Uh…so I don’t really have an excuse I suppose.  Well I do but they aren’t very good.  Saturday night when I got home I spent an hour or so reading some of my favorite blogs and then just as I was starting to write a post the internet connection went south.  I tried and tried but there was no getting it to respond.  Then Sunday I spent the day cleaning and cooking to host my first ever “real” dinner party.  I had invited three guys from work over and my roommate was helping me play host.  We had a great time, but three bottles of wine and several beers later along with a trip to the local gay bar and I was in no mood shape to write.  Then Monday I spent the day recuperating and fell asleep watching TV.  And then there was Tuesday.  It was a repeat of Monday.  I fell asleep watching TV.  And that brings us to today.  And I’m posting.  Yippee!!!

I’m an avid reader.  I make a point of reading everyday.  No matter how tired I am.  Or how drunk I am.  Or how late it is.  I read every night before I go to sleep.  My routine usually involves brushing my teeth, taking my meds and getting comfortable in the bed.  Then I set the alarm for the next morning and get out my book, find my place and start to read.  As a point, although not always, I only read fiction.  I like getting lost in the stories and making new friends.  My favorite books are almost always written in first person.  I find that I’m much quicker to get lost in the tale if it’s written that way.  I also find that I have a hard time putting the book down if I’m really into it.  I’m always looking at the clock trying to decide if I can read just one more chapter before I turn out the light.  Only problem is, sometimes it means I only get a few hours of sleep because of how long I read.  I also know that I loved the book when I’m sad to see it end and I feel like I’ve lost a friend that I’m no longer going to get to spend time with.

I just read The Kite Runner and I felt like that.  I was sad for the book to be over and I wanted to continue reading to find out what else happens to Amir and how his life proceeds.  I also spent several months reading the entire Harry Potter series this summer.  I loved them all.  After seven books, though, I was terribly depressed when I realized that it was over.  In a way, even though Harry didn’t die in the books, there is a loss, because he’s no longer a friend spending time with me.  It’s not often that I truly feel this way about a book.  It just so happens in the last several months I’ve been lucky to read a couple.

And that brings me to my current book.  I started a new book last night.  The Memory Keeper’s Daughter by Kim Edwards.  I chose this book after searching my bookshelf for a book I haven’t read and that caught my interest.  I have an entire shelf full of books I haven’t read and there’s no rhyme or reason as to why I pick the book I do.  It’s just catches my eye.  So I chose this book.  Followed my routine, got comfortable and started to read.

First problem.  It’s not written in first person.  Okay, not so much a problem as it is something to get used to.  After a page or two though it’s fine and I’m getting into the book.  I find myself becoming immersed in it and before long I’m very much into the story.   The plot is kind of interesting.  It’s about a doctor who is forced to deliver the twins his wife is pregnant with.  The first one, a boy, is born without any problems.  The second one, a girl, is born with Down’s Syndrome.  The doctor gives the girl to his nurse telling her to take it to a nearby home for children.  The nurse keeps the child and raises it herself.  I know all of this because it’s on the back of the book and most of the premise is created in the first two chapters.

So I’m reading along and, well, I ran into a problem that bothered me so much that I had to stop reading.  The book is set in Lexinton, Kentucky in 1964.  I know it’s a work of fiction, but if you are going to set the book in real place then you should make sure the scenarios that you create are factual.  As the nurse leaves she drives through the snow out of Lexington.  The roads are bad until she gets to the Interstate.  Once there she is able to make better time.   She crosses the Kentucky River and finds the “home” just south of Louisville.  This raises an eyebrow but I’m willing to let it go.  The woman is about to drop the baby off, changes her mind and then heads back to Lexington.  32 miles from Lexington, just passed the Frankfort exit, she encounters an accident.  And well this is where I stopped reading.

I know it shouldn’t matter in the big scheme of things.  But to get to Louisville by Interstate means that you are driving on I-64.  And here’s the problem.  I-64 didn’t exist in Central Kentucky in 1964.  I was in elementary school when I-64 came through Lexington.  And I’m not the old.  The reason I remember is that the construction caused my school bus to have to take detours and this went on for well over a year or so.  I spent a long time today trying to find out exactly when it was built in Central Kentucky but was unable to locate an exact date.  So I know that this should have no bearing on the rest of the book, but for me it does.  What else did Kim fail to research before she wrote the book.  What else about the book is not factual.  In the big scheme of things it’s really rather silly, but when someone’s writing about a place you call home then they better know what they are talking about.  Damn it.

Will I finish reading it?  Probably.  But it’s definitely changed my opinion of the book.

A Day In The Life…

I tried posting last night.  But I was a little too intoxicated and kept hitting the wrong keys.  After about three or four minutes of this, I deleted the whole post and went to bed.  I had been to a gathering of friends from grad school at a bar in the East Village.  There were about 25 or so people that showed up.  It was a blast hanging out and catching up.  Some of them I hadn’t seen in more than three years.  They graduated at the end of my first year and we haven’t run into each other since.  Long story short, we drank a lot of beer and had a great time.  I got home around 2ish and was a little more intoxicated than I thought I was.  I didn’t however wake up with a hangover, for which I’m very grateful.

I just got home from work.  It was a good night and I can’t really complain.  The restaurant was a zoo all night.  Our restaurant has three dining rooms.  Tonight, two of the dining rooms were closed for private events.  That meant that our main dining room had to handle the entire restaurant.  We were on a two hour + wait until well after 11:00 p.m. tonight.  It was insane.  I’ve never seen so many people.  Luckily almost everyone I dealt with tonight was in a good mood and I only got a couple of lousy tips so I was having fun and making money which is the point of all this right?

On another note, as servers in the restaurant, we are ranked numerically based on our performance.  There are a number of things we are ranked for.  Total sales.  Per guest average.  Total number of surveys completed.  Percentage of alcohol per guest.  And the list goes on.  Each month the rankings are published and these ranking effect the shifts that we are given.  This month out of 155 servers that work in our restaurant.  I’m ranked 5th.  Not so bad if you ask me.  Last month I was 14th.  And I’ve only worked there for 3 months.  Of course I doubt seriously if I can ever get to number 1.  There are things that I don’t do that I’m counted off for.  Of course no one really cares it just keeps me from being number 1.  But I think I can live with number 5.  It’s nice being at the top.

Word Press Ate My Post. UGH!

I just spent 30 minutes writing a post about my bad mood, being depressed and life sucking.  Obviously Word Press thought it would be funny to eat that post.  Since it’s almost 2 a.m. and that post is gone and I’m in a really bad mood now.  I’m going to bed.

A New Hard Drive…

hard-drive.jpgAfter more than two weeks without my computer, it’s finally out of the shop.  I picked it up today from the repair store.  It now has a brand new hard drive, and is running faster than ever.  What it doesn’t have is any of the pictures that I took over the past two years.  Any of the design work I did over the past two years.  The programming for my design website.  The programming for my DVD.  Two years worth of emails.  And none of the illegal software that my friends had given me.  In essence I’m starting with a brand new computer.

I keep trying to remind myself that I should be thankful that the computer didn’t need to be replaced.  It was a relatively easy fix and for the most part painless.  As with all things, I think about what’s missing and I realize that I can live without most of those things.  The pictures are not replaceable, but it’s also not like they were of my grandmother who just died or something.  The files were important, but once again they are not things I can’t live without.  I’ll have to recreate some things but for the most part it will be fine.

What I have promised myself to do, is to back up my computer as I create files.  I have an external hard drive that I hardly ever use.  It sits on my desk beside my computer and is hardly ever plugged in.  That will change now.  I’m going to back up things as I go, so that next time I won’t lose so much information.

I’ll spend the next few days catching you up on what’s been going on but for now, I’m still working at the restaurant.  It’s going fine.  In fact I was supposed to work tonight but gave away my shift so that I could go and pick up my computer.  I’ll have to pick up a shift on Thursday or Friday to make up for it, but that’s no big deal.

I hope everyone’s been doing well, and I can’t wait to catch up on what everyone’s been doing since I’ve been gone.

A Day In The Life…

Sorry about no post for the last two days.  On Sunday I didn’t get home until almost 3 a.m. and had to be back at work at 10 a.m. so I cut my losses and went straight to bed.  I had an entire post figured out in my head last night but the Internet connection at my house was completely fucked so I bagged it and went to bed.  Let’s hope it last for 30 minutes or so so I can get this posted.

Last night I was all prepared for ranting, but I think I’ll save it for a night when I’m a little more angry.  Tonight I’m about as chilled as I ever get.

I had a great day today.  I slept until almost 2 p.m.   I set my alarm to get up at 11 a.m. but slept through it.  I might still be asleep if my friend Jeff hadn’t called to say hi.  I didn’t take the call but it did wake me.  I got up and made coffee and started my day.   I spent the next two hours on the phone.  I called a bunch of people I owed phone calls to and actually got to speak to a couple of them.  And then my friend Kelly called.  She worked with me this summer in Oklahoma and was calling to tell me about her latest adventures.  We talked for exactly an hour, catching up and telling each other all about what had happened since we left in July.

After the phone calls I left to run some errands.  I needed to go to the bank, to Bed, Bath and Beyond, Best Buy, and to buy some jeans.

First stop the bank.  When did customer service people stop saying please and thank you.  I just started banking at Commerce Bank in New York.  I opened a savings account there because I’m trying to restock some of my retirement money that I’ve been living on for the past year.  It’s an account that I’ve put my change in and I’m dropping in 10% of everything I earn from here on out.  So I got to the bank, filled out the deposit slip and went to the counter.  I handed the girl my money and the slip and apologized for not having my account number.  She didn’t even look at me.  She just snapped at me to give her my ATM card.  I took a deep breath and explained to her that first of all demanding I do something was borderline rude.  And that she might try asking for the card next time.  I then explained that I didn’t have a card.  She then grunted at me to tell her my social security number.  I found this interesting, since we live in a time of identity theft and she wanted me to just say the number while I was standing three feet away from two other customers.  I finished the transaction, all the while thinking that I just might need to close the account and reopen the account in a different bank.  It’s not a lot of money but it’s enough that I don’t think I should have to put up with the attitude.

Next I was off to buy jeans.  I only have one pair of work pants and I’ve been wearing them everyday.  Which means they aren’t exactly clean when I have to open the restaurant after closing the night before.  I had put off buying them because I was hoping to be down a pants size before I did it.  I headed cross town to the Causal Male XL store which is the only place in Manhattan that I know that sells big boy clothes.  I got there, looked around while the sales guy was helping someone else.  He finally got  to me and I asked him for a pair of jeans in my size.  When I bought my last pair they were size 46.  I was guessing that I was down to a size 44.  He brought them out to me and I went in to try them on.  They were huge on me.  I was happy to say the least.  I gave them back to him and be brought me a pair of 42’s.  They fit perfectly.  Yippee.  Of course I bought them.  When I was checking out, the girl waiting on me asked if I would like to be on their mailing list.  I told her I didn’t plan on being fat long enough to take advantage of it.  Let’s hope that’s true.

While I’m on the subject of weight.  As of today I’ve lost 51.2 pounds.  I’m finally under the 250 mark.  It’s been a long time since I could say that.  I still have over 60 pounds to go, but I’m getting there one pound at a time.  I just have to keep my eye on the prize and keep up the work.

After the jeans I was off to Best Buy.  Yesterday on the way to work, I caught the head phone cable to my Ipod on the door walking into the restaurant and broke it.  The headphones, not the Ipod.  So I needed to get a headphones.  I found where they were kept and started looking.  While I was standing there and man walks up and without even blinking steps between me and the shelf and begins his own shopping.  And it’s not like I was 10 feet away from it.  There was just enough room for a person between me and the shelf.  I was somewhat taken aback.  I stood there for a moment, cleared my throat and said…”uh, excuse me.”  He turned and looked at me like I had three heads but at least moved aside.  I picked up the pair I’d been looking at and headed to the counter to buy them.

My question is, and I’ve been meaning to ask this of you guys for a while now.  When did we as a society stop saying excuse me.  I’ve been super aware of it for the last several months now and almost no one says excuse me any more.  People bump into you, push you, move you, and not one of them can say excuse me.  And it’s not one particular type of person.  It’s black, white, Hispanic, Asian.  Male, Female.  Gay, Straight.  It really makes me wonder what lies ahead in the world of courtesy.

After my adventures at Best Buy I was off to Bed Bath and Beyond.  I was indulging myself.  I bought a foot spa to soak my feet in after my long nights waiting table.  My friend Michelle suggested it today and I thought, what the fuck.  It certainly can’t hurt.  I got it home tonight and tried it out.  I don’t know if it will help the pain I have while I’m on my feet, but it certainly feels good in the moment.  So I’ll keep you posted as to how it works.

And that was my day.  How was yours?

Haircuts, News, and Yard Sales…

Earlier in the week I went to bed and completely forgot to write a blog entry.  I was on my way to bed tonight and realized I hadn’t written a post today.  I wonder what that means.  I hope it doesn’t mean that I’m getting tired of writing my blog because for the most part I still find it enjoyable and fun.  I guess it’s just something to think about.

There’s really not much to report today.  I slept late and then moved to the living room where I watched New York 1 (our local news channel) and then CNN Headline news.  It was quite the slow news day.  You know it’s a slow day when they are doing stories about a monkey who’s in love with a pigeon and a woman who has been told she can’t keep her pet deer enclosed in a pen in her yard.  It was enough though to keep me entertained for a couple of hours.

After the news I got up and showered and headed out into the city.  It was a beautiful day here.  Overcast but cool.  I took the train down to the Village and then walked to the East Village to get my hair cut.  I’ve been getting my hair cut in the same New York location for about 8 years.  I used to get it cut by Mike the VERY cute Russian who liked to massage my shoulders as he cut my hair.  Unfortunately he had moved to a different place when I returned to New York and for all my pleading for the guys that were left to tell me where, they wouldn’t.  So now I get my hair cut by Eddie.  He’s also Russian and gives a good haircut, but he’s not cute.  I guess that’s what I get for going away for three years.

I’m sitting at my computer listening to a bunch of guys argue on the street below.  They are screaming at each other, but I have no idea what about.  It seems to be all show, so I don’t think I’ll have to call 911 tonight.  What I would like though is to be paid a nickle for everytime the word “nigger” is shouted on my street corner.  I’d never have to work again.  It’s used sometimes in anger, sometimes as a friendly greeting.  But it’s used often.

I deposited  my “yard sale” items in the lobby tonight.  I had collected quite a pile of stuff in the living room over the last week.  Most of it was stuff that I should have never brought to New York with me.  An old Polaroid camera, a purple bedspread, a bunch of clothes, lots and lots of books I’ll never read again, a palm pilot, several gym bags, a drafting table…the list goes on.  More than anything it was stuff that I no longer wanted taking up precious space in my bedroom.  So out it went.  I put it all in the lobby with a sign that said, “Free Stuff.  Help Yourself.”  I figure people will take what they want and anything that’s still in the lobby on Monday I’ll take to the garbage.  I know, I know I probably could have sold it, or donated it for the tax deduction but everything’s a little more complicated in New York, when you don’t have a car and getting anywhere with the stuff is a challenge.  This way people who want it can have it for free.  It’s like my own little public service.

An Almost Boring Day

And that my friends is a wrap. I’ve spent the last 4.5 hours catching up on all my blog reads. It’s been several weeks since I’ve really gone through all of them and I felt like I was missing out. So tonight around 9:30 I started reading. I read all the posts that I had missed since the last time I read and I tried to leave comments on most of them. I even managed to take a look at four new blogs tonight that had been recommended this week by other people. A couple of them were excellent and I’ll probably continue to check them out.

It was a good first day back in Maine. I slept until almost 12:30. Well I did have a call from my psychiatrist at 10:00 but I barely remember talking to him. I do remember that I have an appointment at the end of the month but that’s about all I remember. My friend Michelle called just as I was waking up for good. It was a nice conversation. We chatted about her camping trip and my trip to New York. I did tell her that I was ready for her to be home. It gets lonely here by myself with no TV.

I did manage to convince her to tell me where she put the scale. I haven’t weighed myself in almost two weeks and I was anxious to find out if this diet was working. Most days I can tell that it is. I don’t feel as fat and my clothes are a little looser. But sometimes I think that’s all in my head. So today I was given my scale back. I weighed myself and was pleasantly surprised to find that I had lost 16 pounds since I started this little excursion. It’s right on par with what the book says you’ll lose in the first two weeks. Of course it also says that the loss will slow as I add some of the bad things back into my diet. I’m hoping that as long as I can keep up the walking and keep the carbs at bay the weight will continue to fall away. I really want to be thin enough to start running again. As much as I enjoy the walks I’ve been taking they don’t produce the same emotional state that a nice long five mile run does. I know, I know I just need patience. But as I told my friend Todd tonight. It’s a hell of a lot more fun to gain weight than lose it. It’s been 19 days since I’ve had ice cream, beer, or bread. Ugh…

After I got up today, I made breakfast for me and the dog. She’s funny whenever you are in the kitchen. The two things that make her happier than anything else in the world is dinnertime and walk time. She becomes giddy as a school girl spinning in circles and jumping up and down. You would think that we didn’t feed her at all. After she was fed, I played around on the internet and then ended up on the couch for a nap. You have to wonder how someone who just got out of bed could need a nap…but I’m not complaining.

After the nap I walked the girl. We were out for about 30 minutes and then it was off for my own walk. I went a little earlier than I usually do so there were fewer boys out than normal. What I lacked in quantity though, I surely made up for in quality. There were some beautiful boys running the path today. Yummy. After the walk I stopped by for some groceries. The place was a zoo. I found what I needed, spent more than I wanted and was soon on my way back home.

I’m about to delete this post. This shit is boring. Who wants to hear about my day in a moment by moment break down. It was a good day. I can’t complain. And since the rest of the post was so boring I will share this. There is a less than reputable place in town where gay boys can go to have fun. So tonight I dropped by just to see what was going on. I’m glad that I did. There was only one other guy in the place but he was VERY cute and seemed to think I was too. I went into the booth with him and then we ______________________________________


I’ll let you guys fill in the blanks. It was very fun and I had a good time. Hopefully, we’ll run into each other again.

So at least something interesting happened today.

Tune in tomorrow when I’ll have probably had an equally boring day.