Our house is a very nice house!

Here are photos of our new house!

IMG_0803 - Copy - CopyThis is a view of the “music” room.  Which is at the opposite end of the kitchen.  The shelf along the wall holds our bourbon collection and the rest of our liquor.

IMG_0804 - Copy - CopyAnother view of the same room.

IMG_0806 - Copy - CopyThe fireplace on the kitchen side.  That’s Nancy Louise hanging above the mantle.  We don’t know if she’s going to stay there or not.

IMG_0807 - Copy - CopyA view of the kitchen from the piano.

IMG_0809 - Copy - CopyA closer view of the kitchen.

IMG_0811 - Copy - CopyThe living room standing in the dining room. We have a huge bay window that looks into the front yard.  The cats love this window.

IMG_0812 - Copy - CopyAnother view of the living room.  The fireplace is a see through it opens to both the music room AND the living room although it’s now shown well.

IMG_0813Our wall of bookshelf.  We drilled through the back of the shelves to install lamps on the shelves.  It helps brighten up and give life to that end of the living room.

IMG_0814A view of the living room and the dining room beyond.

IMG_0818A view of the dining room from the living room.  The built ins are awesome.  We never use the lights above the cases but it’s fun that they are there.  The cabinets hold ALL of our hosting tools.  This is much easier than the attic where a lot of this lived before.

IMG_0820 A view without the lights on, with the chandelier.