My Birthday Weekend

My birthday has come and gone!

It was great.  It was also my 50th.  It’s hard to believe that I actually lived to see 50.  Not because of anything I did, or do, but because it just seemed impossible that I’d ever be this old.  DAMN!


My birthday weekend:

Saturday morning Adam and I got up at the butt crack of dawn to hold a yard sale.  We had a fair amount of stuff left over from our last yard sale and we didn’t really want to move any of it.  So we got up at 7:00 and started taking things downstairs.  When we opened the door there were already two men waiting for the sale to start.  We’d advertised that it started at 8:00.  I know they are called early birds but come on, lets be serious.

They started asking us to bring down certain things first.  We pretty much ignored them.  We just kept making trips and continued to ignore them.  By this time another guy had arrived making three people on our side walk annoying us.

And then it got real interesting.  Two of the guys started arguing with each other about who was first and who got to look through the DVD’s first.  Then they were up in each other’s faces.  This continued for the next 45 minutes as we continued to get set up.  At one point I told them if they didn’t chill out I was going to call the cops.  To be stubborn we brought down the movies last.

They continued to argue even while they were going through the movies.  And then one guy made his purchases and left.  The other guy stayed another hour just “talking” to anyone who would listen about how the other guy had been rude to him.  He would NOT shut up.  Finally he left.


We ended up making about 300 dollars.  I was pretty much giving things away which was very different than the first time we did a yard sale.  I drove a hard bargain then and wouldn’t budge on the prices.  This time everything was pretty much a dollar or two.

The day started out warmish buy by 10:00 the wind had picked up and it had become cold.  So we actually wrapped things up around 11:30 which was 90 minutes ahead of schedule.  We still had a full truck load of things we took to Goodwill when we were done.

By 12:00 I was back home, in the shower and about to really start my birthday weekend.


2 thoughts on “My Birthday Weekend

  1. Urspo April 19, 2015 / 19:15

    Many happy returns! I hope the next 50 are even more amazing.

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