So our landlord scheduled an open house to show our apartment tonight.  Which is nerve wracking in the best of scenarios.  Strangers tromping through you house, going through your stuff.  It’s an invasion.  As I said last night it will be nice to not have a landlord.

This particular scenario is made worse by the fact that our landlord is the ex-husband of the dining room manager who just quit at my restaurant.  Yes.  For two years my employee has been related to our landlord.  At least she used to be.  EXCEPT, just before she quit they got back together. And it’s actually her who is showing our apartment.

Which makes me especially nervous.  She is kind of crazy.  Let me rephrase that she is VERY KRAZY!  It would not surprise me at all to learn that she went through out things today while we were out.  Of that she snooped on our computers.  Or poisoned our kitties.  She really is certifiably crazy.

And there is not one fucking thing we can do about it.  She’s his ex-wife.  They are back together.  She’s handling renting the apartment for him.  So we just have to deal with.

And we don’t like it.






One thought on “Hmmmm.

  1. catrina56 April 11, 2015 / 19:16

    That’s pretty sketchy! I hope she doesn’t do terrible things!

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