Answers Revealed!

Answers to comments from yesterday’s post:

1.  Moving day is April 27th.  We’d thought we’d be well on our way to being finished with our kitchen remodel but it turns out the person currently living in the house isn’t moving out till April 20th.  That only gives us about five days to get things done, so the moral of that story is that we are going to be without a kitchen for a while when we move in.  I guess we’ll really have to buy a microwave and wash the dishes in the bathtub.  Thank god there’s going to be an extra fridge because the appliances won’t be delivered until after the cabinets are in.  Ugh.

2.  I probably haven’t mentioned that I play the piano.  It’s a sad sorted story.

When I was ten my father was given a piano to bring home with him.  He told my mother there was no way in hell he was going to cart a piano home.  I was heart broken, I’d always wanted to play more than anything in the world.  I would sneak off to my aunt’s house and try to pick out songs on her piano.  The moral of the story was…no piano for Maddog.  When I was 16 I found a free piano in the want ads of the local paper and convinced a relative to help me move it  home for me.  I then started taking lessons my senior year of high school in “class piano.”  I was successful at learning to play Fur Elise.  I also took lessons my first two years of college.  Unfortunately my teacher and I were never really compatible because he hadn’t taught “beginner” students in years.  His wife taught private lessons to the beginners and when they graduated to being “good” he took over.  He had a hard time teaching me the basics and after a year and half he told me to go away.  He wasn’t really that rude but it was the gist of things.  I’ve never taken since.   The summer I moved back to Kentucky after living in Atlanta I moved in with a fellow who was “holding” his friends piano.  We made room for it and I played a lot.  A month after I moved in our apartment was “robbed.”  And by robbed I mean my roommate made it look like people broke in but they only took my things.  Two bikes:  They took mine.  Two stereos:  They took mine.  Two things of cassette tapes:  they took mine.  I moved out the next day.  I kept the piano.  I didn’t even ask if I could have it, when my parents came with the moving truck I just loaded it in and drove away.  It was never spoken of again.  I kept the piano and played it often.  It went with me to Cincinnati twice.  Alabama.  And all over Lexington.  What it couldn’t do was go with me to NYC.  So in 1998 when I moved to NYC I gave the piano to a teacher I taught with and that was that.  I haven’t had a piano since, except for three short months right after we moved to Maine when we rented a keyboard.  I’m very excited to dig into my sheet music and start playing again.  I’ll be very rusty but it will be fun.  Banging on the piano has always been a great stress release for me.

3.  I’m not really bothered by turning 50.  I don’t feel 50.  Everyone tells me I don’t look 50.  And as I always say “It’s better than the alternative.”  BUT THEN, my friend Chuck told me we don’t know that for sure.  No one has ever come back from the beyond to tell us whether is better or worse here.  But as they say the devil you know is better than the devil you don’t know so I’m going to stick with it’s better to be alive than dead.

My landlord is showing our apartment tomorrow at on open house.  We are nervous for the kitties.  We are nervous about people breaking things and stealing things.  We are nervous.  It will be nice to no longer have a landlord!


One thought on “Answers Revealed!

  1. javabear April 10, 2015 / 02:26

    That Kentucky roommate should be publicly flogged or something. What an ass.

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