To dump or not to dump?

This is a post I made on Facebook yesterday.

A question for the general population: Adam and I have been sorting through our attic this week so what does one do with 49.9999 years (I’m not 50 yet dammit) worth of letters, journals, books, papers, report cards, Christmas Cards, scripts, show posters, programs for plays you designed, souvenirs from grad school etc that have been kept in boxes and haven’t been looked at in 47.9999 years? Do you throw them away? Keep them for your cats to go through when you die? Pretend that you’ll eventually get around to writing that great American novel and you need them for research? Seriously. What do you do with them? PS. It’s been condensed to about five or six boxes from about 15 or so ten years ago. Advice please!

I was looking for advice on how to “downsize” my memories.  I got a ton of responses, most of which said to dump the stuff.  I’m still not sure what I’ll do with it.  One thing I’ve thought about doing is trascribing my journal entries on to my blog.  They are from years ago and I really don’t think there’s anything in them I’d be ashamed to have read, or embarrassed is probably a better word.  The rest of the stuff is mostly from grad school, old letters, and some junk from high school and college.  It’s probably only two boxes to be truthful.

Do you guys have any advice?


3 thoughts on “To dump or not to dump?

  1. usstorageunit April 2, 2015 / 18:49

    1. I like the new look. It’s hard to read the white text on the black background.
    2. I dumped my high school journals – wish a hadn’t. I have letters from my first husband, when he was in a road band. I have letters from my sweet grandmother. I don’t have old cards, but I have a huge tub or photos. I don’t look at this stuff very often, and if I had to leave it behind I could and I would. But I haven’t had to yet, so I keep it.

  2. Urspo April 8, 2015 / 21:19

    As a genealogist I vote not to throw things out; future generations will find something marvelous and important among the trivia.

  3. javabear April 16, 2015 / 09:29

    You could possibly scan all the stuff (or photograph it) and store the information digitally. Then you could get rid of the bulky physical mass. Or follow Ur-Spo’s advice. Future generations, etc. Donate the drama related stuff to an interested library, maybe your alma mater.

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