Help Wanted. Normal people only!

Today I went to a job fair here in our fair city.  I was given the task of being the representative from our company.  That was pretty much all the direction I was giving.  I was essentially looking for employees for nine hotels and six restaurants.  How hard could it be.

The job fair  career fair was held here in our big city.  I work 30 minutes away.  99.9 percent of the people that were attending took one look at my sign saying where I was from and walked away.  This however turned out to be the least of my problems.

S0 the other .01 percent turned out to be somewhat special.  And I mean that in the the nicest way possible.  One woman walked up and said hello.  I said hello back.  Then she stared at me for about three minutes.  I finally said, what line of work are you in and what are you looking for and she continued to just stare at me.  Then she walked away.  Another guy who appeared normal came up and started talking to me.  THEN.  He began to tell me that he too smart to do any entry level job since his GPA in college was 3.7, so he was only interested in higher level management jobs.  Did I have any higher lever management jobs that he’d be interested in?  I told him to email me his resume and I’d see what I could do.  It arrived bright and early today.  Of course it did.  Then there was the older gentleman who walked up and launched into a conversation about how he worked in the collections department at the local hospital and he worked with one woman who owed 16,000 dollars to get her to pay because he just kept calling her telling her he wasn’t going to go away and that she had to pay.  All of this was offered up with nothing other than a hello how are you today.

The worst part of the day was the number of older people looking for work.  I’d bet I saw 50 or 60 people that were 60+ carrying around their resumes looking for work. One very nice guy who used to be a chef and owned his own restaurant was looking for a job as a line cook.  I’d have guessed him to be around 75.  I told him we’d call him this week.  He was sweet and I’m pretty sure he could do daytime prep work.  The reason this was the worst is because I hate the very thought of being one of them.  It must be awful to be that old and be competing for jobs with 20 year olds.  It’s one of my worst fears as I approach 50 in the next couple of weeks!

All in all I think I actually spoke to about 20 people.  None of them are people I’d go out of my way to hire.  One or two might get hired because I have to.  But only because I have to.  Why do I have to?  Because I have more jobs to offer than I have people applying to work them.  I’ve discovered over the past two years that I end up with three piles.  The yes pile.  The maybe pile.  And the absolutely not pile.  And.  I end up taking all of the yes people.  All of the maybe people and at least three or four of the absolutely not pile.  Because I have to have bodies to cover all the stations and shifts that I have available.

Today on Facebook one of my friends said these were first world problems.  I suppose they are.  It still causes a great deal of stress when I can’t hire enough people to actually do the work I have to do.

In the meantime I have to go to another job fair career fair next Thursday.



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