The Biggest Loser!

Our weekend was a huge success!  We had a blast.  If I’m being honest we had a little too much fun.  We drank and ate and ate and drank all weekend.  I’ve never felt so full in my whole life.  I still feel fat and we’ve been home for two days.

Speaking of feeling fat.  I have gotten fat again.  Well not super fat, but I haven’t been on my diet for about three months and I feel like i’ve gained 100 pounds.  It’s probably closer to 25 which is still too much.

So today.  I got back on the wagon.  My goal is to be on the wagon until my birthday on April 12.  Actually till April 11.  We are all going out to eat on that night so that will be my first cheat day.  I should be able to lose five or six pounds before that.

So wish me luck.  I’ll need all the help that I can get!


One thought on “The Biggest Loser!

  1. javabear March 27, 2015 / 21:36

    Good luck with the weight loss! And good luck resisting temptation. That’s my big problem, temptation.

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