It’s Happening!

We just got this email from my boss!

Hi Everyone,

So It seems that all is well in paradise.
As of this afternoon all of the family members of the selling side have agreed that they are happy with the deal and prepared to sell at the terms that have been discussed.
The closing date is a question of narrowing it down but looks like somewhere between april 15th and May 1st.  The one thing that Beth reminded me today is that she is actually the executor of our mother’s estate and will need to be the one to sign the documents.  That said, she lives far away and so choosing the exact date must work for her.
We have not got an actual mortgage agreement filled out yet, but we totally understand that buyers want to see this and have a chance to review with their lawyer before closing.  I am working on getting that put together.  
Also, on that note, the following closing costs are paid by the seller.  Is the lawyer you have hired to review the documents going to do the closing for you?  If so he can advise you what to expect for these costs and how they will be paid.
I am very excited… I can’t wait to have new neighbors!!!
talk soon,
Your Boss

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