Maddog in the city IN the country!

Adam and I are leaving on Thursday to go away for the weekend.  We are going with 10 of our closest friends.  The weekend has been planned for a while but we’ve only been told in the past two days what’s actually happening.

The backstory!

More than a year ago Adam and I started planning our 90th birthday.  We thought since Adam was turning 40 and I was turning 50 we should plan a birthday bash.  Adam came up with the brilliant idea of going to Disney World and making our party a destination party.  We’d invite friends from all over the country and make a week of it.  We’d do the Disney parks, Universal, stay at the resort and have a hell of a good time.  AWESOME!


Last summer we were bitten by the house buying bug.  We started looking at houses.  Then actually tried to buy one.  And it didn’t take long for us to realize that a trip to Disney was going to cost 1,000,000,000,000,000 dollars.  Well maybe not that much but we were looking at several thousand dollars.  And this couldn’t happen if we were to actually buy a house.  So we scrapped the idea.

Our friends however decided that we still needed a trip for our birthday.  So they came up with the brilliant idea of taking us away for the weekend.  So for the past six months they’ve done all the research and planning.  We’ve known nothing except the dates we’d be out of town.

We finally got an email today stating where we were going.  This is where we are going:


It’s a hunting lodge about 90 minutes north east of us.  It sleeps 16.  Has a movie theater room complete with a popcorn popper.  Pool table.  Hot tub.  Several fireplaces.

It’s going to be a fun time.  We are leaving around 1:00 on Thursday afternoon.  We were supposed to stay till Monday but it seems everyone has to leave early so I think we’re all coming back Sunday.  Which actually is a good thing because Adam and I are going to Ikea on Monday to buy cabinets for our new house.

I’ll check in with you next week and let you know how much fun we had!


One thought on “Maddog in the city IN the country!

  1. javabear March 23, 2015 / 17:16

    Wow! The lodge is lovely and the whole weekend sounds like lots of fun. Happy 90th to you and Adam.

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