I’ll have to go COMMANDO!

I’m annoyed.  Very.  Very.  Annoyed.

Since 1902 I’ve been wearing Old Navy boxer shorts.  Seriously.  Since 1902.  Actually I started while I was in grad school son since 2006.  And since I’m a big guy I need the XXL size.  When I started wearing them I could buy them in the store.  It’s the only way I discovered they fit and I liked them.  So for a very long time I bought them in the store.

Some time around the time that Adam and I started dating I discovered that they no longer carried them in the store.  FUCK!  However you could buy them online.  About four or five years ago (I know this because it was before we moved to Maine) Adam bought me about ten pairs.  They were fun.  One pair had candy corn on them which is one of my all time favorite candies.  It’s been at least four years since this happened.

Today.  I went to the Old Navy website to order a couple of new pairs.  They wear out after four years and get a little bare in the crotch.  That being said, I’ve more than gotten my money’s worth.  And what do I discover.  The no longer carry XXL at all.  Nada.  Zip.  No more!  FUCK!  FUCK!  FUCK!

What the fuck am I supposed to do now?  I don’t time to go searching for a new supplier of underwear.  I like Old Navy.  Do they not realize Americans are getting bigger rather than smaller?  You’d think they’s stop carrying the small size.  I mean if I had a 32 inch waist I wouldn’t be wearing Old Navy underwear.  I’d be wearing Calvin Klein boxer briefs.  Like I used to.

So I guess I have to make the 10 or so pairs that I have last another 10 or so years.  Or at least until I have time to go look for underwear elsewhere.





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