Who wants a job?

I still haven’t hired a manager.  And I have no new prospects.  It looks like it’s going to be a VERY long summer.  Here’s the run down of my candidates.

1.  Great on paper.  I call him.  He doesn’t call me back.  I call him again.  He doesn’t call me back.  I email him.  Two days later he emails me to tell me he’s been out of town, AND that although he’d love to come in and interview he doesn’t think it’s a good idea since he needs three weeks off in the middle of the summer. That’s the end of that.

2.  Great on paper.  I call him.  He answers.  I ask him if he’d like to come in for an interview.  He says yes.  The day of the interview comes.  The time for the interview comes and goes.  No show.  I call him.  He answers.  Says he forgot, can we reschedule.   I say yes for the next day.  The time for the interview comes and goes.  No show.  Seriously.  Why the fuck did he waste my time?

3.  Great on paper.  I call her.  She answers.  We set up an interview.  She comes in.  Is great.  I like her.  We chat for two hours.  We get to the part where we discuss the details of the job and she proceeds to tell me that she’s not even sure she wants the job because she wants to be able to take time off in the fall and spring to attend her son’s high school athletic events.  FUCK.  Why didn’t she tell me this before we started.

4.  Not so great on paper.  I call him anyway.  He’s dressed.  Nice smile.  Good looking.  That’s kind of the only thing he had going for him.  He was ernest.  And eager.  He spent the whole time answering the questions that I didn’t ask.  He didn’t listen to me at all.  I finally resigned myself to just letting him talk.  He clearly had had an interview seminar or class in college.  He pretty much told me how hard he worked, what a fast learner he was, how dedicated he was, how many hours he’s willing to work over and over for about 90 minutes.  He’s probably going to get hired.

5.  Not so great on paper.  I’m grasping for straws.  He shows up.  Wearing a pair of jean, a baseball cap, a polo shirt, and a red jacket.  We walk back to the area where I’m going to interview him and he takes off his hate, and jacket.  His polo shirt is dirty.  His jeans are dirty.  He has bad teeth.  And we start to talk.  He’s not at all appropriate for my restaurant.  Especially not Front of House.  I spend the next hour trying to come up with things to talk about.  The conversation isn’t flowing.  It’s hard to come up with stuff when they are answering in one sentence.  I finally say, “Do you have any questions for me?”  We spend the next 45 minutes with him asking me insane questions.  He’s clearly been told that it’s good idea to ask questions at an interview.

6.  Okay on paper.  Call her.  She comes in.  She’s got the energy of paint drying.  I can’t imagine spending an hour in the office with her.  I can’t imagine her having any kind of enthusiasm about what we do.  I struggle with questions for her as well.  I mostly just want the interview to be over.

7.  Not good on paper at all.  Not at all.  Just graduated from college with a hospitality degree.  He arrives.  He’s wearing a suit.  Looks great.  Beautiful blue eyes.  Crooked teeth.  Distractingly crooked teeth.  It takes me all of seven minutes to find out he has NO restaurant experience.  He wants experience.  He doesn’t have any experience.  I finally say to him that I don’t think he’s a good fit for the restaurant but maybe for the hotel.  He’s got a lot of hotel experience.  So we chat about 20 minutes and then I ask if he’d mind being interviews by the Assistant General Manager of the hotel.  They talk.  I think he’s going to start as a desk clerk next week.

8.  There is no number 8.  So after two weeks I still don’t have a viable option to manage my staff.  AT ALL.

So I chatted with my boss today.  Here’s what we’ve come up with.  I’m going to call Candidate #3 and ask her to come in on Monday to chat with the Bar Manager.  I want a second set of eyes before I say yes.  If he likes her I’m going to offer her the job with the suggestion she work full time till October at which point she’ll go to half time.  At this point Candidate #4 who I’ve also hired as a supervisor will take on more hours and pick up some of her slack.  This might work.  This is known as thinking outside the box.


I called Candidate #3 this morning and have not heard back from her.  She did tell me she wasn’t even sure she wanted to go back to work yet.  Do I let Candidate #4 the eager, earnest kid have a shot at it?  Do I repost the ad?  WHAT THE FUCK DO I DO?  I just shouted that!


One thought on “Who wants a job?

  1. Urspo March 7, 2015 / 19:44

    how frustrating.

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