I’m pissed!!!

10 things that piss me off!

1.  People who do not pull up to the cross marking in the intersection.  Especially if you have to pull forward to trigger the light.  A year or so ago, at 1:00 a.m. I was waiting behind a car that was a good 50 feet from the marker.  We waited and waited and the light won’t change if the car doesn’t trigger it.  So I backed up and went around them.  Pulled in front of them. The light change and I drove on.

2.  People who don’t seem to realize they have to pay.  Do not wait until you pull up to the window to go searching for your money.  You’ve been waiting in line for five minutes.  Pull out your wallet now so I don’t have to wait.

3.  People who take up the whole line at the grocery store.  Tonight I had an armload of things and I couldn’t put them down on the belt because the two guys in front of me, who were paying were taking up about ten feet of space.  Seriously.  Look around you.  You are not the only people in the world.

4.  People who drive 20 miles below the speed limit.  Coming home tonight there was a car going 25 in a 45 mile an hour speed zone.  Seriously.  Get out of the fucking way.

5.  People who say “Have a good one.” when they wait on me.  Have a good what?  Day?  Enema?  Orgasm?  Root canal?  Have a good fucking what?

6.  Fast food restaurants who raise their prices then serve you Diet Cokes that aren’t full.  The McDonald’s near my work just raised their drink prices.  Which is okay.  I understand.  I run a restaurant.  You have to increase prices sometimes.  But the last you can do is make sure the drinks are full when you give them to me.  They use one of those automatic drink dispensers and sometimes the liquid is almost an inch from the top of the cup.  They are basically giving me a medium for the price of a large.  Stop it!  It’s not cool.

7.  People who make me repeat my order ten times.  While Adam and I were in Boston we stopped at Sonic.  The guy who was taking our order might have been missing a couple of screws.  I had to repeat Adam’s burger order three times.  Seriously.  You do this all day.  Every day.  It’s not that hard to take the order.  The same thing happened later when I went to Chipotle for dinner.

8.  Don’t tell me that I didn’t order a Diet Coke.  I haven’t ordered a coke for myself since 1985.  Diet.  Coke.  All.  Day.  Every.  Day.  You got it wrong.  Not me.

9.  People who don’t show up for interviews.  I took the time to read your resume.  I took the time to call you.  I took the time to schedule an interview with you.  The least you can do is show up.  You’d be surprised how many people just DON’T show up.  Today I called the guy since it was a management position and I really need to interview a few people.  He told me he “missed it” on his schedule.  One does NOT miss an interview on their schedule.  If you need the job you remember the appointment.  I rescheduled for tomorrow but he’s going to have to be a GENIUS with the best personality and a salary requirement of 5,000 dollars a year to get the job.

10.  People who don’t acknowledge you when you walk into a store.  And don’t ever assume I’m going to order my food without you saying hello, what can I get for you.  I’ll stand there and stare at you until you say something.

That’s all!


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