The purchasing of the house has gotten stressful.  Very.  Very.  Stressful.

Adam and I have been completely up front from the very beginning of our ability to buy a house.  We don’t qualify for a traditional loan and my boss knew that from the very beginning.  So last week he sent us an email negotiating the terms of the loan.  We responded, including requests we had from the inspections that we had done last week.

That was last Thursday.  We’ve heard nothing back from him.  Work has been very busy and I don’t like bringing it up at work since it’s kind of a non work thing.  Last night I finally called him to find out what was going on.




Seems his sister has decided that she’s not sure she wants to sell to us.  She doesn’t think it’s a good idea.  Of course she couldn’t come to this decision BEFORE we fucking paid to have the house inspected, the chimney inspected and the fucking house appraised.  NOOOOOO.  She comes to this after the fact.



And the horse she rode in on!


Adam and I are both more than a little pissed.  This has been going on for six weeks.  As I said, we were more than up front from the very beginning.  The time to figure this out was BEFORE you suggested it.  Seriously.  BEFORE.  (I don’t know how to make words bigger or I’d make the before GI-FUCKING-GANTIC.)  Nothing has changed.  Actually.  I take that back.  A lot has changed.  I’ve gotten a promotion at work and am now making 15% more than I was making when we started this journey, with another raise coming any day now.  Adam is about to be promoted to bar manager at his restaurant and will be making more.  Our bills didn’t change.  Our commitments didn’t change.  We’ve looked at our finances a million different ways and at least on paper we’d be able to afford the mortgage.  It will be almost 100 dollars less than our rent was in NYC and we afforded that with significantly less income at the time for three years.

My boss is working on his sister, but I’m starting to lose faith that this is going to happen.

It doesn’t help that we know through my boss and our dealings with his sister that she’s bat shit crazy.  KRAZY.  With a capital “K”.  I’d make that bigger too if I knew how.

So we wait.

And wait.

And wait.

And wait.

PS.  The reason we had the house inspected was to meet a deadline we’d been given by them that they have no AHH plans to meet.  This is all supposed to be settled by March 15.  Checks in hand.  Papers signed.  March fucking 15th.







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