Unemployment Numbers must be down.

I start interviews on Wednesday for the new manager.  I wish I could say that I was looking forward to it but I’m not.

I’ve had five people apply.

Only two of them excited me.  I called three of them.

One of them took three days to return my call and he responded in an email to tell me he’d be excited to talk to me about the job but he needs three weeks off this summer.  Yeah.  NO!

One of them answered when I called and proceeded to tell me that he meant to apply for the host position and must have hit the wrong link.  He should have talked his way into the interview.  Now I’m talking to him on Thursday about the host position.

One of them looks good.  It’s just scary that he’s really my only option.

You’d never know by the lack of applicants that there is a job crisis in America.  I thought people would be knocking down my doors.  Seriously.  It pays decently.  It has benefits.  It’s a 45 hour work week most week.  Two days off a week.  Together.  Ample vacation time.  Beautiful location.  Great boss.  What more could you ask for.

So keep your fingers crossed that this guy works out and doesn’t say something stupid like he got fired from his last job for punching someone in the face.  (I had someone tell me that last summer.  He did not get hired.)


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