Mike Meme

This is saved from about 8 years ago.  I finally supplied answers.  Here you go!


Four Jobs I Have Had In My Life
— Fly Boy.
— Waiter.
— Marketing person.
— General Manager

Four Movies I Would Watch/Have Watched Over And Over
— Gone With the Wind
— The Wizard of Oz
— Dancer in the Dark
— All About Eve

Four Places I Have Lived
— Lexington, Kentucky
— Atlanta, Georgia
— New York, New York
— San Diego, California

Four TV Shows That I Watch
–Masters of Sex
— How To Get Away With Murder
— Modern Family
— Saturday Night Live

Four Places I Have Visited
— Paris, France
— Las Vegas, Nevada
— Barcelona, Spain
— Memphis, Texas

Four People Who Email Me Regularly
— David

Favorite Food
–Ice Cream
— Steak
— French Fries
— Cheesecake

Four Places I Would Like To Be Right Now
— Anywhere warm
— In bed.
— Paris, France
— Florida

Four Things I Am Looking Forward To This Year
— Buying a house
— Buying a house
— Buying a house
–Buying a house!!!!!




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