Fire and Ice

Here’s a post I wrote on 1.4.12 that I never published.



It’s fucking cold here tonight.  It’s 13 degrees to be exact.  I just did the unthinkable.  I turned on the radiator in the guest room where my computer is.  Adam and I have an agreement.  NO RADIATORS.  90% of the times it works out great.  Tonight is not one of those times.  It’s was so cold when I was typing an email to him that I kept hitting the wrong keys.  It’s not much better now, but the heat is helping.

There was a fire up the street from our house tonight.  It of course had to be the coldest night of the winter so far.  I had to get off the subway one stop early and walk home.  I could see the fire trucks a mile a way.  When I got to 207 and Broadway they were still putting out the fire.  The building was a just a shell.  It’s scary to think how quickly something like that can happen.  There was a hardware store in the building that has only been open a couple of months.  Adam’s bank is also in that building.

Here are some photos I found on line.

I hope all of Australia is destroyed by a huge meteor tonight. I had two tables of Australians at the same time tonight.  Each one a four top.  And they both left me less than 10% on their 150 dollar checks.  Fuckers.

Did I mention that Adam and I are moving to Portland.  More on that to follow.

That’s about it.



One thought on “Fire and Ice

  1. Urspo February 21, 2015 / 16:12

    It sounds like work and cold are getting to you; I am thinking warm thought for you anyway.

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