A personal meme

This is a meme from about five years ago that I saved.  I thought what better time to answer the questions.


1.) If I were a doll, the accessories packaged with me would be?  Diet coke, ice cream, and bourbon.  Not necessarily in that order.

2.) I have an irrational fear of: SNAKES.  OH!  MY!  GOD!  I can’t stand to even see them on TV.

3.) What would I do if I were stranded on an island with my least favorite person in the world?  I’d be able to make the best of it.  There are lots of people in my life that I don’t care for that I see and deal with on a regular basis.  Lisa and Jen are two prime examples.  But I manage.

4.) What’s one car I will never buy?  A Hummer.  I don’t have a small dick.  In fact it’s not small at all.  No need to prove anything with a car.  I’m quite content with my very small Toyota Matrix.

5.) Next door to my house is?  A house that was just bought after two years being on the market.  If they park in our parking spots again they’ll be dead neighbors.

6.) I am annoyed with? Republicans.  And Tea Party members.  And Alabama.

7.) Am I happy with my given name? My middle name is Wayne.  I’ve hated it for as long as I can remember.

8.) I have a crush, don’t I?  Colby Melvin.  I happened upon him on Facebook.  He’s exactly my type.  Short.  Stout.  And sexy.

9.) Who was the last person I talked to in person?  Adam.  We had a very intimate.  Very personal talk tonight.  We’ve had several over the past week or so.

10.) What age do I want to get married?  I don’t think it’s going to happen.

11.) What are the stems on wine glasses for?  For holding the glass.  I hate when people hold it by the actual glass part.  The stem is there for a reason.  And don’t get me started on stemless glasses.

12.) My favorite shoes are?  My slip on loafers that we bought at Macy’s last year while we were in Vegas.  Currently they are under my desk at work so that I can wear my snow shoes from home and have other shoes to wear at work.

13.) Can I use chopsticks?  Why yes.  Yes I can.  And I’ve only learned within the last six month.  I’m very proud that I’ve learned to use them.

14.) Do I prefer beaches or forests?  Beaches.  I don’t mind forests for driving through in a car.  But I want to sit on a beach.

15.) What was the last thing I laughed at?  A cat.  On Facebook.

16.) Who knows a secret or two about me?  Todd.  Adam.  They know the most about me.

17.) Who is/are my hero[s]?  The guys who are currently dealing with snow removal in Maine.  We’ve had 75 inches in the past two weeks.  We are due to get up to 24 more on Saturday.  Those guys are GODS!

18.) What do I smell like?  Like my soap in the shower.  Although Adam just said I had bad breath so maybe I need to brush my teeth.

19.) Do I have any bad habits?  Diet Coke.  It’s my biggest bad habit.

20.) Have I ever wanted to be a teacher?  I taught high school for three years.  I loved the kids.  I loved the parents.  It was the other adults in the building that made everyone’s life a living hell.  I miss my kids.  I don’t miss teaching.

21.) What is one thing I’ve learned about life?  If you can’t laugh at yourself and accept criticism  your are going to be miserable for most of your life.

22.) What’s my favorite color?  Blue.  I have blue eyes.  Blue brings out the blue in my eyes.


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