An Apple a Day!

I had my yearly check up today.  With a new doctor.

I started seeing a doctor in Maine about 2.5 years ago when I didn’t have health insurance.  She was at the community health center and only cost 25 bucks.  Without insurance.  When I got insurance two years ago I continued to see her.  Unfortunately I’ve never been completely satisfied with her.  I never felt like she asked me the right questions as a gay man.  She never asked about my relationship with Adam.  She never asked if we practiced safe sex.  She didn’t ask any of the appropriate questions you ask someone who is gay.  So I started looking for a new doctor back in January.  Adam, my friend Lisa, and even my psychiatrist all recommended the same guy.

So I called two weeks ago.  He wasn’t taking new patients.  However another doctor in the practice was.  They could schedule an appointment for me…in September.  Ugh.  Then the nice lady on the phone suggested that she check in with the recommended doctor to see if he’d take me since Adam was already his patient.  A same family sort of thing.  They called back two days later and said yes, he’d see me.  I made the appointment.  And it was today.

I liked him a lot.  He was very thorough.  And did not seem rushed at all.  He was in with me for about 40 minutes.  We chatted about my health.  But also about bourbon, Kentucky, Texas, my friend Lisa’s 96 year old grandmother, my restaurant and lots of other things.  He ASKED all the appropriate questions.  We chatted about safe sex, going on the PREP program, monogamy, lots of things.  We talked about the fact that since I turn 50 in a couple of months I should have a colonoscopy.  We chatted about hepatitus.  We talked about vaccinations.  About my drinking.  About my families health history including cancer and how I probably had a lot less to worry about in that area since everyone who’d had cancer in my family was a two pack a day smoker.  He even stuck his finger up my butt and told me my prostate was a in great form!

All in all he was a great doctor.  I go tomorrow afternoon to have blood work done.  I’ll get those results back at the first of the week.  When he left he told me to have a very boring medical year and that he hoped he didn’t see me again anytime soon.  In fact if nothing comes back in the blood work I shouldn’t see him again until next February.

Keep your fingers crossed.

Oh.  And I got my oil changed in my car today as well.

There you have it.


2 thoughts on “An Apple a Day!

  1. UrspoU February 14, 2015 / 20:15

    You are a fortunate fellow to find him.

  2. javabear February 15, 2015 / 11:57

    It’s great that he agreed to see you because he already sees Adam. We see a family physician, me, my husband, and all the kids. It makes a difference, I think, when the doctor has a complete picture of the family dynamic. And I hope you don’t have to see him for another year.

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