Another FOOT!

It’s coming!  Again.  Fuck.  Fuck.  Fuck.

Here’s a photo a local news station posted to their Facebook page tonight:


At least a FOOT!  A FOOT!  We’ve had way too much snow already.  More than 70 inches.  And most of it’s been since January 27th.  The snow in front of our house is more than waist deep.  The plowed snow on the side of our house is about seven feet tall.  Where will we put another foot of snow.

Not to mention it’s expensive.  For the past two years Adam and I dealt with snow removal ourselves.  Our landlord is supposed to do it, but saying we have a lousy landlord is an understatement.  We’ve got more than 70 inches of snow.  He’s been over once this season.  So this year we hired a plow guy.  He looks a little like a Meth smoking homeless guy in a truck. But he shows up, and plows us out.  And each time he comes it’s 25 dollars.  For the storm on the 27th when we got 27.5 inches of snow, he came three times.  75 bucks.  I got our bill a couple of days ago and it’s almost 200 dollars.  That’s a new toilet for our new house.  Or a couple of rooms having their floors refinished.  Something worthwhile.

And now another foot is on the way.

And I haven’t even started with what it does to my job?  We tend to close when it’s bad.  And we’ve already closed twice.  Plus we were closed for cleaning, a party, and a gas leak.  At this rate we’ll hit our 2015 budget sometime in 2017.  Seriously, mama needs a new refrigerator.  Daddy needs a new stove.  Ain’t nobody got time for no more snow!



One thought on “Another FOOT!

  1. Urspo February 7, 2015 / 18:33

    I suppose it is good for the water table. And it makes spring time more appreciated. I realize these are small comforts in February. I remember being heartily sick of snow in this month.

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