Xmas is Over!

Spent the day putting Christmas away.  It was an amazing amount of stuff.  10+ plastic bins of ornament.  Five trees.  Assorted plastic light up snowmen and Santas.  Candles in all the window.  We started around 2:30 today.  It’s a little before 9:00 and we are almost finished.  I’m going to dust everything tomorrow. On Thursday Adam will put out all the knick knacks that got put away when we got the stuff out to begin with.  I’m exhausted and hungry.  So now it’s time for a drink and some dinner.  Here are few pics of what it look like before we started.  Xmas



This is our nice tree.  It has all of our expensive ornaments.   A lot of them are Christopher Radko.








This is a new tree.  It’s Adam’s nature tree.  It was VERY expensive and replaced the tree we bought last year that turned out to be a dude.  The whole middle section of lights didn’t work when we got it home.  We bought this tree from the same place and when we mentioned that it was replacing the tree from last year they told us if we brought it back they’d try and fix it.  So we did that and they couldn’t fix it so they refunded our money.  A whole year later.  We will definitely shop there again.



This is also a new tree.  From the same place.  It’s not lit so it wasn’t nearly as expensive.  That’s Karl hanging above the mantle.  He’s cardboard.  The stockings are mine.  Almost 45 years old now.  WOW.  We also have a lot of the plastic molded light up ornaments.  Santa’s and snow men.  I love them.  The plate in the fireplace and the triptych Adam painted years ago.  We stole them from his mom a couple of years ago.   XMAs4This is another shot of our dining room.  The tree in the right side is our vintage tree.  All the ornaments are from the 50’s and 60’s.  I collected them for a while.  It’s my favorite tree this year.  The shelving on the wall is new.  Adam saw it in a magazine and copied the design.  It houses our bourbon collection and our Christmas cookie jar collection.


This is our family tree.  It’s all the ornaments we grew up with and kitchy things we’ve bought since we’ve been together.  I have ornaments on this tree that I made in second grade in Ms. Smith’s class.  And crotched ornaments my fraternity house mom made.  And wooden ornaments that my mom painted.  And ornaments from the four or five boyfriends I had before Adam.  Adam has just as many fun things of his own on the tree.  If you look just right of the santas you can see the Xmas card that Adam and I handmade and sent out to our friends last year.  It’s a very special tree.

I’m going to go finish my drink.



One thought on “Xmas is Over!

  1. javabear January 21, 2015 / 06:09

    They are beautiful trees. You two do a great job with decorating.

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