Car Trouble!

The Friday before we left for NYC was quite exciting.  My 2003 Saturn VUE bit the dust.  6814010

I’d only had it for two years.  It actually was bought new by Adam’s mom and step dad in 2003.  When his step dad was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and couldn’t drive anymore Adam and I flew out to Idaho and drove it to Texas.  Four months later, after we’d moved to Maine, Adam’s dad and stepmom drove it from Texas to us, because his mom and stepdad didn’t need it any more.  The best thing about the car was that it didn’t come with a car payment.  A free car is always a good car in my book.  It also only had 85,000 miles on it when we got it in 2012, which was amazing.  I had planned to drive it forever.  At least to 200,000 miles.  It was in great shape.  The body was in perfect condition.  The interior was in perfect condition.  The only thing wrong with the car was that the air conditioner broke this summer.  Since we live in Maine I decided NOT to spend money on getting it fixed.  I’m super glad I made that decision now.  On the Friday before New York I was driving home and all was well.  I exited the highway, got to the stop light and as I turned right the car began to make the worst noise known to man.  AWFUL.  It was still running so I told myself I’d get it home and then go from there.  I managed to drive it about 2 more miles and as I stopped at the traffic light just before our apartment it died.  It wouldn’t start.  I immediately called Adam and he came the 100 yards up the street to help me push it out of the road.  I then called AAA.  It took the tow truck about 45 minutes to get there and he told me he thought it was the timing belt.  I had him tow it to our mechanic across town.

The next day I called the mechanic and he told me that it was indeed the timing belt.  It would take them a couple of days to know how much it would cost to fix it.  The problem was, that when a timing belt breaks sometimes it damages the engine.  If it didn’t damage the engine it would take about 700 dollars to fix it.  If it did, well it would need a new engine and that would be about 3,500 dollars.  It would take 400 dollars just to find out how much it would cost.

So we waited.

On Monday I called back.  They still didn’t know anything.

On Tuesday I called back.  They still didn’t know anything.

On Wednesday I called back.  Hurrah!  It was the timing belt.  The car started when they replaced it.  All was good.  700 dollars!  The car would be ready when I got back.  Since we were out of town and they already had the car I asked him to go ahead and look at the air conditioning, to give it a 100,000 mile check up since I turned it over back in the summer and do any other work that needed to be done.  He said great!

On Thursday he called me to say…Uh! Oh!  Turns out he’d spoken too soon.  When the timing belt broke it bent two of the pistons in the engine.  It needed a new motor after all.  To make matters worse they’d already started the 100,000 dollar repairs and had replaced the breaks, the spark plugs and about 500 dollars worth of repairs.  They were not happy when I told them to stop work and that I’d call them back.  The reality was, the car is only worth 3,500 dollars and I couldn’t justify putting more than 4,000 dollars in repairs in to the car.


Now I have to replace my car.

When we got back from New York, I rented a car so that could get back and forth to work.

On Tuesday Adam and I started our journey to find a new car!

I’ll continue the story tomorrow night!


2 thoughts on “Car Trouble!

  1. Urspo November 1, 2014 / 18:44

    Such a beginning; may it all be uphill and good from now on.

  2. bcaffey November 13, 2014 / 11:36

    Just checking on you! I miss your blogs. I just purchased my first brand new car this spring. I absolutely love it but not the payment. I got a 2014 Ford Explorer XLT. Ruby red with black leather seats. It’s so pretty!

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