Two men. One story.

So I drop my mom off and I race to Georgetown to a different O’Charley’s where I’m meeting two classmates from high school.

I chose the word classmate rather than friend because neither of the two people I’m meeting were my friends in high school.  One was an acquaintance.  The other I have never spoken to in my life.

I get there at 8:15.  I’m first.  I find at a seat at a table in the bar area.  I’m there about 30 seconds when Jeff arrives.

He looks just like his photo on Facebook.  He’s quite handsome.  And doesn’t look anything close to the 50 years old that he will soon be.

He tells me he wants a hug not a handshake.  We hug and then sit down.

At this point he tells me that we are about to have our VERY first conversation ever.  The entire time we were in high school that we never spoke two words to each other.  This doesn’t surprise me.  When he friended me on Facebook, I actually had to look him up because I had no idea who he was.

We continue to chat.

He asks if my family is still in Georgetown.  I tell him that my mom moved to Lexington in 2001.  My stepdad died in 2003.

I ask about his family.

He tells me his mom lives in Georgetown.

And that he never knew his dad.

There is a pause and then I ask him to clarify.

Seems that his mom got pregnant when she was a teenager.  The father was never part of the picture.  Jeff doesn’t know the man’s name or what he looks like.  Any attempts to discuss this with his mom have been thwarted.  He gave up trying to find out years ago.  He goes on to say that there was an evil stepfather for a while and then they got divorced and that was that.  He also explains that they were quite poor.

I’m stunned.

This is EXACTLY my story.

My mom got pregnant when she was 25.  My biological father was never part of the picture.  I don’t know what he looks like.  I do have a name but that’s all and it took a HUGE fight with my mom to get that much.  My mother married my stepfather when I was four and I prayed every day for 20 years that she would divorce him.  It never happened.  We were quite poor growing up, and were even on food stamps and welfare for a while.

He had no idea!  I had no idea!

What are the odds that a guy that I went to high school with had the same story as me.  It was crazy.

We’d just finished talking about this when our other friend M. showed up.  She gave us each big hugs and we settled in to chat for a while.

Two hours later we were still chatting.  M. had to leave first because her son would be going to bed soon.  Jeff and I continued to talk until they kicked us out.  It was such a fun night reconnecting with people I was never connected to in the first place.

I’ll post more on this tomorrow night.


2 thoughts on “Two men. One story.

  1. javabear October 13, 2014 / 07:49

    Wow. Do you think you would have benefited from a friendship with him in high school? With such similar backgrounds you two might have found an ally in each other.

  2. Urspo October 14, 2014 / 22:43

    indeed a marvelous story.

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