Daily Entries

I read lots of headlines.  On Google News.  Yahoo News.  Skimming through Facebook.  Five or six words tossed at me, trying to convince me to click on the link.

“Disgusting Video Proves that Michelle Obama is a Man.”

50 Things about Millennials that Makes Corporate America Shit It’s Pants.”

These two are the first two to come up tonight as I write this.

One such article this week that actually grabbed my attention was about writing in your diary.  Studies had shown that when people went back to re-read entries from years past the ones they enjoyed the most were the ones about every day life.  The stories about day to day existence.  The big events they remembered on their own.  The little ones they needed to be reminded about and thus they enjoyed more.

This led to the question of whether people who journal, or write in their diaries, or blog for  example for me, should write every day when nothing seems to have happened.  Or should they save their entries for big life events like break ups and marriages.  The article led us to believe that the every day writing would make us happier in the end.

The point I’m trying to make is that I need to remember this as I blog.  Often I sit at the keyboard for 10/15/20 minutes trying to decide what to write.  Instead I should just tell you about my mundane day.  Of course, in the article they were speaking specifically of journals and diaries, they didn’t address whether readers of blogs would be turned off by the simplicity of every day life.

I guess we’ll have to wait and see.


One thought on “Daily Entries

  1. javabear September 18, 2014 / 17:15

    By all means, blog about the mundane. This is your blog, write it for yourself. I’m so damned bored or distressed by my mundane that I enjoy reading about yours.

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