To Beat or not to Beat your child.

I posted this on Facebook tonight:

Just read this on a friend’s page: “I got my butt whooped and I survived.” My take. I survived my appendix bursting but I don’t think everyone should have to go through it. IF YOU HAVE TO HIT YOUR CHILD TO TEACH THEM RESPECT, TO MIND, TO HAVE MANNERS OR ANYTHING ELSE, YOU ARE DOING IT WRONG. I was hit as a child. Did it make me a better person. No. It taught me fear. And hate. And a whole host of other emotions that weren’t healthy for a child. A hug and a chat about the offending item would have sufficed far more and I’d have grown up a much happier child.

This is was actually VERY edited.

What I wanted to say was that because of the physical and emotional abuse I suffered as a child I learned all about hate and self loathing.   It took more than 20 years for my stepfather and I to come to a relationship we could both agree on.

I have no use for violence against children.  I don’t think there’s EVER a reason to hit a child.  You may think that’s the only reasonable alternative but it’s not.  Take a look at their experience.  Take a look at their lives.  And then try to figure out why they are responding the way they are.  I bet when it’s all said and done you realize you don’t need to hit them.

That’s all.


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