Tomorrow is going to suck!

It’s 10:59.  I’m headed to bed as soon as I write this.  I have to be up at the butt crack of down tomorrow morning.  I need to be on the road by 8:00 which means I need to be up by 7:30.  I know for a lot of you that’s not early.  For me it’s early.  The earliest I usually have to be at work is 10:00 or so.  Sometimes I don’t have to be there until 2:00.  It makes a great system for someone who doesn’t like to go to bed early and definitely doesn’t like to get up early.

The reason I have to be at work early, is tomorrow the restaurant has been bought out for a wedding.  A very wealthy man who owns a popular national business has paid for his daughter to have her wedding reception at my restaurant.  It ain’t cheap.  Ain’t cheap at all.  And the sucky part is that every single person who works at the restaurant HATES doing special events.  We do five or six a year.  It involves getting to work VERY early.  Leaving work VERY late.  Tomorrow I’ll be at work by 8:30.  I won’t leave until around 2:30 a.m.  It also involves moving ALL of our furniture out of the building.  Then it takes all day to set up.  We’ll finish about two seconds before the first guests are supposed to arrive.  As they say, You’ll use all the time you have, and you’ll have all the time you need.  So the event starts at 4:30.  It was supposed to end at 11:00 but the wedding planner sprung a sneaky one on me yesterday and announced that we were hosting the after party.  I will make sure this doesn’t ever happen again.  What that means is that 11:00 we’ll switch to a cash bar and everyone can stay and drink until 1:00 a.m.  It really pissed me off that she had promised this without asking anyone.  It means that I have to have a staff of 20 hang out for two hours later than they were supposed to so that we can reset the dining room.  All of this without paying them anymore.  Next time, if there’s an after party, there’ll be money added to the balance due.  Enough to pay everyone more money.  Yes it’s a cash bar but there’s no guarantee we’ll do another grand in business.  We might only do a couple of hundred and yet my staff of 20 will sit in the kitchen waiting to reset.  It also added at least two hours to my day which is long enough already.

Anyway.  I’ve been dreading tomorrow for about a month now.  But it’s here.  So I’m going to be early.  Getting up early.  And I’m going to try to be cheerful throughout the day.



3 thoughts on “Tomorrow is going to suck!

  1. danestabrook September 5, 2014 / 23:48

    And maybe we will meet tomorrow night?

  2. Urspo September 6, 2014 / 22:26

    that does sound tedious; I hope you are appreciated and well paid for this.

  3. larrymuffin September 7, 2014 / 08:53

    As a young man learning the business I did lots of those parties and always loved the set up. What I liked less was often the attitude of some guests/clients who were not always respectful. But we also had great people who appreciated the service we gave. I will never forget my work as a waiter on a gravel terrace in a Switzerland hotel on Lake Geneva, 10-12 hours a day every day for a peanut salary. The gravel was hard on the legs, luckily the customers were nice for the most part.

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