No Carbs! No Sugar!

I’ve missed doing this.  I’ve miss this being a part of my day.  I’ve missed writing.  I’ve missed a lot about this.  Of course it’s still as difficult to think of something to write as it ever was.  And I find myself sitting here wondering what to write.

So tonight around 8:30 one of my servers came to me with a question about the menu and a meal that a guest was ordering.  It was a guest who was on the Paleo Diet and she wanted to make sure that what she was about to order for him was okay.  Now I’m not on the Paleo Diet.  I’m on a no carb, no sugar diet.  But it’s far from being paleo.  It’s also not the Atkins.  The South Beach.  Or a lot of other diets that kind of play around on the same food plans.  I play too loose with the rules to really say I’m following any of these other diets.  I don’t eat natural sugar, in the form of fresh fruit which is allowed in the paleo diet.  I do however eat carrots and beets which aren’t allowed on a couple of other diets because what do you know…they have sugar.  VERY few if any of the diets allow for alcohol and I’m just not willing to give up wine and bourbon.  I just stay away from drinks that add sugar.  So anyway.

Jess wanted to know if what she was about to order for this guy was okay.  A steak.  Fennel slaw.  Vegetables.  It sounds innocent enough but NOOOOO.  It was not okay.  They recipe for the slaw calls for lots and lots of sugar.  It’s delicious but there is no way in hell he’d be allowed to eat it.  So I suggested to her to have him order what I eat on a regular basis.  A steak.  Grilled asparagus.  Sliced tomatoes.  She went to check it without with him and he was very happy.

Flash forward 20 minutes and the food has landed on the table.  I didn’t think about it when I told her to order the steak, but it comes with a balsamic steak sauce on the steak.  It’s perfectly harmless, has nothing bad in it and easily fits into his restrictions.  But he was having no part of it.  So Jess came to get me to go assure him that it was okay to eat.  So I walked up to the table and said, “Just so you know, as of yesterday I’ve lost 50 pounds on the Paleo Diet and trust me when I say I know every single thing you can and can not eat on our menu.  There is nothing in the steak sauce that’s bad for you.”

The wife then asked, “And your sure it has no carbs and no sugar.”

“Trust me.  I’d know it.  I eat the steak five times a week and it always comes with the sauce and it’s perfectly harmless.”

We chatted a few more minutes and then I left them to their meal.

It was the Paleo guy’s birthday so for dessert we sent him out a couple of pieces of cheese on a plate with Happy Birthday written on it in chocolate.  He very much appreciated the effort.

They closed the restaurant and were the last table to leave.  I chatted with them all on their way out about the diet, the restaurant they own, and their experience at my restaurant.

It was a nice way to end the evening.


One thought on “No Carbs! No Sugar!

  1. Urspo August 30, 2014 / 22:26

    we are trying to eat better too. I hope we all succeed.

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