I didn’t get it.

This shit sucks.

More interviews.

No jobs.

The interview I had when I last posted was awful.  I did not connect with the interviewer and didn’t seem to have the right answer for anything.  I felt like shit when I left.  This was on a Friday.  All weekend Adam and my friends assured me that it went better than I thought and it would be okay.

It did not.  And was not.

I got an email bright and early on Monday morning telling me that they were not offering me a position.

What sucks is that it was barely going to be enough money to live on.  In fact it was NOT going to be enough money to live on.  It was going to be a paycheck to paycheck situation make less than 30,000 dollars a year.


But it was a job.  And after three months I need something.  Anything.  I mean seriously.  How sucky do I have to be to NOT be able to get a measly job that almost anyone would be qualified for.

The only bright spot was the I had another interview on Wednesday.  It went very well.

Sort of.

They wanted to take it to the next level.


First they wanted to run a background check and a credit check.

Both are iffy with me.  I’ll tell you more about the background check later.

The credit part sucks.  My credit has been mediocre for years what with student loans etc.

But since September I haven’t paid a single bill.  I haven’t had the money.  So it’s going to look awful and they are not going to let me have the next interview because as the interviewer said, if you can’t run your own business how can you run ours?




So I’m back in the waiting game again waiting to hear from her.  And since I haven’t heard from her I’m expecting bad news.

And so I keep applying to things that I’m way over qualified for.  Hoping.  Hoping.  Hoping.




2 thoughts on “I didn’t get it.

  1. javabear January 21, 2013 / 00:56

    That just sucks.
    Is there any way you can be self employed? You wouldn’t need to do a credit check or background check on yourself. You know these things about yourself already and understand the circumstances. Really, you are very sympathetic to your situation. I think you’d make a very good employer for yourself.

    Good luck

  2. bcaffey January 21, 2013 / 10:19

    Hang in there! Something will come your way. Usually when you least expect it.

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