I got the job.  And I started.  The Monday after my mom left Maine after visiting for her birthday.  September 17th.

She’s never allowed to visit again as per Adam.  Another post.

It was actually kind of hard.  At least the working from home part was.  I like to sleep late.  And read Facebook.  And watch TV.  And drink coffee.  And read more Facebook.  And then the news.  The first day it was after 12:00 before I actually got to work.  After a week or so I finally figured it out.  I slept late, got up.  Worked some. Read online.  Worked some.  Read online.  Worked some.  Took a break.  My day lasted from around noon till midnight.  It would have been a much shorter day if I’d just sat down and done the work.  I did however meet all my deadlines and produced some pretty decent drafting and all was good.

And on Tuesday October 16th, had my first round of full drawings due.   I got them sent off around 5:00 a.m.  Sent the email to tell Chris they were done.  And went to bed.

The next day I heard nothing.

On Thursday, October 18th I awoke to an email with the subject:


Seems that unbeknownst to me and what I found out later also Chris, there was some changes happening.  And over the weekend the director/producer of the show had decided he no longer wanted to do both so he stepped down as director and someone else was hired.  The new director wanted to use his own design team.  Thus Chris was let go.  Thus I was let go.

I worked a month.

And now I was unemployed.

The only real saving’s grace was that the company agreed to pay me 5 weeks worth of severance .  I’d worked five weeks.  I got paid ten weeks.  It could have been worse.

What to do?

What to do?

What to do?



One thought on “STOP WORK!!!

  1. javabear January 8, 2013 / 00:57

    Ah, that answers my question from yesterday. Glad you got a bit of money out of it.

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