October 1, 2012.

I should be in bed.  I actually should have gone to bed an hour ago.  It’s 4:13 and I’m still NOT in bed.

If Craigslist, YouTube and several other sites were working tonight I wouldn’t be in bed for another hour.  It’s kind of annoying that these sites aren’t working.  Which I think is awesome.  They are getting their message across loud and strong.  Screaming at the top of your lungs seems to be the only way to get Washington to hear you these days.

Back to being in bed.

I stay up because I don’t want to go to work.  When I wake up tomorrow, I’ll shower and go to work.  So going to bed now, means going to sleep, which means that in five minutes it will be time to go to work.  Which I hate.


It has been easier working this month because for the first time in a VERY long time I have a goal that I’m working toward.

By October 1 Adam and I will be living in Portland, Maine.

To do this means that we have to save a LOT of money.  Somewhere close to the 10,000 dollar mark.  Even more if we want to buy a house instead of rent.  We can do this.  I know we can do this.  In fact I have a plan.  I only have to put away 1000 bucks a month to have 9,000.  If Adam can put away half that then we have 13,5000.  More than enough to get us to Maine.

And how am I going to do this?



I’m doing my best not to give up any shifts at work.  If I work every shift that I’m scheduled that means a big increase in my pay.  I gave up 25 shifts last year.  Those were shifts that I was scheduled that I did NOT work.  I was either sick or lazy.  Sometimes both.  Either way I didn’t work them.

So.  If I can NOT do that this year then that’s a first step.


I fired our cleaning lady.  Her last day is tomorrow.  She was NOT happy, but it’s an extra 200 bucks a month.  I actually want to keep taking the money that we’d usually pay her and put it in the account as well.  Perhaps we can save even more.

At the end of February we are moving all of our stuff from our storage unit and piling it in the guest room.  We spend 100 bucks a month on storage, which we’ve needed.  BUT.  We can disassemble the bed, and then pile everything in the room, leaving room for me and save that money.

That’s 700 dollars saved from storage.

That’s 1,600 dollars saved from cleaning.

Add that to what I’m trying to save from work.

Add that to what Adam will put away and we should be on track to having the money that we need.

The only real curve right now is that January sucks for a couple of reasons.

Work is slow but we are getting through it.


More importantly.

Starting with Christmas we have Xmas, then two weeks later our anniversary, then two weeks later Adam’s birthday, and then two weeks later Valentine’s Day.  It’s a lot of celebrating all at once.

To make matters worse this year is that Adam’s best friend is coming to NYC.  Her birthday and Adam’s birthday are on the same day.  AND.  She’s turning 40 this year.


So we have a VERY expensive dinner scheduled for Friday the 27th.  And then we are going out for drinks on Saturday, inviting all of their friends.

So.  If we can just get through January without losing our shirts we should be fine.

I hope!


3 thoughts on “October 1, 2012.

  1. Java January 18, 2012 / 04:47

    Good luck! You sound very excited about getting out of NYC.

  2. Catrina January 18, 2012 / 18:01

    I retired January 1st, and before the big day I went through our phone, cable, and internet bills (and decreased payments by a whopping $83 a month), fired my cleaning lady ($200 a month), and will have our car paid off in six months (instead of 2 more years). It CAN be done, and it’s not all that painful. Of course, I could never wait tables….I know you have a knack for it, but I’d be in jail within a half hour. Good luck–it looks like you’re well on your way!

  3. Dirk January 24, 2012 / 21:24

    Damn, you have the same problem I have with Christmas/The Fella’s birthday/Valentine’s Day/our anniversary all falling one month after the other.

    And The Fella and I are looking at ways to save more money, too.

    Hmmmmmmm…could we be twins?

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