A promotion.

I’ve been out of town.  Adam and I went to Maine over the weekend for a retreat.  It was interesting to say the least.  I might have lost my temper…just a bit.  Adam might have pointed his finger somewhat harshly at someone.  In both cases it was justified.  At least in my opinion.

Because of that…I’m behind in my famous gays:


Barney Frank:  Congressman.  Out since 1987.  Awesome.  Considered one of the smartest, funniest and most powerful men in Congress.  After being apologized to and told it was an accident for being called Barney Fag he responded that he had checked with his authority, his mother, and that after 60 years of marriage no one had ever called her Betty Fag.  I love him.

Leonardo da Vinci:  Painter.  Inventor.  Engineer.  Architect.  Scientist.  Most famous today for painting The Mona Lisa.  Also painted The Last Supper which as we all know hangs in almost every church in the world.  Got to love that.  His studies of anatomy are still used today.  And his inventions still interest experts around the world.  He too is awesome.

And they are both gay.


I have applied for an been awarded (although it won’t be announce till the end of the week) a supervisory position at work.  What does this mean.  I’m not too sure at the moment.  I do know that it will be less money.  But I will get a swipe that will let me void things.  And I won’t have to wait tables.  I will have to wear a name tag.  AND.   Most of my co-workers will hate me more now than they already did.

Have I made the right decision?  Who the fuck knows.  I just know that I need to start taking steps to stop waiting tables.  And although it’s not the step I wish I was taking, it’s a step none the less.

I’ll write more about my interview this week.


3 thoughts on “A promotion.

  1. Catrina June 22, 2011 / 07:13

    Congrats on the promotion…sometimes higher pay isn’t the ‘be all end all.’ The fact that you ‘get’ to wear a name tag and get to tell others what to do is almost like more money…isn’t it?

  2. Java June 22, 2011 / 07:31

    No waiting tables = good? I hope so. Congrats! (Figuratively) break a leg.

  3. Tiger Chanter June 22, 2011 / 13:06

    Good luck with the new job! Does this mean that now you’ll have to deal with all of the “unpleasant” customers?

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