Famous Homo’s continued…

Famous Homos:

Richard Chamberlain.

He’s talented.

And HOT!

No seriously.  He is.

He’s shared both the big screen and small screen with some of the best actors in the business including Katherine Hepburn.  He is also an accomplished stage actor earning rave reviews for his performance in Hamlet in the UK.  It was later filmed for television and broadcast as part of the Hallmark Hall of Fame series.  (I loved all of their shows).  He is also known for his singing voice and has starred in a number of musicals on Broadway including Breakfast at Tiffany’s which was a huge flop and My Fair Lady, which was not.

And of course, he’ll always be known as the king of the mini-series, a title he earned in the 80’s doing Shogun and The Thorn Birds.

Of course none of this was hurt by the fact that he is HOT.

I tuned in to watch many of his movies because I thought he was sexy.

But that’ just me.


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