Excuse Me?

First, I was asked why I didn’t include Rosalind Russell in my list of Rose’s Turns.  I wanted to.  I just couldn’t find it on You Tube.  If someone wants to send me a link I’ll be happy to post it.


Famous Homos Continues:

Scott Thompson:  Canadian Comedian best known for his stint with The Kids In the Hall.   It was one of my favorite shows during the 90’s and I could watch repeats of it endlessly. His monologues of Buddy Cole were always my favorite.

Yesterday was his birthday.  So I thought it was appropriate.

Here’s is one of my favorite clips as Buddy Cole:


One thought on “Excuse Me?

  1. Java June 13, 2011 / 12:01

    “The food is terrible, but the waiter is hilarious!”
    Is that what your customers say?

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