I’m Gay!!!!!

Famous Homos:

Jerome Robbins (1918-1998)  Dancer, Choreographer, Director, both stage and film, and Producer.

You may have never heard of Jerome Robbins, but I have no doubt you know his work.

He conceived the idea for On the Town.  It was first created as a ballet about two sailors on leave in NYC for 24 hours.  It was then expanded into a full length broadway show.

I didn’t realize it until about five minutes ago that the film replaced all but three songs because George Abbott hated the score.  Hmmm.

His other little known shows are:

The King and I.

Peter Pan.

The Pajama Game.

Fiddler on the Roof.

Call Me Madam.

Bells Are Ringing.

Funny Girl.

A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum.


Drum Roll Please.

My favorite:  GYPSY

And his most famous:

West Side Story, which he conceived.  (Little known fact, seven of the original creators of the show were gay, including Bernstein, Robbins, Laurents, Sondheim, the set, lighting, and costume designer not to mention Tony.  Perhaps that’s why it did so well.

So to end I give you Rose’s Turn:

My favorite:

My least favorite:  (She looks like she’s lost her mind)

My second favorite:

(You have to wait for it.)

And Bette, who was actually pretty good

And Angela Lansbury.  I don’t like this version because the orchestrations have been changed and are tinny.

And the most intriguing one yet:

Ethel Merman singing with Rosalind Russell acting…someone had way too much time on their hands.

And well because it was on there:  Betty Buckley

And KURT from Glee

And the high school kid who got a national tour after posting this video:


And if you only watch one, watch this one:

and I’ll end with a high school version:  Well because they are bad.  The best thing is the comments where they say, “She’s good but Patti was better.”


2 thoughts on “I’m Gay!!!!!

  1. Tiger Chanter June 11, 2011 / 09:17

    What?!!! Where’s Rosalind Russell’s version?!!! I know voice-wise she can’t hold a candle to these others, but you should have included it! 😉

  2. Urspo June 11, 2011 / 11:09

    This is one of the “gayest” entries I have seen in a long time !

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