Rosie and Daniel

Famous Homos:

Rosie O’Donnell:  The Queen of Nice.  Well sort of.

Love her or hate her, she really is a voice in our community.  She’s outspoken about gay rights, especially where adoption is concerned, protecting children, and is a VERY loud voice when it comes to liberalism.

She’s also been a huge voice in support of live theater, going out of her way to produce and promote live theater.  She’s even been on Broadway.  I had the great misfortune of seeing her in Seusical The Musical.

I’ve like her since she was on Star Search back in 1909.  They did have TV back in 1909 right?

To make her even better she has a gay brother.

Daniel J. O’Donnell

I like him even better than Rosie.  He’s a part of the New York State Assembly and is a constant force for gay and lesbian rights in NYC.  He was the first openly gay man elected to the assembly and for the past several years as introduced a bill to legalize gay marriage in NYC.  He’s trying once again this year, although it’s unclear as to whether he has the votes to pass it.

He’s been with his partner for 20 years.  And he’s a bear.  If you are into that sort of thing.

So today is a dual day.

Let’s hear it for Rosie AND Daniel.





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