We are coming for your children…

Famous Homo’s continued:  A day late:

Kermit Love (1916 – 2008)

Costume designer that designed for the likes of Agnes de Mille, Merce Cunningham, and Elia Kazan.

Best known for his work with puppets.

In the early 1960’s was introduced to a man named Jim Henson (perhaps you’ve heard of him?).  It was through his collaboration with Henson that we went on to be the chief supervisors of Sesame Street.  He created the design for Mr. Snuffleupagus, but  he’s probably best known for his creation of Big Bird.  In conversations about Big Bird he said that he’d designed the puppet so that as the actor moved the costume would lose feathers just like a real bird.

When he died in 2008 he and his partner Christopher had been together for 50 years.

This once again proves that we are coming for your children.


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