A Touch of Glass.

My five day work week is done.

I know, I know.  Everyone works a five day work week.  But I challenge you to come follow me around one night.  You’ll see what I’m talking about.  In fact Connie, the know it all at work, won’t work more than two days in a row.  And Tsatianna at work tonight was giving up her shift tomorrow night because she didn’t want to do four days in a row.  It’s very taxing, both mentally and physically to wait tables.

Tonight was okay.  I switched out of my regular station because for some reason management has decided that replacing the bar stools that are broken is too expensive.  So with both bars open I would have three chairs each at my four tops and NO chairs at my counter.  If I do the math correctly that’s 13 chairs less than I’m supposed to have.  Which means 13 less paying customers.  Which means 13 less people leaving me tips.  I knew that I would be aggravated all night, so I asked if anyone wanted to switch.  When “sage” said that he did, I didn’t argue.  In the end he probably made more money than I did, but my night was far easier.  I estimate that I made about 60 or 70 dollars less than I would have but I think it was worth it in the end.

I did have one little bit of drama.

Toward the end of the evening, a lady found a piece of glass in her margarita.  I have no idea why, or how.  I immediately took the drink away, told the bartenders to burn their ice (dump) and then went to the other bar to get a new margarita.  I apologized profusely, asked repeatedly if she was okay and she assured me that she was.


On the way out, she complained that although she was fine, she was VERY upset that I did not get a manager to visit.  So she wasn’t upset about the glass, she was upset about not having a manager visit.

I got reprimanded for this.

Here’s my take on the whole thing.

She said she was fine.  She did not cut her mouth.  She did not swallow the glass.  I apologized.  I got her another drink.  I checked back several times to make sure she was fine.  What was someone else going to do to fix the situation…unless she wanted something free…which is my guess as to what she wanted.

I tend to treat my guests the way I want to be treated while dining out.   I don’t need the manager to come fix things.  Get me a new burger that’s cooked appropriately, apologize and leave it at that.  I don’t need a spectacle created.  Even something stupid like a bug or something.  I’ve worked in enough restaurants to know that if you go digging in the kitchen you are going to find a roach or two.  My god, with all the boxes, and bags, and crates, and cartons, not to mention people that come through the door everyday, your lucky you don’t see more of them.  There are also going to be days where you find a hair in your soup.  It happens.  God knows more and more of my hair falls out everyday.  It ends up some place.  Might as well be your soup.  Apologize and get me a new one.  I don’t need a discount.  I don’t need a free dessert.  I don’t need you to fawn all over me to “right” the situation.

So that’s how I approached my table tonight.  Clearly, SHE wanted someone to fawn all over her.  And it really is my guess that she wanted something for free.

Which she got.

A nice shiny piece of glass in her margarita.

PS.  She ordered the “Lovely Rita” because her name was Rita.  Ugh!


2 thoughts on “A Touch of Glass.

  1. Urspo May 14, 2011 / 22:25

    How you do this day in and day out remains a marvel to me.

  2. Sarah May 15, 2011 / 15:21

    That’s the sort of thing that would cause me to get a manager but I grew up around people who need lots of special attention and I worked around them. Didn’t always help though. Once I accidentally spilled about two tablespoons worth of beer on a woman who’d come in for happy hour. It was on her navy blue suit jacket. I apologized, whipped out my towel, said I’d fetch some seltzer and get the manager who would arrange for payment of her drying cleaning bill. She was pissed at me the whole time she was there. It was fucking beer. It doesn’t stain and it certainly doesn’t show on navy. It smells but that was what the seltzer water was for. I went overboard to make that woman happy but she treated me like dirt the entire time she was there.

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