I’ve been missing again…

I just got scathing email from my boyfriend chastising me for not having written a post in forever.  So because my life is happier and easier when Adam is happy.  Here goes.

I’m in Iowa.

Although we’ve had lots of rain there have been no tornadoes.  In KY they’ve had tornadoes.  Last time I was in Iowa in the spring we spent one whole afternoon in the basement waiting for the storm to pass.  Two days later I broke my ankle.  I just realized as I was typing this that it was three years ago today that I broke my ankle.  My how time flies when you are having fun.  I do have to admit that I’m very cautious when I’m here now.  I’m terrified that I’m going to step off the edge of the stage, or trip over a chair, or fall down the stairs.  Erik the TD told me to just remember that I will survive if I break something.  I told him physically it’s not so bad.  Financially I would be fucked.

Speaking of financially.  They pay me to be here.  They also furnish funds to get me here.  And they put me up while I’m here.  The catch to all of this is that I usually don’t get paid and reimbursed for travel until I’m done.  Sometimes it’s even a week after I’m done.  The problem with this is that before I leave I have to make enough money to pay all my bills through the time I’m gone until I start making money again, plus make enough to live on while I’m here.  I’m off work for three weeks.  That’s a lot of money.  I explained this to the powers that be here and told them that I couldn’t wait to be paid till I was done.  I at least needed to get reimbursed for the travel as soon as possible.  I was assured this would not be a problem.  The first three minutes I was here, I handed over all my receipts so that I could get paid.  That was more than a week ago.  Erik came to me on Friday and told me that he didn’t know when I’d get paid.  Someone in accounting has been out sick and they are behind schedule.  And this is my fault.  I bet they’d be on schedule if it was his check they were missing.  Or the president’s.

I’m having my typical theater drama here.  The stage manager kind of has her head up her butt.  To start she isn’t a student.  She dropped out of college at the end of last semester because she was tired of being here.  (She has two more semesters to go).  I’ve berated her about this the whole time I’ve been here.  It’s stupid to drop out when you are so close to finishing.  Tonight I found out that she isn’t that close to finishing.  Seems she flunked most of her classes last fall and that’s why she’s dropped out.  So anyway, they couldn’t find a student to stage manage so they “hired” her.  And let’s just say it’s not going well.  She didn’t know where any of the cues went today.  She didn’t even have a book to write them in.  When I left rehearsal today, the td and design teacher were giving her what for because she’s so far behind.  Let’s hope they can light a fire under her ass.

I got through the first piece today.  It’s the one about boxes.  And okay.  Maybe I was wrong.  Maybe the dance is not as bad as I thought it would be.  In fact under light it looks great.  I’m hoping to video some of it with my camera later in the week and try to upload it.  If I can I’ll post it on here.

In the meantime…it’s time for bed.

I promise I’ll write more tomorrow.


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